"Hello, Hello!" with Aderson Oliveira

Jan 16, 2021


Today we have the privilege and honor to reconnect with a true O.G., the DNN Hero, our DNN Deskpal, the S010 Coder, the one we could always go to for a nice DNN chat and the latest and greatest in DNN news. He’s a teacher to the core, and my good friend, Aderson Oliveira. Hello, hello!

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0:02 [Music]
0:12 but hello hello it's dnn dave and i hope everybody's doing well today today we have the privilege
0:20 and honor to reconnect with the true og the dnn hero
0:26 our dnn desk pedestal the solo coder the one we could always go to for a nice
0:34 dnn chat for the latest and greatest in dnn news
0:40 he's a teacher to the core and my good friend patterson oliveira hello hello
0:48 and welcome madison hello hello dave it's very good to be here man you don't know
0:54 how much i miss you in everybody know oh man it's so good to see you because like you know it used to
1:00 be like we could depend on like what at least two or three times visiting you
1:05 during the week now it's like where is addison yeah
1:12 yeah we we we we're doing i mean we're doing the the monthly catch-up and then there were
1:18 the the subgroups that i was part of so we were i was always around
1:24 quite but participative as well but i was always so it was always good to i mean i thought
1:30 it was great and i still consider myself you know an honorary member of the dining community
1:36 and again i mean i love the community though now we have one matter of housekeeping
1:43 here before we really dive in patterson for people that do not know you
1:50 this is very important my name is not what
1:57 not anderson you know you know what i mean this this site i have it i don't know for so many years
2:03 i've never ever changed much but any anytime that someone pronounced my name incorrectly
2:11 i had the pleasure to send a link to these sites and again i take that as a joke and it's just uh
2:17 you know something that we can't we can have a good laugh about you know
2:22 it's it's uh it's great i thought this was wonderful because people they would always mess up your name
2:28 right they'd always call you anderson and you could see it's like okay it's fun at first
2:34 but and then you put the sign up i was like oh this is just brilliant
2:40 and the thing is that i was never mad about that but again i use that as a hook as an
2:47 angle you know yeah exactly so good to see you i mean what what in
2:53 the world have you been up to lately uh what's in your world you know what let
2:59 me tell you this dnn has never left never left my word so i still do
3:05 dnn day in day out but on top of that i'm a teacher i'm an instructor
3:13 so just to give an idea next week i'm starting the new semester and i have right now
3:22 165 students in line for coding for programming for
3:28 for for c sharp you know we start with c sharp it starts with the base of c sharp you know wow so i mean
3:36 you're still you're still kind of focusing on coding and really i mean i've always thought of you
3:42 as a teacher man you know it's it's kind of kind of cool uh that you're
3:47 it seems like you're you're you're finding your your element there you know what it's when you say that
3:54 because i was a teacher being in here it's all about teaching you
3:59 but it never really i don't know i never internalized that
4:05 and that caught me out of guards two and a half years ago and i said man that's really who i am
4:13 you know i like teaching that's what i do now in different formats different ways but that's what i do so so what you're
4:20 doing now is what is it more formal kind of teaching
4:26 so it is more formal so uh i work in a one of my activities let's put this way
4:32 from professional activities is working in a local college so it's uh they have all kinds of tracks from a
4:39 technology standpoint i handle the people that are starting with coding
4:45 and i do that vice sharp i also do that a little bit with nodes as well
4:51 but c sharp is still the the way to go and there are some more advanced courses
4:56 that i go through mvc and i go through you know web apis and oh all that jazz so so in a way i
5:04 reconnected deeply with coding because my time during dna here really was not deeply coding
5:12 it was more of administration set up configuration but again when i went to college to
5:19 teach at in a local college 2018 i had to reconnect with my coding bases and
5:26 i found a new uh a new passion for coding again so that's what i am that's so cool do
5:34 you just out of curiosity do you get to utilize dnn kind of in your teaching these days or is it uh
5:43 more i don't know i mean i guess you're teaching these fundamentals and so forth so much you
5:50 know that it's not really in context of a larger scale kind of implementation but
5:57 that's correct it's not i i mentioned about dna in the first class i always bring no dna
6:03 here and what i've done there but no there's it's it's a very
6:09 introductory class that is not doesn't give me the chance to
6:14 to do something like you know to include something like dnn uh in the mix um i may i may bring that
