DNN Platform 9.11.0 Release & Walkthrough

Oct 20, 2022


Southern Fried DNN Meetup
Oct 20, 2022

You will not want to miss this meetup. We'll talk about the DNN Platform 9.11.0 release, along with a walkthrough of all the major highlights. We'll discuss clean installs and all the various upgrade scenarios. It is a truly epic release, so this will be helpful for so many people.

0:02 well hello hello hope everybody is doing well this is the let me see what month
0:08 are we in now is this October October the 20th or uh Southern
0:13 Fried DNN uh it's been a minute since we've been together uh and it's great to
0:19 see all the faces and uh placards on the on the zoom screen there uh from Jeremy
0:27 yeah um we uh I think it was last month and
0:33 maybe the previous month did we skip two uh there Ryan or was it just one that we
0:39 skipped we had to reschedule one and then we skipped one so they were pretty much
0:45 back to back yeah yeah so it's been a while it's great to see everybody again um I mean just because we haven't been
0:51 meeting doesn't mean that nothing has been going on in the DNA community so we've got all sorts of for sure uh
0:57 greatness to talk about tonight with the focus kind of being on uh a big release I mean it the numbers say that it's a
1:05 minor one but for all practical purposes it's a it's a major release
1:11 um so we're gonna try to do a little Deep dive into that tonight and kind of talk about some of the highlights of
1:17 that so let me uh take a second to share screen and we'll go into a few
1:24 probably shouldn't move that out of the way everybody able to see the uh Meetup page okay
1:31 yep you're in good shape excellent good deal then and I need to fix my windows
1:36 here just a little bit but um yeah so uh I guess we'll just kind of start out with a few
1:42 um Community type announcements here but it's kind of funny because the this uh I
1:48 I was gonna if Daniel vladis was on here I was going to give him a bit of credit I was up at his place
1:56 um for about uh three weeks or so in Canada and uh I was uh getting ready to publish
2:04 a Blog on the the testing for the 9.11 release and I started playing around I
2:11 was like I got to create a graphic for this you know I got to figure out kind of what doing I I had some ideas in my
2:17 head and everything and we were sitting there and this image was supposed to be used for another blog but um it was kind
2:24 of cool it's a compositive this is just a little bit of Side Story but a little little composite here of a concert and
2:33 people in it okay that's the perfect time to pay for
2:39 a concert yeah let me figure out who's who the feedback's coming from there uh let's
2:45 see okay okay I think I'm good there now
2:51 um yeah so uh but it was kind of cool because it was it's actually multiple images and Graphics so I kind of
2:58 composited together but it was really kind of neat the way it came out and uh DNN being the center stage there and
3:04 9.11 is pretty big release so it kind of warranted that kind of Epic uh type uh
3:09 type little thing there but I mean just a little Side Story so um I guess what is going on in the
3:15 community um one of the things that I have on my list and feel free to chime in if there's things that I miss here that uh
3:21 because there's been so much going on I guess we're kind of covering a lot from the last couple of months here but one
3:26 of the recent things I mean since we're in October let's talk a little bit about Oktoberfest
3:32 um usually uh I try to do a little bit more talking about this in the Indian Community but this is something that's
3:38 broader in the open source Community if you're not aware of it check out hacktoberfest.com
3:44 um it's sponsored by digitalocean and a few other sponsors like Docker and upright
3:50 um on this but it's it's really kind of grown into this the yearly thing where
3:57 um developers and you know people in the open source Community kind of come together they start contributing a
4:04 little more probably than normal and you get credits for doing open source work
4:10 and get a cool t-shirt I should have worn my t-shirt tonight I got one year that they did it was like my favorite
4:16 shirt because it's just so comfy um but uh yeah every year you either get a t-shirt or some swag stuff or some
4:25 planetary you know kind of whatever floats your boat on that but it's really fun um new be involved in any kind of Open
4:32 Source platform of course DNN can be one of those or some of the open source
4:37 Community modules or you know whatever you know is in that world but I encourage everybody to check this out
4:44 and take a little bit of time in October to see how you can contribute to uh to various projects out there you know even
4:51 if it's small type stuff I mean every every little bit help helps so it's uh really nice to be involved in
5:00 that one of the things that you'll probably notice like in the DNM platform
5:06 repo or some of the other dating Community modules will have a label on
5:14 some of the issues there that are like a help wanted label and any issue like
5:19 that or kind of like low hanging fruit and be less of a you know kind of a
5:26 learning curve to to be able to contribute in those areas so that's a quick way to kind of sort through some
5:31 of those issues and seeing if it's something that you kind of is up your alley to be able to to to contribute on
5:39 but a lot of the repos it's not just something specific to us but that they encourage using that particular issue
5:46 label across different repos so any project that you're following or a part
5:53 of maybe you're a user of a open source project that's out there outside of our community and you know want to kind of
5:59 look and see how you can help or you know you've always wanted that to do X or Y and go ahead and see if you can
6:06 help you know or at least help contribute to that that path but it's a neat little website they've got together
6:12 today um on this that I thought it was really kind of cool the registration process
6:17 and everything they seem to outdo themselves every single year a lot of fun
6:24 um is anybody uh had any good hacktober story uh is out there so far I personally have
6:32 not done Squad as far as contributing yet but it is on my list for this
6:38 weekend to try to spend some time has anybody had any uh um stories they want to share about their involvement
6:47 no pressure no pressure um first I've first I've heard of it oh
6:54 really it's it's really I mean this is something I've been I look forward to when it gets close to October I'm like
7:01 gonna start geeking out it's like I mean you're either of course or you're not right you know but it's kind of neat to
7:08 have a focused month you know of where I don't know it's just motivated awareness
7:14 of Open Source initiatives and so forth and and you know other people are are
7:19 contributing at the same time so it kind of energizes you exactly exactly I just like the retrographics on their
7:27 website it's very retro and you know are scrolling Marquee and like uh 1980s Graphics very cool
7:36 reminds me of uh just a modern day kind of uh old school computer you know
7:42 sci-fi movie or something you know a hacking movie um I wonder if they got it from what was
7:49 that movie uh the uh uh War Games was that it yeah
7:56 [Laughter] but yeah when you when you uh register
8:02 out here of course your GitHub username gets associated with your activity and
8:07 so forth that's kind of how they how they how they track once you get involved they you can get little badges
8:12 for stuff and you know you can participate a little bit or a lot you know and reap the benefits they even
8:18 have events that are focused on hacktoberfest we if we were more organized and more available on our end
8:25 we would have some events that were focused completely on uh October Fest as well but um yeah a lot of fun and get a
8:34 cool t-shirt or plan a cool tree that would be awesome um one other thing is um and Ryan or
8:41 Mark or anybody's involved in the union Summit may want to mention this coming up because I know I haven't seen a whole
8:48 lot of social um messaging coming out about this but the the upcoming conference in uh
8:55 February of uh 2023 is set um to be another you know online event
9:01 and um the site's been updated out here to have all the appropriate information and
9:07 the early bird you might want to try to take advantage of that because it'll end
9:13 on December the 9th so we have a little bit of time but not a lot of time
9:19 um save yourself seventy dollars there if you want to be involved in that this year and I think they have a call for
9:26 speakers out as well um yeah let's see here conference
9:34 a little bit uh I'll mention a couple of things that
9:39 are uh exciting to me about uh what we're putting together for this DNN Summit uh so like David's mentioning uh
9:46 first off uh call for speakers is open and it closes faster than you might
9:52 think um so it closes here in the first weekend of November and that might as
9:58 well be tomorrow so we have a proud history in the DNA Community if everyone's submitting their sessions the
10:06 last day or maybe asking and nicely if they can submit them two days after it's
10:12 already expired so um if if anyone's listening who's in our usuals for presenting then I encourage
10:20 you to please try to get in there and do it early uh post your session Concepts you don't have to have them fully fled
10:26 fleshed out but if you can put together the outline and submit that then that
10:31 would be fantastic if you're not in the regulars and you haven't presented before but you you've got an idea of a
10:39 session some you know bit of DNN Corner that you really feel passionate about and that you enjoy teaching or training
