Southern Fried DNN: URL Redirects + What's Next with nvQuickSite + DNN Corp Webinar Post-Game

Sep 22, 2017


URL Redirects
We all have the need for URL redirections whether we recognize it or not. Perhaps we need shorter, more easily memorable, URL’s or maybe we’ve gone through a site migration and need to implement redirects to maintain existing SEO results. Regardless of the scenario, we all leverage the ability to redirect URLs.

In this session Ryan Moore of Moore Creative Company will lead a discussion around URL redirects and DNN. He will discuss and review DNN modules and tools used to handle redirects in different ways along with discussing real world scenarios they’ve encountered in the past. If you’ve ever wondered about what’s possible with URL redirection in DNN then this is the meeting to attend.

About Ryan
Moore Ryan is a DNN Enthusiast and owner of The Moore Creative Company. Ryan can regularly be found at DNN conventions and events. He helps run the Southern Fried DNN user group, leads the training efforts at DNN Summit, and manages the development crew at Moore Creative.


What’s Next With nvQuickSite?
Have you ever had to install DNN? Did you do it with nvQuickSite? If you didn’t then you may have taken longer than needed. nvQuickSite is a great tool for installing DNN created by our very own David Poindexter of nvisionative. The DNN Community loves nvQuickSite and uses it all the time to help make installing DNN more efficient.

In this brief session David is going to lead the discussion and give us a preview of what’s just around the corner for nvQuickSite. We are excited to hear and see what’s on the roadmap for nvQuickSite.


DNN Corp Webinar Post-Game Roundtable
DNNCorp is hosting a webinar during the day on Thursday (just hours before our meetup) titled “The Exciting Path Ahead for DNNCorp”.

The agenda is slated to discuss:
• Introduction to ESW Capital
• Why ESW Capital chose to acquire DNN Software
• Our philosophy for open source
• Launch of Platinum support programs

In this roundtable style discussion we’ll see what everyone’s thoughts & reactions were to the content covered in the webinar. This will be an interactive session so come prepared to engage & dialogue.


This week's Southern Fried DNN is everyone's chance to catch up on DNN, tooling, conferences, community buzz and more! Please be sure to join us in person or online!


• Welcome
• Sponsor Recognition
• Community Buzz & Announcements
• URL Redirects (Ryan Moore)
• What's Next with nvQuickSite? (David Poindexter)
• DNN Corp Webinar Post-Game Roundtable
• Social Time!


Join Us Even though our DNN user group is nestled in the Carolinas, we are really YOUR DNN User Group regardless of your Southern heritage or lack thereof. Everyone is invited to attend in person or to join us online! We always try to broadcast the meeting via GoToMeeting so everyone can participate. Below are the GoToMeeting details for those of you wanting to join online.



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