DNN Summit 2018 Talks #4 - Geolocation/IoT, Blogging and Module Dev

Dec 18, 2017


This is a talk I’ve recorded on December 7th, 2017 with David Poindexter, Dennis Shiao and Scott Wilkinson about the sessions they will be presenting during DNN Summit 2018.

David Poindexter:
- Geolocating With DNN? Really? https://youtu.be/S-cxi9NGc8E?t=40m30s

Dennis Shiao:
- How to Write a Great Blog Post: https://youtu.be/S-cxi9NGc8E?t=41m06s

Scott Wilkinson:
- Intro to Modules Development: https://youtu.be/S-cxi9NGc8E?t=41m50s



"Hello, Hello!" with Aderson Oliveira
Jan 16, 2021

Today we have the privilege and honor to reconnect with a true O.G., the DNN Hero, our DNN Deskpal, the S010 Coder, the one we could always go to for a nice DNN chat and the latest and greatest in DNN news. He’s a teacher to the core, and my good friend, Aderson Oliveira. Hello, hello!

The Solo Coder: Contracts (Interview #7)
Jul 27, 2016

I've spoken with David Poindexter, President and CEO of nvisionative.com, about why it is important to have contracts between you and your clients before engaging on a new project. To be honest I don't have contracts with my clients, but I have to say that David has pushed me to stop wondering and seriously consider using contracts from now on.

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