10:46 about you see it rarely discussed um you know I I give my brother Dustin
10:52 it's a good example um he kind of bemoans that there aren't enough sessions for database focused DNN
10:59 database information at conventions like this and so my encouragement to him is
11:04 well make a session about databases let's talk about it let's talk about performance let's talk about positions
11:10 or database side so if you have some good ideas like that put together a session put it out there we'd love to
11:17 have you present something new to the audience of of all of us in the community who uh would love to see you
11:24 present a couple of other things about um the conference this year we are still
11:31 virtual this is the second year uh virtual in a row and uh one of the things that we are
11:37 working on our swag packages uh that is right there on the screen um we will have a t-shirt we will have a
11:45 few other items that we are sending out if you purchase your tickets in time
11:51 especially before the early bird then I personally will be shipping them out to
11:56 you so the idea is these are uh Creature Comforts for you in your office while
12:03 you are um attending the conference virtual so they are desktop items they are shirts
12:09 they are mugs and things like that for you to uh to enjoy and celebrate uh knowing that
12:17 you've got math package out to you um and you can enjoy it while you're at the conference virtually so swag
12:22 packages that is new for this year and uh me personally that's one things I enjoy about being in person with
12:28 everyone is a little Trotsky and swag and uh things like that to get some
12:35 sponsors uh number two item um mention is that
12:40 there is an ever-changing or evolving situation with recordings for videos
12:47 in that I think the very first year we use hop in there were some issues with the recordings the next time it worked
12:55 but for a limited time now we really have a good foundation for recordings so
13:02 your attendance at the event and and your ticket is going to be even more
13:08 valuable now at this point because you will be able to attend the sessions that you're part of but then you'll also be
13:14 able to go back and watch every session because they are all being recorded and will be presented so if you have to
13:21 convince someone that DNN summon is a great value for you and is a great benefit then this is the screen that
13:29 will give you those details because for sure you get extra benefits even more than in person because you can see every
13:36 single session
13:43 fantastic um Mark do you have anything to to add to
13:50 any of that or Ryan does an excellent job no I don't think I have anything to add thank you Ryan
13:58 awesome yeah well that's great um it's always good to to get together uh even
14:03 if it is virtual uh of course there's some elements of the virtual that I really love and and the fact that get to
14:08 talk to people that would probably have never shown up at a uh in-person event so that's that's really neat to to be
14:15 able to to run into folks that you don't normally get a chance to cross paths with so it's one of the big benefits of
14:22 the uh the virtual I am hoping to be able to submit some
14:28 sessions but that deadline is really soon I don't think anybody I mean who has actually heard about the call for
14:35 speakers yet because I have not until uh till I uh put it on the website
14:43 be nice to to get that posted out there because I got to fill and it won't be a whole lot of submissions uh so if you
14:49 know anyone that might be interested please spread the word um you know um and get it out and get the word out
14:55 on this because it'd be nice to get get a lot of submissions okay
15:02 um I I guess let me open it up for just a second to see if there's anything in
15:07 particular you know this happened in and around the DNA community over the last two months that you'd like to uh
15:14 highlight or or mention uh otherwise I'm gonna probably just jump right into the
15:19 uh to the DNN 911 review here hey I'll jump in and do my usual too
15:27 sexy um thing if you guys aren't paying attention the two sexy major
15:33 enhancements and revisions and Bug fixes have been absolutely amazing since they
15:40 uh came back from their little vacation they do every year so um there's a ton to learn I mean I'm
15:46 quite frankly I'm overwhelmed with it I'm having trouble adapting to all the new ways to do things that are obviously
15:54 better but um it's worth digging in and learning everything I've touched so far is amazing even just switching stuff
16:01 over so you're using image flow um there's benefits your cash sizes are
16:08 smaller things are operating faster um all kinds of stuff little things that
16:14 you don't notice the only thing that's lagging still is documentation there's quite a few things I want to learn and
16:20 there's still no Docs especially related to the whole new settings stack which I think is kind of
16:27 exciting but I barely touched it no docs not complaining very excited
16:34 so I guess the last May uh long-term support release was 7
16:39 14 the I could speak 14.7.4
16:45 um since then what are some of the some of the highlights that you've seen that you that interest you the most
16:52 the ones that are um they're basically the polishing and finishing of things like the formulas
16:58 are really becoming pretty useful in advance now you can actually do things
17:04 like read data uh they've even made the syntax that you used in c-sharp and
17:11 razor on the back end nearly identical so you can move stuff into your JavaScript in your formulas and
17:18 literally just Access Data the way you do in C sharp there's just amazing little things like that that are really
17:25 nice they've also uh mentioned image flow um what else is in there that I've been
17:31 playing with uh you've put me on the spot because I'm like all excited about this stuff but I
17:36 don't have good examples yeah sorry I didn't mean to put it on oh
17:42 if you're not using them the the the kits are just amazing being able to do
17:47 kit dot whatever those are fantastic if you haven't paid attention to that those are documented
17:53 well so start using those kits I'm not familiar with that what is what
17:59 is that Jeremy kids and he's bundled together all kinds of things you used to do into this thing
18:08 called a kit okay um let me see if I can find a link to share hold on a sec
18:15 and by the way while Jeremy's looking for that um there an idea came up I don't know
18:22 maybe three weeks or so ago of uh kind of doing a a meet up every once in a
18:29 while just just for two sexy users you know just to be able to kind of get together and share some things and it is
18:36 on my list to try to see if I can coordinate that so if you are interested
18:42 in that post something in the chat or in the DNN Community slack and just let
18:48 know your interest because like I know there's a few of us that are always talking about things uh too sexy and but
18:55 it'd be nice to know if there really is more interest than just that and then we can really kind of turn into that into a
19:01 you know a little more focused yeah that'd be great you know I'll be there
19:07 um so I posted the link in the chat so you can just see a quick example of how
19:13 the service kits work um so you can scroll down slightly there's an example right on screen of
19:19 turning you know three or four lines of code right there that was pretty common
19:24 for the last year and it's now just that oh Nate okay
19:30 and then if you scroll down further the other big one that I've actually used a lot on a recent project I've converted
19:37 all my uh toolbar stuff over to the toolbar Builder and basically for those of you that like um
19:44 um Razer Blade and building your HTML that way he's used the same style of
19:50 fluent API to build those toolbars and for the first time ever
19:56 it's actually easy and useful and it's kind of exciting
20:01 because I don't know if you guys have been paying attention but when you use toolbars and too sexy there's like four
20:07 different versions of the documentation over the years I heard someone laugh was that David yeah yeah and and like you so
20:15 I have code from 2018 to now that does the same thing and there's four
20:21 completely different versions and none of it you retain in your head but this toolbar Builder is very logical it's
20:29 much easier to learn and it's documented and I highly recommend paying attention to it so if you like to put those hover
20:36 buttons on your page now you have control of them properly so this is more for the quick edit stuff
20:43 or is this in replacement of tag yeah don't come this is the replay this is what to use
20:49 instead of tag toolbar oh okay yep have not even looked into this so yeah and
20:55 and and yep and it's um and what I'm really trying to say is besides the new stuff it's also
21:02 stabilizing quickly we've had a DOT 9 14.9 14.10
21:08 um there's probably going to be a 14 11 or 12 or something soon because I think
21:13 David you saw he was asking or made a comment on one of the posts of yours from a while back about
21:20 [Music] um filling in the Page information do you remember that one yeah yeah
21:27 that one I I need that because well I have a bunch of reasons for wanting that I hope he does something with it yeah
21:34 we've started using okay enough too sexy stuff for one Meetup no that's cool
21:40 though um can I ask can I ask one quick question did all this neat stuff that's
21:45 coming out was too sexy and I was just wondering when you've developed stuff with the old versions of the content
21:52 stuff does it all end up getting messed up
21:58 I would say they've done a great job I have upgraded all the way to 13.