6:21 up at some point but it does not allow me to include that for instance this semester it's
6:26 programming two so they're still working through classes with
6:31 um you know polymorphism interfaces and this kind of stuff you know
6:37 man like oh let me google that what does that mean [Laughter]
6:43 that's great man that's so great well um i i know you're accustomed to being on the other
6:50 side of these videos right you know you're the usually the interviewer
6:55 not the interviewee so how does that feel i have to restrain myself because
7:02 i like i like to talk i like to you know keep going and going and going
7:08 and i ramble a lot so i really try to make things short and sweet
7:13 so it doesn't bug you as my host that much all right i don't think you can do
7:19 anything to bug me friend you ramble on i so i'm going to ask you
7:24 a question because i mean like believe it or not there are probably people in the dna community right now
7:30 that don't know who you are so like tell me a little bit about yourself
7:37 your history like how did you start working with dnn i mean it was many
7:43 years ago i know but like how did that all happen what was the story behind that so let me try not to bore you to death
7:50 but back 2006 i was working for a company in toronto canada
7:56 and they commissioned a report from pete from pricewater
8:04 pricewaterhousecoopers something no pws the commissioner reports for pws to come
8:11 up with the right solution for their cms needs and back then 2006
8:19 because we were a microsoft shop they pointed out to dnn dnn back then was the nn4
8:26 so i i was the manager of a group of developers of about 20
8:32 developers and they gave me the job to get to know dnn understand dnn and
8:40 and be able to implement dna within this network of professions that they had
8:45 and that's where i get to know a little bit about dna that's where i got to initially let's be
8:52 honest initially hate dnn of course of course as any good dnner
8:59 you start hating but then very quickly after that you start loving it and you get you know to know
9:06 the the community and it's a passion that you know what's there's never
9:11 a rupture you know but but that's how i i started that is that is cool i i don't know if
9:17 i've ever heard that so i you know it's funny because i feel like you have been in the dna community
9:24 forever but it seems like it really started about what four years into or three or four years into it and
9:30 uh really for for the life of dna i'm speaking yeah
9:36 uh so i started using 2006 but actually i was not active in the
9:43 community until 2010 so i was under the radar i was just a
9:49 consumer uh a passive participant of the community from 2006 to 2010
9:55 but in 2010 i started dna hero i started my own business and then in here was a way for me
10:03 to not only to get to know dna but to expose what i knew about dnn but it became a virtual cycle as
10:10 the more i put out there the more opportunities show up to me as a consequence and i needed that
10:16 because that's when i went solo you know so you were let me guess you were
10:22 reading blogs from mitch sellers you were uh you were reading a post on
10:29 dna creative and responses from mr joe craig and scott wilkinson and
10:36 you know somebody you know and all that you you were because i was in that world too for so
10:42 long of just i'm just a user i'm just a consumer i'm trying to find my way
10:48 so yeah but then and and and reading books as well looking at
10:55 the books and going to the events but again very quietly in the back and just
11:01 looking at people i remember the first one that i had really a connection with was uh tweet keller
11:09 and so again it was a consumer for the first few years but then 2010 i started to put out there
11:16 to produce it so not only to consume but to produce and again i started to to join the conversations on twitter to
11:23 join the the the forums as well and again because video is a is a very
11:30 visual medium you start to get some well visibility and that's that's how
11:36 things started there in 2010 so at some point you something clicked and you you
11:43 decided to kind of go into a business because you've had several businesses over the years i
11:49 think in the dnn space what what what made you kind of transition that
11:55 was it more of a comfort of or knowledge of dnn and realizing that you you know there was a place for you
12:01 to fill a void there or what was it that kind of transitioned you to that
12:07 so with dining hero i start to put to get some projection there and that brought projects but
12:15 you know you know how is the life of projects no it's very it's very demanding it's very you know
12:21 you focus on a project now when you have the the ups and downs and the starving artists type of things so
12:28 i i said you know what how can i make this business a little bit more predictable
12:34 a little bit more sustainable and and back around 2013 14
12:41 i decided to search for how to what is that i think it was how to productize a service
12:48 business and i came across this company in australia that was doing something very
