DNN Yeti Remix from DNN Summit 2019

Feb 22, 2019


In this epic tale of the mystic DNN Yeti, I teamed up with my friends Ron Miles (the real DNN Yeti OG) and Clint Patterson (DNN Superfan) to do a remix of the original DNN Yeti.

Original DNN Yeti by Ron Miles


Southern Fried DNN: DNN Summit 2022 Recap + Community Project Highlights
Feb 17, 2022

This month, we'll be recapping DNN Summit 2022 and then we'll take some time to highlight a few exciting community projects. Trust us, they are worth knowing about and getting involved with!

How To Be An Effective Open-Source Project Participant (DNN Summit 2022)
Feb 09, 2022

Let's face it, in today's open-source project climate, the feeling of having to be a GitHub expert is real! Not only that, it can be quite intimidating as a non-developer when interacting with dev gurus! So how do I effectively participate, even if I am not a developer? In this session, we will discuss common protocols for open-source collaboration with developers and non-developers alike. We will cover the basics of GitHub (and Git). We'll discuss non-code-based contributions and interaction. We'll sprinkle in some real-world, working exercises to give you actual hands-on experience. Finally, we'll round off the session with a few more complex scenarios you may run into from time to time. You'll walk away from this session with more confidence in becoming an effective open-source project participant!

Build a Mobile App Using DNN as the Backend (DNN Summit 2022)
Feb 09, 2022

In this session, we'll build a mobile app using DNN as the backend! This session will provide a foundation and open-source building blocks upon which you can use for more robust use cases.

DNN Summit 2022 - What To Expect
Dec 12, 2021

I speak with the Board of Directors for DNN Association about the upcoming DNN Summit 2022. We'll learn what this wonderful DNN Community conference is all about and why you should seriously consider attending.

DNN Summit 2018 Talks #4 - Geolocation/IoT, Blogging and Module Dev
Dec 18, 2017

This is a talk I’ve recorded on December 7th, 2017 with David Poindexter, Dennis Shiao and Scott Wilkinson about the sessions they will be presenting during DNN Summit 2018.