22:04 whatever on my oldest big project that has a lot of content app stuff and
22:10 nothing has broken um I I freely admit I'm afraid to take
22:17 that project up to version 14 but I do plan to do it in a sandbox sometime before the end of the year and make sure
22:24 but in general they have done a really good job keeping old stuff working and
22:29 part of it has to do with the way that they do uh their razor pages and the includes
22:35 and the usings and inherits at the top of your file so to pick up for example the version 14
22:41 stuff you're going to switch your what is it you're using from Razer 12 to
22:48 Razer 14. and because of that the old stuff
22:53 doesn't break and I'm sure somewhere down the road he's going to eventually turn off the old compatibility things
23:00 but um it'll be a while before then and it'll be a big announcement when it happens so in general uh they've done a
23:08 really good job not breaking things not perfect I can't actually tell you there is one thing that broke in the content
23:16 app somewhere around 10.20 or 10.21 and you had to rewrite
23:22 some code but that's the only glaring one that happened yeah because it I agree with you that
23:29 there's so many different versions of things when you look at what you've done and you look back at what the heck have I done if I could consolidate everything
23:36 in a mod sort of the most very modern approach that make life so much easier
23:43 yeah I look at my old code and I'm like God I want to use all the new stuff to do that but the client isn't going to
23:48 pay me to just rewrite it to make it nice yeah
23:56 yeah we uh we don't really use the content app ever anymore but um I can tell you that we've upgraded
24:03 every client site that we have controller or that thing two seven or
24:08 14.7.4 and have had no problems whatsoever
24:13 yeah similar experience here all all of the upgrades have been great
24:20 yeah I'm looking forward to looking into some of this newer stuff uh Jeremy thanks for highlighting this because you're right there's been so many
24:26 changes it's almost uh almost mind-boggling uh to see how fast things are evolving which is good and it's bad
24:33 right you know it's good and the sense of this evolving but it's like who reminds me of like the angular world or
24:39 something you know or the react World it's just changing like the wind so uh
24:44 thanks for highlighting that yeah are there any other activity in the community that anybody would like to
24:51 highlight Now's the Time I think we should uh
24:58 compliment the guys that do DNN backup on how quickly and ahead of time they fixed their problem uh that was going to
25:06 happen with DNN 911 oh that's true yeah you're talking about the evativa stuff
25:12 yeah yeah what the problem what's going to happen you
25:17 um something about David can describe it better but they hadn't registered dll the right way or something yeah it was
25:24 just a myth that they were using to instantiate something was a bit
25:30 I mean a lot of people do it but not really yeah right right um and they were able to what was it
25:36 that Newton yes
25:42 it's okay then I know what you're talking about it's always it's always Newton soft every time I've had a
25:48 problem 90 of the time it's Newton's Law I agree yeah good deal good job congratulations
25:56 uh evening yeah yeah thank you appreciate it yeah I'm glad a lot of the
26:02 vendors are paying attention you know to what's going on and and all that um for the most part everybody was you
26:08 know all the major ones were were at least aware of things going on and 9 11 was able to get things uh there could be
26:16 some few lingering things here or there but uh that I haven't seen anything major
26:21 I could also add that it's also nice to say 911 out loud and not you know get
26:27 that instant depression and instead have something positive to talk about
26:32 you just you just stole my stole my thunder yeah actually going to say I'm sorry
26:39 no he said it about six times and I was thinking the same thing that we thought positive things
26:45 for 9 11 instead of uh not positive so that's and on that note let's transition
26:51 to the main topic yeah I mean does anybody have anything else uh that that's worthy of uh no
26:58 mentioning here mention here I know there's always a lot of stuff
27:04 going on so it's uh uh hard to keep up with everything all the time so
27:09 I admittedly have been kind of buried in work World for for a while now and not
27:15 paying a whole lot of attention other than with 911 stuff so I guess we'll uh go on going into
27:22 this um what I'm going to use here is really the blog post that I put out here
27:28 for testing kind of as a guide because it is actually a good Block it's right
27:33 on the DNN community.org under resources blogs and uh it's fairly recent
27:40 um when we were going through the release candidates but it's a good blog to to Really highlight the major areas
27:47 of focus for 9.11. um for those that don't know I mean most
27:53 of the the effort around 9.11.0 release has been to
27:59 finally really I mean like really get rid of telrick
28:05 um in the sense of when you do a clean install of 9.11.0 now
28:12 you will have no traces whatsoever of delrick this is a good thing
28:20 um so that's the first time we've been able to say that and that's really the reason why
28:26 um semantically speaking this probably should have been a 10.0.0 release but
28:32 for a plethora of reasons it was It was decided to kind of break semantic
28:38 version you know a bit on this and and go with a 9.11.0 release so that we
28:43 could really really get there quicker um in in some ways and also to avoid a
28:49 bit of can't avoid every bit of confusion but it would have been kind of tough doing a
28:56 10.0.0 release and then turning right back around and doing an 11.0.0 release
29:01 um so quickly um a lot of larger organizations are slower to move on the upgrades so
29:09 um there was a really a desire to incentivize the upgrade even more so because of the security aspects of
29:17 things so a lot of the activity around this was really about the removal of telrick now there's
29:24 a lot of benefit that came besides that um but that was really the focus area
29:30 and a lot of other things just kind of filtered in as that time period was happening it was a a big effort
29:37 um for a lot of this and it seems maybe from an outsider looking in the
29:42 removal Hotel Rick should be fairly straightforward and simple and
29:48 I get it you know um but it was so deeply rooted in DNN
29:54 how long have we been hearing that oh you know this gets rid of Dell Rick here or this gets rid of telework here they
30:00 were little Snippets you know in areas where it was sort of removed it just really wasn't really removed you know it
30:06 was just partially removed um and that's happened for years now
30:12 um and this is the first release that's really removing it so it's it's a great
30:18 release from that standpoint by the way feel free to ask any questions as we go through here and I'll
30:24 try to do my best to answer them um at some point I'm hoping that Daniel bilatus will be able to join as well
30:30 because uh he was supposed to be my right hand man on this and uh kind of backed me up where I
30:35 fumble um through this because he obviously knows a lot about some of the more inner workings of
30:42 things so um I guess one of the one of the biggest areas that needed attention in order to
30:50 do the 9.11 release and really remove the biggest dependency that we had on
30:57 telework was in the area of the digital asset manager so on that it the core
31:05 feature itself was totally dependent on Teller it controls so that had to be
31:12 Rewritten from scratch well you might be saying well it kind of
31:17 was in 9.8 right well a little bit of the history here
31:23 for those that are interested in it um DNA and Corp um contributed
31:30 uh a partial yeah well I guess what what you could probably say this it was an early
31:37 version of what eventually became the resource manager or whatever they call
31:44 it file manager or asset manager and evoke um but it wasn't exactly that it was
31:51 just one of the earlier versions of that they contributed that code down to us you know so they didn't have a vote
31:56 specific stuff in it and that's what got
32:01 built into a module eventually to so that with the 9.8.0 release
32:10 you were able to optionally remove telework from your instances and you
32:16 unless you've been under a rock you've probably seen those instructions and used them for the for the past while and
32:24 trying to you know remove telework from your sites but um that's that's clearly documented and
32:29 everything out on DNN docs for that and that was the first iteration of not
32:37 using that module however if you ever use that to any degree
32:43 especially on sites to have a lot of assets you know on them are a lot of folders and files
32:49 um it it was clunky at best to actually use
32:54 so it it was pretty obvious because of the technology
33:00 stack that was used as well as the lacking in the user experience side of
33:06 it that we really needed to rewrite it from scratch and not try to leverage
33:14 um what was what was contributed to us so Daniel vilatus mostly and I
33:21 contributed some on this we rewrote the resource manager using a
33:28 very modern approach to two things and you'll probably see some cues in here
33:33 from if you've dealt any with white OneDrive the experience in the browser you know with OneDrive a lot of
33:41 the user experience was kind of inspired from that because it's fairly intuitive
33:46 on a lot of this stuff so like right right click contextual menus you know
33:51 when you're highlighting something you've selected a folder or selected a file there's an awareness and the
33:58 toolbar up at the top changes and gives you the actions that are appropriate for
34:03 whatever is selected or whatever you're doing the time excuse me
34:09 so um this is Rewritten using web components that are just pure JavaScript
34:16 HTML CSS so there's no dependencies on anything other than JavaScript and
34:22 HTML and CSS which makes it incredibly awesome from a
34:27 maintenance standpoint moving forward one of the challenges that we have in DNN is that with all the Persona of our
34:36 modules and so forth and this was true also for the first rendition of the resource manager it's written in react
34:43 with a lot of dependencies on that framework as well as the tooling that is