12:56 interesting with wordpress they were for a fixed monthly fee they were supporting their
13:04 their clients on wordpress sites and i said you know what there's nothing like that on the dna
13:09 space so how about i bring a similar offering that with a fixed monthly fee you have a
13:17 supporting you have professional support in your website your dna website and that's what i did back then 2013-14
13:25 and i still run this business not very not very actively to be quite
13:31 honest but i still have many many clients that i support on a daily basis not only myself but i have people
13:37 that work with me as well and again it's still going again i'm not actively promoting the
13:43 business anymore but i still have a lot of clients from basketball
13:48 it's great because like i haven't seen anybody that are to articulate this type of service in this way uh in the community
13:56 so i know that's been a big help to a lot of people even even agencies i believe or other companies
14:02 that are servicing clients that you've been able to help with this this kind of uh model as well right
14:07 yep and again it's it's going for what now for five six
14:13 years now and today i was working with some of those you know every single day
14:18 i have something in that support that i need to have a look take care beyond that sometimes goes beyond the
14:24 capabilities of the team that i have also working behind desk power yeah and i was going to say you've got a
14:30 really intelligent team that knows dnn as well behind you that's supporting this as well now are are you still
14:37 supporting wordpress as well on on this stuff or is it still focused mainly on dna
14:44 we we do have some dna some we do have some wordpress clients yes so it's a mix of wordpress and dnn but the
14:52 focus was really always dnn but yes there are some wordpress clients yeah that's great so
14:59 it's good to know that's still alive and kicking so you know for those of you that don't know about this i know you're not promoting it and everything but hey
15:05 you know go check it out if you need some help with your dna insider some i mean everything from administration to
15:12 uh content updates and things like that they can they can definitely help and they know dnns so uh go check them out
15:19 deskpal.com so i you know one one venture that i
15:25 that that i love that you started a while back and i know it started as something different than what it is now uh
15:32 but i i found it a fascinating uh endeavor when you started doing
15:38 videos for the solo coder tell me a little bit
15:43 about that and what what you know i know you're using this for now so kind of take us from the
15:50 beginnings of it to what it is now maybe okay you know what again i have to be very careful here david because
15:57 otherwise i won't stop talking but let's try to be objective here so around
16:02 2017 2018 i john 1718 yeah i think so uh i said
16:10 you know what uh i have i have a message for coders here i have a message that
16:15 you can go beyond the code you can with your coding skills you can build
16:20 your own business as well as a solo professional or as dave for instance as as the an agent's owner you can build a
16:27 business out of your skills and i wanted to to bring it up i i felt that i had the message
16:34 to tell people about that you know i i felt the desire the drive the needs to put this out there and i started 2017
16:42 more or less i said you know what i'm gonna do a hundred days a hundred rambles talking about what i have done with my
16:50 being a coder running my own business how i did things and what what i what i thought should be as the formula
16:58 for a successful coder to do their own business and i put that out there and didn't get too much too much
17:03 traction it was just me rambling and i interviewed a few people including david as well if you have a
17:09 look there david is one of the uh people that i have interviewed for the podcast which was a mix of again
17:16 there was a podcast element and uh uh my solo voice rambling along
17:21 for 100 episodes so that was the beginning and that has transformed itself i'm
17:27 gonna i'm gonna put a pause here and see if you have anything there because again i won't stop i you know i
17:34 i know it didn't you know get the traction necessarily that you were you were hoping for or looking for but i
17:40 know it was good experience for you uh to talk about all these the subject matter but like for anybody i mean even
17:45 if you're not just a solo uh coder there's some content in here that is
17:51 just really rich i mean you you interviewed people you you talked about that i mean i don't
17:57 know how in the world you came up with all this kind of content but this is an incredible
18:03 resource so go check out the solo coder on youtube out here as well as
18:08 thesolocoder.com or solocoder.com sorry and that will have the podcast on it
18:15 yeah but that was the first incarnation okay so that incarnation
18:23 morphed and transformed into what it is right now so what it is right now again
18:30 so i i paused there i paused for one or two years and i came back around august 2019
18:37 so about a year and a half ago i started with weekly podcasts i started a video but i