34:48 used to to use that so we don't have any of that clutter in this there's no
34:54 framework dependencies it's just pure we use a
34:59 a tooling called stencil and this was created by the fine folks at ionic if
35:07 you're in the mobile app development world it's a great platform for that kind of thing but they they created
35:14 something called stencil that helps you create these web components so it's really an authoring tool if you will
35:19 that follows similar reactive patterns like you would find and react but
35:25 in the end of the day what's output from that is just a JavaScript file and then
35:30 you consume the various components that you want to use so I know we've talked about this before
35:38 but I'll mention it for those that have not been been here whenever we've talked about this but this is a project uh
35:46 called DN elements and this was core to being able to even build the resource
35:53 manager so without going into a ton of detail just know that there is an entire Library out here of these web components
36:01 that were used to be able to build resource managers so it becomes a very good
36:07 um a very good kind of case study if you will on how to use web components within
36:13 DNN because anybody can use these elements from DNN elements and that will eventually be a part of DNN 11. I'm
36:21 sorry den and 10 as well where you could consume them even easier within that
36:26 context but all of these components got got built to be able to build
36:32 applications like you see with the resource manager so you can use those
36:37 components in your own custom modules and we've actually been using these for quite some time and and Custom
36:46 um modules for DNN and really does help with the ongoing maintenance of those
36:52 because upgrades and things like that become so trivial you know from a dependency and security standpoint
36:59 because you can upgrade those security depend upon alerts you know really quick without having to worry about it
37:05 breaking stuff and all that because there's just hardly any dependencies yeah
37:11 so that's a little bit more of that I think we have a question oh okay yeah help me let me know about
37:16 some of that stuff because I'm not able to watch that very well if you'd like yeah we can we can hold it if not but it
37:21 was it was a good segue or a time period to mention um Helene was asking about the resource
37:28 manager and asking if when you're doing the upgrade to 911 are you going to have
37:33 that new resource manager um or do you have to install it as a module or take actions and I typed a
37:40 little bit about the teleric the last few steps of the teleric removal process do you want to talk about that for just
37:46 a moment yeah so if you do a clean install of 9.11.0 you're going to get
37:52 the resource manager because there there is no digital asset manager and a clean install of 9.11.0
37:59 if you're upgrading an older site then and you'll we'll cover this here in just
38:04 a little bit in more detail but there are basically three different scenarios that you can run into where you have
38:10 telework present on your existing upgrade you know your your dis your existing instance and it's used then you
38:18 will run through this scenario if you have telework but you're not
38:24 using it then that will be another scenario for your upgrades and then
38:29 finally if you don't have telework at all then you'll you'll just get basically like you would get in a clean
38:35 install so there's really three different upgrade scenarios um that you will get slightly different
38:40 experience but if you choose like in the case of the resource manager
38:46 or the digital asset manager if you choose to remove dalrick
38:54 like this situation where you've got teller presence but but it's not really used in other other modules and so forth
39:01 it will replace the digital asset manager with resource
39:06 manager the new resource manager so I hope that answers the question
39:16 and I'll um I'll also do a demo of some of the stuff we heard in just a little bit too if we have a little bit of time
39:22 on this so that this is obviously one of the biggest new features if you will on this and it
39:29 really it takes into account a lot of the user feedback that we had on the original
39:35 pass that the resource manager and you know like simple things like everything
39:40 was like a big grid view before there was no list option to give a little bit
39:45 lower profile the searching was clunky the Sorting wasn't existent
39:51 um you know that kind of stuff a lot of that has been addressed in here um is it perfect no not by any means
39:58 still a lot of room for improvement but we did achieve feature parity with what
40:05 the digital asset manager had so that was the the real goal is that's the day
40:12 one we've got to have the features that we had before so that we really can get rid of it
40:17 um completely and not make it just optional
40:23 so as I mentioned digital asset manager is just not a part of 9.11.0 on clean
40:30 installs and so that's just something you want to
40:35 keep in mind because it may lead to training needs you know either internally for your administrators or if
40:41 you're um if you have clients that are that are using this feature and they have administrative access
40:47 it is implemented as a module so just like you could do with digital
40:54 asset manager you could put that module on a page instance that that you provide
41:00 access to non-administrators right you know or certain security roles you can
41:06 still do that with the new resource manager as well the other thing to some of the little
41:12 more hidden less known features like using social groups and so forth that I'll also to
41:19 our knowledge is all working uh just fine like you could do with a digital asset
41:26 manager
41:31 some other highlights um here and if I'm missing any questions let me know just feel free to chime in
41:37 interrupt me um the install wizard has changed you know
41:43 quite a bit in the sense that you know we're past the day and age where the default
41:50 needs to be not SSL I mean every website needs SSL now so there's there's some
41:56 new experience around that for the default configuration um so that's something to be aware of as
42:03 well as whether or not pages are secured or not so there's some interesting logic
42:10 that's that's in all this but the whole goal here was so that when you install
42:15 DNN Now by default it is a secure installation
42:24 um this also will save you a lot of time I know people that have been around for a while probably are using tricks like
42:30 you know to quickly go in and do this via the database directly where you just set all your pages to secure you know
42:37 just with a database script instead of you know have them do that but if you haven't been doing that or have been
42:43 doing that manually Page by Page this will save you a ton of time because by default it will be set to secure so
42:49 that's good to good to for that to be the case right out of the box
42:55 um and should save you a bit of time on the configuration side of things for for SSL
43:02 but it is something to be aware of because you may be maybe uh in a situation where oh my gosh you know it's
43:09 not it's not working uh well maybe maybe it's because of the SSL right you know
43:14 so I'm just kind of having an awareness of that so I would definitely test through those scenarios and make sure
43:20 you're aware of how it is uh to be done um let's see the
43:28 there's some changes that happened to the uh templates the default and the
43:35 blank templates if you if you use those in DNN when you're when you're installing of course you have to use one
43:41 or the other you know if you're building a completely new fresh site you're probably using the blank template but both those templates were updated to
43:50 change a bit of the behavior out of box um for so long there was actually some
43:56 you know security holes in essence the calls by default
44:02 the user profile pages and activity feed you know the messages mainly my profile
44:10 is where the security you know challenges come in but by default those were visible
44:15 to all users whether or not you had registration turned on or not
44:22 so now by default user registration is set to none by default so if you do need
44:30 user registration you're going to have to go in and actually change that in size settings
44:35 um and as well as all of the other related pages that are activity feed my
44:41 profile the friends page and messages they will all by default be set to only
44:47 be visible by registered users
44:54 so now really with the upgrade scenarios we briefly talked about this a few minutes ago but there's really three
45:00 scenarios that you're going to run into first of being the you have telework
45:08 in the instance so you whether you tried to remove manually or not there's some left over something
45:16 there you know that has telrick and it's actually being used somewhere
45:23 this scenario here is probably the easiest one to probably misunderstand a
45:28 bit um but we try to make it as clear as possible here but hopefully everybody
45:35 can see this that's as big as that image is but I could probably zoom in a little bit more without pixels
45:41 okay good um so you know in this case we're going from
45:46 9.10.2 to 99.11 in in this case it was zero one this was just a show example
45:52 what that might will look like in the future but it would do this in 9911.0 as well
45:58 but there's some helpful information in the in the upgrade wizard here to let you know about the security Center you
46:05 know all the bulletins because we're about oh let's see let's just pull that up
46:10 because you may not be aware of where that is now but on the DNN community
46:16 .org under resources and official DNN security Center this
46:24 used to be on dnsoftware.com there is still a security Center out there but this is now the official one
46:32 um there were I think 12 if I remember correctly
46:38 um security bulletins that were published one two three four five six
46:44 seven eight nine ten eleven twelve okay 14 of them
46:50 that were that will apply to 9.10.1 and above
46:58 so um right now and by the way this is a
47:03 lot better now if you haven't seen it in a while there's a lot more detail associated with each security Bulletin
47:09 but these are all the things that were that are addressed in 9.11.
47:15 and it'll let you know which which versions were affected by this particular um
47:21 security issue so now back over to the screenshot if I can get back to it
47:27 um it'll quickly point you to that page so that you can really get more details about the security aspects and
47:33 vulnerabilities that were in the version that you were you were on as well as a list of all the dlls that
47:41 telrick was detected to have you know some level of dependency with
47:47 but at this point there's nothing that's going to happen
47:53 automatically because it's being used so the recommendation is go ahead and
48:00 upgrade but know that you need to go through the manual teller removal steps
48:05 um that have been published since 9.8.0 they still would apply in this situation
48:10 so it's the same steps that you would want to to take
48:15 through that but you know the the goal really would be you know if I were in
48:23 issues I'd try my best to remove teller before the upgrade just to kind of avoid
48:28 the scenario altogether that way you would know that you would know you'd have a little bit of a uh a warm fuzzy
48:35 you know going through it that oh okay I've removed all the usages of
48:40 it so like even if I had a custom module that you know I knew had telework in it and I went ahead and replaced it with
48:46 something else or updated that module to not have telework anymore uh dependency then when I get to you know upgrade to
48:55 911 I would run into probably this scenario you know where teleworks present but it's not used and then in
49:02 this scenario make this look bigger um it's the same type messaging however
49:09 in this situation you have the choice of going ahead and removing telrick you
49:16 know letting DNN actually try to remove telework everywhere that it can right or
49:21 just leave your site as is and you're you're accepting that risk so this would be a more preferred
49:28 scenario than having a known usage of telework so it you know if I were in
49:34 your shoes and I was in this scenario and I saw these lists that I would use this as a cue
49:39 to go and try to figure out how to resolve those issues before it went any further
49:47 usually you can tell by the dll name what it's what it belongs to you know what what module it's related to or what
49:55 library it's related to and gives you at least a clue as to where to look and and
50:00 kind of know where to go so if it's something custom then you can contact that that developer that did that or
50:07 maybe it's a commercial module that you bought a long time ago that was that's still dependent on telling
50:15 and then the last scenario kind of the ideal scenario I was like oh you've already removed telrick there's no
50:21 knowledge the DNN has of any tolerant presence on here it's just a normal upgrade for you
50:27 and you upgrade that and that's pretty straightforward
50:34 so those are the changes to the upgrade Wizard and a lot of you know just say
50:40 magic behind the scene is happening to try to detect everything that we could possibly think of right that could still
50:48 be there and have a dependency on telework is it perfect no it's not perfect but
50:54 it's pretty darn good um in in what it is um so you could still find scenarios
51:00 where it wasn't detected and um you know but that that is usually going to be when
51:08 um let's just say uh maybe you're using not the DNN version of telework but
51:15 you're using some other you know like you're literally using the newer version of telework that has nothing to do with
51:20 DNN and you know you might say well yeah I need that there I know that that's there and I'm okay with that that
51:26 because it's up to date and it's not having the same
51:32 security vulnerabilities or whatever but those are a little bit more Rogue
51:38 scenarios edge cases I should say
51:44 um any questions about the upgrade scenarios and kind of what you might
51:49 would run into
51:57 one thing that I will mention here you know like in in the blog mentioned that this is a good way to test it there's
52:03 still two known DNA Community modules that are telework dependent and that's
52:10 the FAQ and the events modules so you know if you wanted to do some local
52:16 testing with this and kind of see these experiences just kind of know what to look for those are quick and easy
52:23 modules to install so that you can kind of create these test scenarios and see how it handles it
52:30 through that so that might be helpful to you foreign
52:38 on which I'll just kind of I'm on gloss over just a little bit because I'm not intimately familiar with a lot of the
52:44 stuff that happened here but I will say that in CK editor you'll want to check
52:52 any plugins that you may have been using uh in that because you may find that
52:57 they either don't exist there anymore because of they were removed for some security issue I think spell checker was
53:04 one of these if I remember correctly um but you may just want to check if you
53:11 've installed any kind of CK edits or plugins yourself that wasn't part of DNA
53:17 core you may want to just check and make sure they work okay um in the because there were some updates that were made to the CK editor
53:26 the provider associated with it
53:33 Ryan was that you that you all had used some plugins or maybe I'm thinking of
53:39 somebody else for sure yeah um I uh enjoy tricking out the CK editor
53:45 um to add back in some of the plugins that used to be present and we had
53:51 someone on 2021 maybe the end of 2020 came and gave us a good presentation on
53:58 that I'm trying to recall who that was and uh that was my first thought was okay we'll go back and check on those
54:04 things and and that'll be a post CNN 911 update uh that we can have a few months
54:09 from now yeah some of the code Corrections some of the image media import
54:16 um some of those were the main things that I relied on
54:23 so far have you found out that most of those that you had worked with still work okay or are you seeing some issues
54:31 haven't I actually have not paid attention at all so either they work just fine or um they're not in instances
54:37 where I have installed those so I will make a point to go take a look that'd be
54:42 cool to know I know a lot of people still still use CK very much you know a lot um but gosh I can't remember the
54:49 last time we've actually used it uh many years ago
54:55 uh let's see so next item is that um
55:00 sharp ziplib which is a library that's been distributed with DNN for years
55:08 for developers to be able to use as well as DN uses it or has in the past used it
55:15 to either create Zips or unzip Zips you know like if you are uploading a zip to
55:23 the digital asset manager for instance you could check the little box that says you know um
55:29 extract the files after after they're uploaded that was used in behind the
55:34 scenes the sharp zip lib or Live library I guess is what that's short for but
55:41 that is no longer distributed with DNN and the main reason for that is that well one we don't we want to remove as
55:48 many third-party dependencies as as we can but two now the.net framework has
55:55 evolved enough to where there's core things in the framework to do the exact same tasks that previously sharp zip
56:04 live had been used for so it's no no longer needed or used within DNN is
56:12 starting in 9.11.0 but if you are a module developer and have used dnn's
56:19 distribution of that to make references to you just want to be aware that you either now need to bring in your own
56:26 dependency on that or just use the the new c-sharp
56:32 [Music] apis to be able to do that or I should say asp.net framework apis
56:42 um this is another big one as well um Newton's off the the bane of our
56:47 existence right for so long uh so powerful so awesome but versioning with
56:52 uh Newton's off has always been a challenge because everybody wants to depend on this one
56:58 it has been updated to the latest version of Newton's soft Json which is
57:03 13.0.1 um just because this one is so heavily used by
57:10 um module developers both commercial and custom you just want to make sure that
57:16 this update has not broken uh that and I think that if I remember correctly that
57:24 was one thing that was happening with the evativa Jeremy on that for the
57:29 backup module they were able to update because of the way they were pulling in
57:34 that dependency it was directly from the Indian instead of using their own nuget package I think for it
57:42 which is great that will help with upgrades and uninstallations and all kinds of things yep absolutely
57:50 and as you can imagine uh the security analyzer has also had some improvements
57:56 in it as it relates to telrick so now you get a few more sections uh or checks
58:03 that happen in in the security analyzer to be able to note whether or not telework is
58:09 installed and used or is installed and not used and this is the same logic
58:16 essentially that is being used by the upgrade wizard so it made sense to also have that in the security analyzer so
58:22 that after the fact you could still refer back to that and not not have to go through the upgrade process again
58:28 just to know that as well as if telework is not installed at all so that's what
58:33 you're going for right there get that not installed
58:38 there are of course situations where we get it um maybe it's a custom module that's been
58:45 installed and Incredibly complex and the cost of getting its telework dependency removed is is
58:51 going to be you know astronomically it takes time but it's much
58:56 attention that can be given to those kind of things it just cannot stress enough
59:01 how important it is to have no of the old DNN telework
59:07 on a website um you're just running way too too high of a risk with it even there whether
59:14 it's used or not just its presence provides too many vulnerabilities
59:22 so I you know I since I'm using this article I'll take the opportunity to to
59:27 really just verbalize this to the testing that went on prior to this official release was incredible and uh
59:35 if you were involved in that testing in any shape form or fashion thank you so much because the issues that came in how many release
59:44 candidates do we actually have for this it was a lot um poor Daniel he was constantly kicking
59:53 off a new uh build to put it out there for people to uh to see the changes and test those changes but so many people
1:00:00 were able to uh to test scenarios out and and all that and it was really
1:00:06 really helpful I believe we had more testing activity for this release than we've ever seen in the history of you
1:00:13 know the community kind of running the platform side of things so thank you if you did that
1:00:19 foreign any questions really about all this before I fire up an instance here and