18:44 said you know what i want to focus on the audio aspect so i quickly moved to audio only so right now
18:51 on a weekly basis i think that we are in episodes 75 every single week
18:59 i publish a conversation with a coder all kinds of different coders at
19:05 this point in time from front end to back ends to machine learning
19:10 to people like um handsome men to people like you know
19:18 uh again so so so many people whoever i see
19:25 that is doing something interesting on the web maybe by video maybe via blogging maybe
19:32 via course creation that is related to coding i try to talk to them i have been trying to talk to again a
19:39 lot of people a lot of my my big coding stars from the past creators of the creator of c sharp i've
19:47 been trying to get in the podcast but i have not been successful as of yet but again i have i got people that i
19:55 never thought that i would be talking to um the i'm trying to remember one of the
20:02 names again from hanzo man to oh all kinds all walks of of life here all kinds of developers
20:09 a lot of women that are doing fabulous stuff from a coding perspective front
20:16 end machine learning backhands you name it i'll talk to them so that's that's what i do
20:21 and the reason the main reason that i do this is because i love bringing voices
20:28 from the industries from the industry to my students and i bring this to my students but not
20:34 only to them i mean i open this up to anyone that wants to consume that and let me tell you
20:40 this gets a lot of traction now it's a different medium it's not video it's just
20:45 audio podcast which may transform the future but again at this point it's just audio
20:50 podcast this is great so i mean what is the cost to this anderson i mean like what what do people
20:57 have to pay to get access to this well what do you mean
21:04 so you've heard it people i mean there's some incredible content out here you know i i'll have to admit i knew you were doing
21:10 some things but i didn't know you had the frequency that you you have here this is
21:15 unbelievable every week every week and uh again 75
21:21 strong after we are done with this talk today i'm gonna go and edit the seventh sixth episode
21:28 awesome okay okay this is great you know i i that's one of those mediums that i know
21:33 a lot of people love uh driving you know to to to work or or whatever you know they're
21:40 listening to these podcasts and uh so this could be really good now is this available
21:46 just on this side or is it published to uh just click on them
21:52 and you're gonna see the defeat there but you're gonna you can get this on okay iceland's on google play it's
21:59 teacher spotify any player that you might be running there in your devices
22:04 it will play fantastic this is so good um yep that's being added to my list
22:11 there so here i've learned something new okay so i this is great this is great um you let's talk about some of the
22:18 things that you've done over the years too like um you you you mentioned events earlier like i'm assuming you're talking
22:24 about like dnn uh community events and and conferences and so forth i
22:29 i remember um one particular speaker session that you did on pomodoro
22:38 and that was a it correct me if i'm wrong but like when you discovered pomodoro and you
22:45 started teaching others about it it was a pretty aha moment for you right
22:50 it was it was okay but i have to tell you i have to admit that lately i have been very very
22:57 low uh you know i i kind of left behind pomodoro i'm i'm a big promoter but once i start to
23:05 teach david i don't know things things but me in a because sometimes i had to teach
23:13 for two three four hours straight and i said you know what there's no pomodoro for me during those
23:20 hours so the pomodoro maybe broke apart a little bit but i'm a big promoter and i and i do
23:26 that for my students as well i said you know what are you struggling with uh you know
23:32 having the mental space to focus try pomodoro because again that is simple 25 minutes focus on
23:39 one thing take a break maybe you focus on the next thing maybe you focus you go back to where you were before but
23:45 again 25 minutes chunk not much try that makes a difference
23:50 yeah all right so i remember that one uh that you know i tried to do some of that it was you know i
23:57 think uh different people in different stages in life were able to you know something like that really
24:02 grasp song you know and uh finding what works for you is pretty cool but i remember that one that one stood out to me but
24:08 what are some of the other topics that uh do you remember speaking on it at these conferences uh
24:14 i i was always a big fan of the of that rushed presentation how how how do they
24:19 call it it's because you have five minutes oh like these ignite things yeah that every
24:27 15 seconds it goes to the next slide in the next slide and it's fun because again as a
24:32 presenter you try to keep track and you get the audience entertained as well because
24:38 they see that you are struggling there you know again so i only i try to put