1:00:27 kind of take a tour through a few of these
1:00:33 uh not really much conversation happening in chat uh we're talking a little bit about some of the things
1:00:39 you've mentioned but uh I think you're in good shape did a good job of putting everybody to sleep right with my
1:00:45 spoken voice and lullaby kind of what
1:00:50 can you can you start over I dozed for a minute
1:00:56 this is good stuff which part yeah the whole thing
1:01:03 okay so I would watch a rerun of the resource manager just that part alone is
1:01:08 the most beautiful thing ever that's good to hear Ryan here absolutely
1:01:15 Daniel was a hill here we can proudly say that we have a fresh
1:01:20 new resource manager and the old file manager um not the top Gap in the middle but the
1:01:27 just the old file manager has been the same thing for so many years that it was in the running
1:01:32 with the windows calculator as the oldest untouched item still shipping with a modern platform so um I'm very
1:01:40 very excited to have that that's awesome so yeah about as useful as clippy the old one was
1:01:49 well you know I I wish Daniel was here so I could really kind of uh say this with him him here
1:01:56 but you know if next time you're talking to him really I don't think most people
1:02:02 realize how much work I'm into just this part of it alone and most of that was on
1:02:08 Daniel's shoulders and uh he just did an excellent job in my opinion
1:02:13 um through all of this and just be sure to thank him and better yet
1:02:18 Heck if you could throw a few bucks at him on a GitHub sponsors that's that would be awesome too because I mean he
1:02:24 did it as a work of passion knowing that it was needed in DNN but it was no small feat um I don't know the actual number
1:02:33 of hours there was a portion of that work that by the way I should mention again because uh maybe a lot of people
1:02:39 don't know this but um Mitch Sellers and our computer gurus was able to uh
1:02:46 sponsor or do a bounty uh for a portion of this you know what now that I'm
1:02:52 thinking about it I am pretty sure I saw a new blog yep here it is a new blog
1:03:00 post uh buy them if you haven't seen this um I'll post
1:03:06 that in the chat but go take a look at it because they actually did a write-up
1:03:12 on this to you know just really talk about how you can how you can support
1:03:18 open source without you know writing code and stuff you know and this is a situation where they had
1:03:24 clients that needed this Mitch knew how bad it was needed you know to be able to remove telework I mean there were just
1:03:31 so many benefits to being able to sponsor this and this is not just about sponsoring just this one thing but it's
1:03:37 a good good read uh through here give you some good ideas on kind of how to be involved and and contributing
1:03:45 for this but anyways back to kind of Daniel's you know the the level of work that went into this was you know far
1:03:52 beyond that that Bounty and that's not to minimize the Bounty but it's just to to highlight how much work really went
1:03:58 into this in the number of hours so be sure to at least thank him I try to every chance I get with that okay let me
1:04:05 let me hush and uh go ahead and install DNN 911. so this would obviously be a
1:04:12 clean install um for this and uh hey David not to make
1:04:17 you Sidetrack but what is that cool application you're using somebody created this cool thing that
1:04:24 lets me do this in like a lesson we we love Envy quick site
1:04:31 I you know I keep forgetting you know that a lot of people still don't know about it but it's like oh my
1:04:36 gosh we use this like multiple times every day so you know it's paid for itself over and over again for us now
1:04:43 you know I didn't mention this because I didn't because I'm dumb but um
1:04:49 okay one thing that you're going to notice with 911
1:04:54 is this is extremely fast um and and I'm not just blowing smoke
1:05:00 here you're gonna see in a second I mean yeah this is a local instance but I guarantee you a 9.10.2 going through
1:05:07 this and then you turn around and do 911 if you put these side by side you're gonna see here it is ridiculously fast
1:05:16 so let me just put a password in here and we oops I could type
1:05:24 okay let me I'll just leave it out for now and then we'll just do
1:05:30 so fried amen and here is where I was mentioning you know where you could you
1:05:36 have the option of going ahead and making it secure right from the from the beginning now this is a local instance
1:05:41 so I'm I'm not wanting to do that because I'll have to jump through a few more Hoops to make that work
1:05:47 um and I'll just use the default website now maybe quickside already has the database information uh put in here so
1:05:53 we don't really have to do anything there so I'm going to click continue now watch this remember in the past you like
1:05:59 sit and wait at 18 forever and forever now watch it make a a liar out of me
1:06:05 wow okay so normally you challenge this is yeah wow normally this happens I I
1:06:13 must be running something it may just be the live stream that's doing it now that's a lot faster yes but my normal
1:06:19 install takes less than eight seconds wow that was a fast 19
1:06:26 yes 19 seconds all right so already you're seeing a lot but that
1:06:34 normally for me when I do a cleaning still is eight seconds it's crazy it doesn't even do the
1:06:40 hanging um whereas in a lot of the previous versions it just would hang on 18 while
1:06:46 it does a lot of that turning the best thing that we can figure like it wasn't a specific
1:06:52 initiative to um to make things better performant of course there's always an attention to
1:06:59 that at a certain level with anything we do is performance but it wasn't like a you know oh we're trying to make this a
1:07:06 lot faster the biggest thing that we can attribute this to is that pedapoco which
1:07:11 is the underlying data access layer um you know per day right
1:07:17 that was updated um with a minor version update
1:07:24 and evidently there was quite a bit of performance Improvement in just that so that's uh kind of how we're
1:07:31 how we're attributing a lot of it to it of course the removal of telework doesn't hurt either now this speed here
1:07:37 is just uh IES kind of cycling up that's normal for it to be slow
1:07:45 but yeah like just being able to to jump around and stuff in here you'll just see that it's just so so much faster
1:07:52 um things that normally would just take a lot longer just or super fast
1:07:58 screen what was that right I'm sorry I missed it I said hit the extension screen
1:08:05 oh yeah sure boom yeah that's fast
1:08:11 I'd also like to mention something that I'd like some backup on I've only got one site where I actually took the time
1:08:17 to make notes and test this but running in IIs when you get your
1:08:23 details on your um running instances I've noticed that a production running
1:08:30 site that we've got upgraded is using at least 30 percent less memory footprint
1:08:36 for per day I don't know what to attribute that to but it's noticeable
1:08:42 interesting yeah one of the if anyone else knows one of the off the
1:08:49 cuff uh things that Mitch had said was that you're gonna see performance and speed improvements here and they were
1:08:56 into the the goal or the targets but you know with the update and cleanup of some of these different things that were
1:09:01 involved you're going to see something like 80 speed and performance
1:09:07 improvements yeah I have I have a site it was always had a memory footprint of over 500 Meg
1:09:13 and it's easily floating in the high 300s now wow
1:09:19 I don't know what to attribute it to but it's certainly the upgrade
1:09:25 anyone else experiences that I'd like to hear why someday that makes me want to
1:09:30 go and take a look at some of ours it was really it was a lot of curiosity for
1:09:35 me I'm like hey this is cool what were you upgrading from Jeremy just out of curiosity what
1:09:42 level uh uh 991 I think was where I was at
1:09:48 and every single day that thing was gobbing at five or six hundred megabytes and um
1:09:55 anyhow now it's sitting floating comfortably at 380 and sometimes it hits 400.
1:10:01 nice well together
1:10:07 I was just I probably should have prepared a little bit more but uh I was looking for some images here that I
1:10:14 could uh show you kind of experience and I only have a few
1:10:21 um so I I don't know how deep you guys want to go but uh just tell me if I start boring
1:10:27 you to death but um some of the things that I was talking about just like you know depending on where you're at notice the toolbar as
1:10:34 I'm you know doing different things and I just selected this you know or I right click on it
1:10:40 um this matches this so depending on kind of what your preference is on how
1:10:46 you like to work you've got multiple paths to the same end um you can now do multi-select
1:10:53 with items um changes you know that's why people are
1:11:00 you holding down the control key no I'm just clicking oh really yep so again a lot of these
1:11:06 cues are from you know the the OneDrive experience so you can uh see a lot of
1:11:12 parallels to there you know and being able to go noise that's that's good
1:11:18 before you when you clicked on it it would automatically download the file on my end I want that I just want to select
1:11:24 it yeah exactly perfect so you know things like moving files you know I can
1:11:31 now move multiple files just like you could do with the other but when you move you could choose exactly where you wanted to go to
1:11:37 um pretty web controls so now those files should be sitting in
1:11:45 the root and there they are so now grab those and move them back to images
1:11:51 and move and yes and now we're back into images so
1:11:58 selecting it or being able to you know go into it this is one thing that you
1:12:03 will probably run into that we have it on the radar you might be tempted to
1:12:09 just double click on a folder and expect it to go into the folder it won't work that way right out of the box
1:12:15 you have to actually select the folder over here so these are kind of your folder actions over here and this is
1:12:21 what you see so you have access to see the folders but this is where you're just going to select them or you know do
1:12:28 do actions on them um double click is not something you can
1:12:33 enable we will but right now it does not do double click that was in the nice to
1:12:39 have column instead of required column because if you remember correctly this didn't even like work this good you know
1:12:46 in the other the the other experience hey could you sort something out for me I know that we've talked about the CK
1:12:52 editor now can on upload of an image resize it that does not apply to this
1:12:58 resource manager at this time right that's correct okay that'd be nice to have
1:13:09 maybe paid support for new feature requests yeah there you go
1:13:14 that is an interesting one uh let's see so like just being able to edit you know
1:13:20 folders and files you get a similar experience it's just that now you're you're not dealing with the DNN pop-up
1:13:27 model you know with jQuery UI you're dealing with just pure web components
1:13:32 this could use a little bit of TLC as far as look and feel and the jumping around and things like that but the
1:13:38 feature parity is there um rumors that Aaron is going to do a
1:13:43 complete Tailwind version of this
1:13:49 I knew that would make him come online
1:13:54 so you know just being able to rename things you know here is the same way that it was and the other you would change the name here
1:14:01 um let's see uh cancel out of that what
1:14:06 what else um I was hoping to to upload like a bunch of images uh I think I'm going to
1:14:14 be on the edge here and I'm going to just try to put some images here that I have
1:14:21 no idea what these images are they're screenshots of something so if you see something uh that is suspicious or not
1:14:30 so great just ignore it I don't even know what's in here but I want to show a
1:14:36 feature here so let's go into the images folder and I'm just going to
1:14:41 um add let's see where was I at I've got an item selected so add or upload sorry
1:14:47 upload so you've got this nice drag and drop experience here now so I can just drag those from uh from my Windows
1:14:54 Explorer over to here you still have the extract but notice that every file had a progress bar like before once it gets
1:15:01 processed they disappear so those got uploaded
1:15:07 um the did I just mess it up because they shouldn't have they should have seen the complete
1:15:13 huh I thought we changed that anyway they got uploaded there they all are now I'm going to do it again so that we get
1:15:21 a bunch of files in here um so I got the chance to oh yeah so these
1:15:27 already exist so I need to oh shoot I'm gonna have to rename these or something
1:15:34 ah how can I do this um I don't want to overwrite
1:15:44 yeah I was trying to think how I could do this really quick I wanted to get over like you know 100 images in there
1:15:51 let me see if I can find some more here real quick so I don't have that problem
1:15:56 um go you could select all and delete the ones up on the server and then do it
1:16:03 again yeah but I really want that many files in there oh
1:16:10 let me just find some other files here real quick give me just a second to look over here and see what's relatively safe
1:16:16 for me to put up here let's see here I've got
1:16:24 a bunch of images over here okay this will this will do it I've got a crap load of images
1:16:30 all right let me do upload and I'm just going to drag them all in here
1:16:40 oh there we go all right so yep as it gets done
1:16:47 um that's something I'd like to improve but now we've got uh let's see let's go back to here so I can recap Okay so
1:16:54 we've got a hundred we got 237 images here
1:16:59 did you notice how fast that was and some of these are
1:17:06 most of them are very large to three megabytes four megabytes
1:17:13 that was pretty fast huh now you may be saying well okay so I get
1:17:19 a thousand of them out here how fast is that going to be well now it says 381 because guess what just happened it lazy
1:17:25 loaded as I'm scrolling down all those files
1:17:30 so if I go down to the bottom look it's pulling other ones in now we've got
1:17:35 400 of them that looks like it's a little bug there to me but super fast so it only loads and
1:17:43 shows the number of them that you're you know that you're needing at the moment but
1:17:50 when you get to a certain spot on the page it will lazy load the rest of them so it's it's a lot more
1:17:58 performance oriented than than before on this just super fast so like and also
1:18:06 the search yeah see now I think it was in the process of still indexing those files because I uploaded so many of them
1:18:13 so now the count is actually up to 1034 so now if I go down
1:18:19 um we'll get more accurate numbers because I think d m was in the process yeah see how it is it's just it's
1:18:26 loading 100 of them at a time right because I'm going down so now we got 1034 files loading just
1:18:33 like that so it's pretty cool so if I wanted to look for something let's say uh
1:18:39 2019 underscore something let's see what
1:18:44 is it Dash something yeah so everything from January 2019 the
1:18:51 search is instantaneous as I'm typing you know to get to get down there so pretty neat
1:19:00 um synchronization uh being able to sync just this folder or refresh the files
1:19:05 that are in the folder or sync this folder in subfolders those work the exact same way that they worked before
1:19:11 it's just that now they're in a nice little contextual menu there um being able to uh there's so much in
1:19:19 here there's don't take too much time but uh it has an awareness of the file types as
1:19:25 well and shows you an icon as well as it can now these are the old icons so that's one of the things we want to kind
1:19:31 of improve the look and feel of it at some point to get a little bit a better more modern experience there but it's
1:19:38 fantastic it even supports the different folder types you know like being able to use like Azure folder providers so if
1:19:45 you if you did a connector over here and tied it into an Azure storage or some
1:19:51 other you know like let's say you're using Eva tivo's DNN storage module and
1:19:56 it's typed into AWS or whatever those are going to show up right over here like you would expect them to show up
1:20:03 and be able to see those those folders just as well uh let's see Rudy said uh can can you
1:20:12 also can you show the edit button yeah absolutely so um there's multiple edits uh there so
1:20:19 like if I'm here selected on a folder there's an edit
1:20:25 here and that's uh similar to what I showed before where you can set the
1:20:30 permissions and change the name of the folder and get all the information associated with it there's also the edit
1:20:36 for a file which is contextual or here and those result in the same thing so if
1:20:41 I select this one go edit then you're going to get be able to change the name of the file which in this case is a
1:20:46 crazy name you can update the title and description for that file so if it's being used you know as a as a link to
1:20:54 the resource it would have that in there for the link click
1:20:59 did that show what you wanted to see there
1:21:06 if you edit the text file well I would have to upload a text file in order to see what happens when you have a text file but um it's the same experience
1:21:14 um
1:21:20 so it's gonna be the same experience um file type doesn't have any real bearing on this one here it would just
1:21:27 be the editing of the of the name of the file so it's not like you're literally editing the file in an editor
1:21:34 um because that wasn't possible before either so
1:21:41 download expected you know same same way as what you would see before deleting a
1:21:47 file it'll prompt you if you're sure you want to delete um another thing is the expand you can
1:21:54 change the size of this based on kind of your viewport and what you want to see it is where you can collapse that as
1:22:01 well by just clicking it as well as there is a settings here and this is where you would be able to manage your
1:22:07 different folder providers and add or remove those so if I had an Azure
1:22:13 folder connector set up over here or connector setup for Azure then I could
1:22:18 add a folder type of of that here and it would show up and now this one here is not using web components this is
1:22:25 obviously the DNN jQuery UI based modal here that's one
1:22:31 area that didn't get rebuilt completely so this is the exact same experience as you had before so if we were adding an
1:22:38 Azure folder provider you can come in here and do that
1:22:44 and those get a slightly different icon associated with them too so if it is a known folder type you'll get a an icon
1:22:52 associated with that so for Azure you'll get the Azure logo on top of the folder and so forth
1:23:04 and for the most part it is responsive um as well out of the box it is also accessible so
1:23:13 if you were you know going through this and you want to use your I'm using my tab
1:23:19 and I'll use my up arrow and my space bar to select it
1:23:25 um all of that works just fine out of it um
1:23:30 every every little feature of this is completely accessible
1:23:37 um for that so doing all that with my keyboard
1:23:47 so pretty cool stuff yeah you can download multiple files uh
1:23:53 at the same time and there there was trying to double click that again that that one's going to drive me crazy but
1:23:58 yeah oops sorry select multiple files oh no you can't I thought you could nope
1:24:06 you can only download one file at a time that would be a nice uh Improvement
1:24:12 there somebody should open an issue for that
1:24:20 could you do that before download multiple files at once
1:24:26 no you couldn't do that before okay no
1:24:31 that seems like it would be simple but at the same time it probably isn't because you got to figure out like okay
1:24:37 what does that mean is it a mole would it zip them up
1:24:44 yeah because you only get really one dialogue per thing that you're downloading right so it might would lead
1:24:50 to a clunky experience and for everybody that loves the grid
1:24:57 view they're here foreign does anyone love the grid View
1:25:03 it seems like that would be the instant first thing I click on is switch to list view no
1:25:09 and you're not if I don't know what the image is yeah that's true it is a little
1:25:15 helpful with images uh to be able to see what they are but
1:25:20 if rocd like me you just put names that you know what they are but most people
1:25:25 don't so it's actually in a way helpful I suppose I kind of like the previews
1:25:34 I suppose it depends on how many files you have there too you know um that was a performance Nightmare Before
1:25:41 um I'd say it's better now in this one um it still loads pretty fast group that
1:25:46 you'll notice uh I went too far and it went crazy but
1:25:52 yeah it's it's loaded all those so caught up yeah yeah it's what 1034 items there
1:26:01 that's fantastic yes I think this helps solve a lot of
1:26:07 the pain points and gets us you know to a telework free Union there were other areas that telework was
1:26:14 being used but this was really the biggest area it was the last remaining mammoth in DNN that was relying on it