24:44 myself in this in those things that are i mean i'm not i'm not a big shot no but
24:49 i try to put myself in those things that are more inconvenient that pushes the agenda forward that and that
24:56 will make you a better person though so so pomodoro was a big one i also i also did one presentation about
25:02 the one thing because that i'm still a fan i'm a promoter of
25:08 that the one thing in the essentialism the one thing is really you know for instance on your daily on
25:15 your daily agenda on your daily to do what is the one one thing that needs to
25:20 be done that day that is non-negotiable that you have to get that done because that's important for your
25:26 long-term projects for your long-term vision of your career of your business whatever it is but
25:31 what is the one thing that is not negotiable in your to-do make sure that you do that and then you get the sense of accomplishment
25:38 and after that you can do anything within your day but again in a day on daily basis see what is one
25:44 thing for that day that aligns with your goals for that week for that month for the next six months months for the
25:52 next year for your vision of five years period of your business whatever it is but again they
25:58 won't think i'm a big big big fan of that of that concept you know so easy to not uh not focus on that
26:06 thing or lose sight of it among all the things that you believe you need to accomplish
26:13 because usually let me tell you usually what is most important is not a screaming priority david's
26:21 it's not screaming your face a client that needs something done is screaming as yelling in your face
26:28 you get that done but usually what is the most important for you in the long run is not yelling your face
26:35 it's not screening your face it's not on your face you know so again it's a it's to find what is priority you
26:42 know priority should not be we should not have a plural for priority priority should be priority
26:47 not priorities um oh preach it
26:53 amen yes yes hallelujah probably use the lord sorry i cannot resist the medea uh
27:00 references so uh you also at these events i remember
27:06 uh for gosh i guess several years you were the uh a trainer
27:12 uh for the full day training uh you i think you focused on what administration
27:18 uh administration and then that's and again i it was staring on my face
27:25 there that i i was a good trainer i i liked that and nobody ever shook me and say you are
27:33 a trainer you are an educator that's what you should be doing and again i was so excited to do those
27:39 things i i always try to bring you know new initiatives to to to that training and i love to do
27:45 that i really really love it was exhaustive because it was eight hours straight yes but i just love it yeah they didn't
27:53 even let you eat lunch right i mean [Laughter] only the students
27:58 [Laughter] was that probably one of the closest
28:03 things um in your dnn uh days
28:09 to what you're doing now uh it is no doubt i mean i had to play and i i it
28:15 took me a lot of time to do the plan for those sessions and i really put a
28:21 lot of effort in thought process on that train you know so it is it is when i look back at my dna
28:29 trajectory those moments of training they were big clues that were staring my face and
28:35 i i couldn't see them i wanted to i you know i wanted to point
28:40 because we would be remiss if we didn't talk about some of your videos through the years i
28:46 um i i was curious uh in prepping for this i i came out to your main uh dnn hero
28:53 channel uh here on on youtube and you can just search address and oliveira uh out here or dnn
29:00 hero and i think you'll find this um and i'll post the links by the way down in the in the description
29:06 below and oh by the way if you like this content and you want more content like this be sure to hit subscribe
29:12 get the little alert notification thing there so you'll be alerted whenever there's live streams
29:18 and post a comment below and let me know what kind of things you want to uh want to see and hear um but anderson i
29:25 was looking through this and i i i found this little feature over here to sort by the
29:30 the oldest and it was 10 years ago march
29:37 uh when you posted your first video here and i 44 000 views now
29:44 um you know not too shabby and uh it was about installing dnn
29:50 and our own screen here but you know it wasn't too much longer that we found that you started going on screen
29:58 a little bit more with your video oh my god here we go we got to see uh got to see what
30:04 anderson looked like back in those days and these are some of my favorites here
30:09 uh but uh the table is to the same table
30:16 interesting but i mean you've had some great videos through the years and i mean like
30:22 i mentioned earlier you have people that are probably looking up you know mitch seller blogs or back in the day looking at dna and
30:29 creative stuff and everything i mean you you obviously produced a lot for dnn hero
30:34 but i mean you had a ton of stuff out here just open right on youtube right you know for
30:40 people to see i mean everything from what interviews to tips to you know some