1:26:21 that looks really nice David yes thank you Daniel
1:26:28 I've seen a few issues already to to like be able to change the default size
1:26:34 of this and stuff like that some things that would help you know if you've got a lot of files this is a little short for
1:26:40 it especially if you've got a bigger monitor or something um those will be some nice little enhancements that honestly to do stuff
1:26:48 like that becomes way less difficult in a solution like this
1:26:54 compared to what we had before so it'll be it'll be nice don't be afraid to to
1:26:59 post issues for things like that you know if you see a way that it could be improved then it's a lot easier to to
1:27:06 work on it because it really goes back to getting elements and being able to change those elements to be able to
1:27:12 support those features and so forth and then by default will just happen in here so it's nice
1:27:23 that's really all I had on my list but I'm happy to dig into any other areas if
1:27:28 anybody's interested I think that the uh star of the show The
1:27:34 TNN 911 has a lot of nice things that we're looking forward to
1:27:39 um file manager and some speed improvements are enough of a reason for me to
1:27:46 try and upgrade every single instance much less uh final final steps on all those where
1:27:52 we've been able to remove teleric you can proudly say that it's out I think this is fantastic
1:27:58 is everyone else excited about this uh this release uh have you already started
1:28:03 jumping into two upgrades or is everyone holding their breath for a few moments first
1:28:11 [Music] I've jumped in with both feet I'm kind of wondering though what's left for
1:28:17 version 10. this was so so much stuff and now we get to dream a little bit
1:28:24 um a lot of 10 I know that's already you know on the radar is removing a lot of
1:28:30 uh the apis that were marked uh for for deprecation
1:28:36 um to go away in 10 so a lot of that will be you know obviously things that are behind the scenes that you won't really
1:28:42 see you know or feel but that should help in other ways uh with that as well
1:28:49 removing dependencies things like that um but now we get to Dream a Little Bit what's what what what do people want
1:28:56 um I know one of the hot items is a new theme by default uh to the in BNN and
1:29:05 that's a uh a philosophical battle uh with those that are within that of what
1:29:13 that needs to look like um everybody has their uh their opinions on on on what's the right way to to go
1:29:20 so I think we'll probably be a quick thing yeah I'd like to start with that I'd like to
1:29:26 nominate Aaron for the next theme creation using Tailwind as a dependency
1:29:33 did you hear the progress that we're removing dependencies do you think maybe
1:29:40 is that on purpose [Laughter] no and honestly that's I mean in my
1:29:47 opinion you know and this is where you know the philosophical battle comes in a lot of times it's like I I'm all for
1:29:53 that except for when it comes to design right you know I
1:29:58 if you could leverage a framework to get there quicker and more consistently consistently than I'm I'm a little more
1:30:05 for it now by default you know the current well the human DNN is uh
1:30:10 bootstrap dependent but it's stuck at bootstrap three and we're on bootstrap five it is well so you know it's time
1:30:18 for an update and or Tailwind or nothing
1:30:23 um you one of the things you have to have different ones you know and to have
1:30:28 different options available nothing sounds yes there you go that's what I was going to say why not have multiple
1:30:35 options and there's obviously got to be one that's on when you do a fresh install but you go into themes and a you
1:30:43 haven't included uh Dark Knight and gravity and zillion so you've got you
1:30:48 know the default one and oh look you've got two other options the same exact thing now in Tailwinds the same exact
1:30:55 thing now with root trap five love it and I love the idea of having one that
1:31:02 has no framework you know so like yeah he's a fan of yeah some people are a fan
1:31:07 of that you know just pure CSS or um just yeah it it really because who's
1:31:15 willing to contribute and all being on the same page with the same directive you know so I love that idea too right I
1:31:22 think it would be great to have the same exact design same exact content
1:31:27 everything but done three different ways you know or whatever
1:31:33 ways but that therein lies a bit of a problem
1:31:40 too you know it's like well by the nature of the framework itself Your Design might would be impacted a
1:31:46 little bit you know um yeah you can't achieve everything
1:31:52 in the same way so just yeah because like you know we're all sisters for
1:31:57 instance if it was designed you know in a way that was based off of a you know a bootstrap framework you know it you
1:32:04 might want to do a little bit different because like it would be harder to achieve pixel perfectness like you could with Tailwind because you have all those
1:32:10 utility classes you know so it it's easier said than done but it can be done
1:32:15 um a little bit of coordination a little bit of willingness and some uh muscle to uh crank it out
1:32:25 that's all the idea there for the themed contest I think that's kind of how this one came about a bit
1:32:31 um so that could be good um if it's open-ended it will be tough
1:32:37 because probably nobody's going to create three themes and using two Frameworks and no framework it's a lot
1:32:46 of work but having a design contest for what
1:32:53 this homepage should look like would be really great out of the box business owners we have an infinite
1:33:00 amount of time available right that's right that's right employees and interns
1:33:05 hey we'll get it done thank you Jeremy for volunteering to uh do that I'm going
1:33:12 to sign off now and you're never going to see me [Music] um
1:33:20 well great everyone I'm glad that uh glad we were able to show some of this hopefully it was helpful to you and and
1:33:27 more so than that I hope it encourages you to upgrade quickly please get her
1:33:34 done absolutely
1:33:40 I think that the pain of upgrades is lessening and listening over time and
1:33:46 that some of the hoops and that we jump through and hurdles that we'd encountered when we
1:33:52 were oh you know manually upgrading 18 and three and even four and
1:33:59 replacing files and overriding them and taking this out running it putting this
1:34:04 back in it's just gotten easier and easier as it goes and um your articles for telework
1:34:10 removal just make it so very straightforward to do step at a time not
1:34:15 difficult that's the most tedious thing we've done in ages so once you get past that everything else
1:34:21 is is smooth right that's right yeah I think the most
1:34:27 um scary thing is how many steps it's taken to learn this stuff and how much
1:34:32 easier it's gotten I still I don't know if you guys are the same way but I still look at the step by
1:34:40 step every single time because it's easy to accidentally yeah yep a step
1:34:46 um so I'm getting for someone to automate it in Powershell but it's okay to just read and follow the steps well
1:34:53 now it's automated in the DNN 911 upgrade for you so that is essentially what is happening it's literally doing
1:35:00 those things uh in there and then some so it's uh there's your time I think
1:35:07 it's related to birthdays too oh what was that Dennis I'm sorry you
1:35:14 said that I said I think it has something to do with being related to birthdays as well oh
1:35:20 [Laughter]
1:35:26 well I hope everybody has a good upgrade experience so of course if you do run into any challenges I mean I as always
1:35:32 back up your sights and test in the environment that's not production uh
1:35:38 first so you can be prepared but I hope everybody has a good experience if you don't don't just back up get good at
1:35:44 restoring yeah there you go understand the process right there's there's a couple little glitches
1:35:51 that have been found since in the this latest version any I plan for when sort
1:35:58 of a tidy up might be done yeah I know that there's quite a few issues that have been posted out there
1:36:04 Steve already on GitHub um it's uh I there's no specific time frame
1:36:10 it's whenever people have the bandwidth to be able to actually Implement fixes
1:36:16 for those things so I think as soon as those pull requests come in you know that will
1:36:23 that'll pushed along that happening quicker rather than later it's just a
1:36:29 matter of people contributing to it just everybody keep in mind there's no
1:36:35 Corporation sitting behind or anybody getting paid to do any of this so
1:36:42 um you know if anybody has a way to help one way or another you know I mean we
1:36:48 highlight one thing to kind of get people to upgrade I was personally surprised by how many critical updates
1:36:54 appeared to apply to 9.10 point whatever people need to pay attention to that
1:37:01 that it's worth upgrading security
1:37:09 yeah I think it's like 12 or 13 security bulletins with this release so and those
1:37:15 are not trivial some of them so um it matters definitely matters
1:37:24 um I was gonna say for those of you that joined after we got started uh Rodrigo
1:37:30 let's see uh feel and Alessandra Marco
1:37:36 Ahmed Benny thank you guys for attending uh hope you found it valuables good to
1:37:42 good to see your names pop up I think we should also uh get everybody
1:37:48 to try and do a round of applause for Daniel because even though he's not here it feels like he was a big part of 9 11.
1:37:56 please do absolutely everybody use your reactions on Zoom to do collapse and I'm
1:38:02 going to take a screenshot and send it to him oh my God I'm going I don't know if I'm publishable
1:38:10 uh Jesus Christ come on we got a Time disc I have to blur do not look at the boxes
1:38:17 I'll be like this yay yeah I would do a screenshot
1:38:23 there it goes I got a screenshot that's awesome did I brush my hair I don't even
1:38:28 know whatever bye okay yeah I normally stay till the end but
1:38:36 unfortunately I have to run early right now so uh love you everybody good to see
1:38:41 you I will talk to everyone again soon thank you David for an awesome run through I took a bunch of notes uh we'll
1:38:48 try and post ASAP up to the site yeah we'll do that we're we're wrapping up here anyways we'll go ahead and stop the
1:38:53 recorded session and uh Ryan thanks so much I appreciate everything you do I hope you have a better week than it's
1:38:59 been that would be awesome I'll I'll try and
1:39:05 work on that yeah thanks for joining thanks everyone


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