30:46 training type things your monthly chats uh incredible my amount of content my goal
30:53 my flow at that point uh david was one video a day so every day i had
31:00 a little snippet a little a little nuggets i if it was a longer topic i would break
31:05 it down and chop it down mutual parts so so for about a year or two it was one video
31:13 every single day of the weekend not not weekends but five days of the week yes wow
31:19 do you have any idea the count of videos that you actually have on this
31:25 channel it very simple very easily we can see that if you search for
31:30 for dining hero you can see the result and you can see the number of videos it should be about 500 videos oh wow wow okay yeah i was
31:37 trying to figure out how to get a account there but you i think you're right in the search results it'll it'll show that
31:43 but some amazing content through here and i'm i know some of this is is old and older versions of dnn and so
31:49 forth but i mean a lot of it's still absolutely relevant today uh still funny enough
31:57 the the view that still gets the most views if you look at the stats in the channel
32:02 because i see i still pick i still have a quick look it's the first one is the installing one yeah
32:09 people want to know how to get started right now is that that relevant anymore i mean not
32:15 that much but uh but yes some relevance but still i mean it shows
32:20 you that uh you know i i uh here i'm gonna just uh go ahead and fess up here as i was looking through
32:26 this i was like you know what uh this tells me something that being the most popular one well we need more
32:33 content out there about current ways to install dna inside i probably will do something like that
32:38 right why not why not follow the stats a bit sometimes you know
32:44 but i i i'm just impressed with all that you have done over the
32:49 years uh your contributions to this community
32:55 i don't know how you'd even measure it i mean that's it's the same the same
33:01 that i put in the same i i got way more from the community
33:06 it's i would not be here doing what i'm doing even though most of
33:12 what i do right now is not related directly with dna but i would not be here if it wasn't because of that
33:19 journey that you see there if it was because of you know what i've contributed i gained way way more back
33:27 from the community from from the feedback that i got from people how helpful those things were so
33:34 what can i say it's a it's a two-way thing you know david uh you i mean it's
33:40 cliche but what you put out there comes back to you it's cliche i know but it is true you know that's so true i've
33:47 heard uh our friend will stroll talk about this quite a bit you know the abundance principle in the community it's kind of where
33:53 things started in dnn and it's where they are still today i mean of course you have
33:59 some people that don't necessarily
34:05 phases and you understand embrace that philosophy of you know um
34:11 i'm i'm gonna give here and it'll it'll come back but you don't do it to
34:16 get you do it to give and you learn in the process as well so thank you and if the intention
34:25 is not genuine you cannot keep up for too long you know that's because if if the if the idea is
34:31 a short-term mentality you cannot withstand years and years of of doing that and and
34:39 looking at 50 views 60 views maybe 100 views i mean look at the numbers you
34:45 don't you don't see big numbers there you know yeah yeah i mean you're right i mean
34:51 you're not doing it for the fame of it right
34:56 well i i i just i would be remiss but i didn't mention all of that that you've done i mean i remember you
35:02 you started the toronto area uh dn users group as well um i know that was a fairly short-lived uh
35:08 thing but uh yeah that was it was it was it existed before and i said you
35:14 know what let's resurrect that and i run that for about a year and a half and when i decided to phase things
35:20 off i decided to put a pause on that as well yeah yep yep well um so
35:27 anderson like tell us okay we're going to bring it back full circle
35:32 to back to current present day what you mentioned you're you're teaching at
35:37 the the university uh there or college at sorry i don't know exactly what it's a title
35:43 um what is that your foreseeable uh future or do you have some other
35:49 things that you you know what what's what's next for anderson so
35:54 as i mentioned i'm i'm i embrace teaching but i embrace teaching from a very
36:00 holistic point of view it's not just the traditional instructor in front of people lecturing them my teaching style
36:08 goes on on video i like to produce contents i like to help people i mentor students
36:15 that are getting into the space as well so my future my foreseeable future
36:21 is deeper and deeper into teaching it might be with courses i produced a course on
36:28 machine learning if you have a look at udemy uh about uh six months ago machine
36:33 learning i have three 3 500 students there so i like teaching and i want to do that
36:41 more and i like to help people get into the industry as well so it's going to be a mix david of
36:49 uh of actually not not not really a mix but it will be more
36:55 teaching but different ways the podcast is a big aspect of my journey it's what i like to
37:02 do is it's one of the ways that i because just as an individual you just have your experience your life
37:09 experience to share but with the interviews with the podcast i'm privileged
37:15 to have a peek at somebody else's life somebody else's experience and i bring that to my
37:22 teaching as well so again now i coach students on how to get into the industry and how
37:29 do i do that by my own experiences but now i have the collective experiences
37:34 of 75 and i'm not stopping there of 75 people that i listen to that i so you're going
37:42 to see more of that with me solo coder is a big part of who i am is a big part
37:48 of my forcible future and again more about teaching i'm i have a
37:53 i have a coach not a coach but a masterminds program that i have been working with
37:58 students that are graduates already they joined the mastermind group and we do some interesting stuff
38:05 together we have a bi-weekly meeting that we we go through some real projects and we
38:10 go and we talk to industry experts as well so it's part of what i'm building as well
38:16 is this is this uh group that i call the master branch which is again a group for people that
38:24 are transitioning from i'm a graduate to i'm not yet in the job market and i want to be there
38:30 and i feel with this group i feel this gap there wow okay so i don't think your name is
38:38 adderson i think it's superman
38:44 it comes with a cost no david sometimes i'm sure i'm sure you you you you've created a
38:51 monster as i would say sometimes you know because you you you feel the need to to keep going um our friend vikram
38:59 uh is uh joined on the live live stream here and uh says he misses you in the in the
39:05 community so awesome thank you he says i thank you both for your
39:10 content and helping many please convey my regards to adderson his tips were so helpful
39:16 my request for him to continue dnn video for the latest version [Laughter]
39:22 awesome i understand that so uh i i think we let's wrap things up but
39:28 in doing so i'm going to give you the final word here anderson um what is i'm going to take it back to
39:35 the thing that you know is is so important to you uh focus wise uh what is the one thing
39:43 that you would say to the dna community or anyone watching
39:49 uh this video that you could impart to them what is the was the one thing that you would focus on
39:59 i would say be grateful for the community contribute to the community i
40:06 have to tell you i've been slightly away from the community well very away from
40:12 the past about two years and in my talks in my conversations
40:20 going beyond dnn and above i have never seen such a tidy
40:27 group of people that are so closely connected as our community i would still say our
40:35 community because i still have a leg i feel i feel that it's a it's a it's a company that i left but i
40:42 love the people in that company it's this community that i kind of left but i love
40:47 i love the feeling of this community i love the you know how how will
40:55 the willingness of this community of the members to share openly and to keep this going you know
41:01 to keep this connection going forever you know and uh so what i would say is be grateful be
41:09 grateful for the community that you have because it's not very common it's not it's not
41:17 couldn't have thought of a better thing to say thank you anderson i really appreciate
41:23 you joining and i you know we started it off with hello hello and you know i
41:29 i hope you don't mind but i had to take that because that's how everybody knows you and i had to take it because it's it's a
41:37 legacy that needs to live on people need to be reminded of you and your contributions this community and
41:43 yes you are still a part of our community whether you're on camera daily or whatever
41:48 about the end doesn't matter you're you're still one of us so we we love you man awesome awesome again
41:54 hello hello i still use it for all my videos and again that's what
41:59 so you stick around with me you know for but again please use it use it well it was my pleasure david it
42:06 was my pleasure really to be to be here and talking back to to the community i love
42:12 i mean i had to make some calls a few years ago and i i put a video just to say goodbye
42:20 to the community and it was it was really hard for me you know it's like you know breaking uh i don't know
42:28 but but i had to make some calls and i said you know i need to focus on some other things
42:33 that yeah that um you know you have to make choices in life you know absolutely and we support you in those
42:39 choices absolutely thank you so much thanks for joining us so is it appropriate for us to say
42:45 goodbye goodbye or i never tried that but my you my my way
42:50 is now cheers hasta la vista and bye ah i tell you what let's get you to do
42:57 that again one more time and that will be the end of our stream awesome cheers hassela vista
43:04 and bye


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