Quick Win - Install DNN In Less Than 1 Minute!

Mar 20, 2022


Have you ever struggled to install DNN? Fear no more! There is a cool tool that can help you install in less than a minute - yep you heard me right!


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0:04 [Music]
0:13 well hello hello it's dean and dave hope
0:16 everybody is doing well
0:18 it's been a minute since i've done some
0:20 live streaming and i am excited to be
0:24 back
0:26 today i am wanting to talk about
0:29 an oldie but goodie
0:32 it dawned on me that i've never done a
0:34 live stream about this it's funny you do
0:36 something
0:37 many years ago and in this case
0:39 just over six years ago
0:42 i created a tool that
0:46 allows you to
0:48 quickly do something that a lot of
0:49 people are doing every single day
0:53 and it saves so much time i know it
0:54 saves so much time for me
0:56 i have heard from countless others that
0:59 it is done the same for them
1:02 and i want to talk about it today
1:05 but it's funny because like over six
1:07 years ago this thing was created now
1:09 it's evolved a little bit since then but
1:11 i mean
1:13 it was really good when it was done then
1:16 i'll have to talk a little bit about the
1:18 history here for a second but
1:20 i was having a conversation with a good
1:22 friend of mine in the dnn ecosystem will
1:26 stroll
1:28 his mightiness we were chatting about a
1:31 tool that we both used quite a bit and
1:33 it was called make dnn site
1:36 and
1:37 i think that was it make d make
1:40 dnns yeah make dn insight that's what it
1:42 was
1:44 it was a great little windows
1:46 uh
1:47 app
1:48 that allowed you to
1:50 pretty quickly
1:51 set up a local dnn instance i mean it
1:53 did save a lot of time
1:55 it was a little bit technical
1:57 you know and
1:58 a little bit finicky here and there but
2:00 man it really did save a lot of time for
2:03 those of us that needed to install it
2:05 you know a lot
2:07 usually on a daily or
2:09 at least to several times a week basis
2:12 well
2:13 that tool kind of
2:15 faded out the guy that developed it
2:19 was
2:20 off on to other things and just wasn't
2:23 interested in really maintaining that or
2:25 releasing
2:26 the code for it so that somebody else
2:28 could maintain it so
2:30 will and i were talking and i was like
2:32 you know well i think i could probably
2:33 build this thing pretty quickly so i set
2:36 aside a weekend and i said i'm gonna do
2:39 it
2:40 it was a crazy
2:42 couple of days
2:43 but
2:44 there
2:46 was the launch of envy quicksite a
2:48 little over six years ago i believe it
2:49 was march the 9th
2:51 of 2016.
2:55 but that was the initial version of it
2:57 but i want to talk about it because
2:59 i have never done a live stream about it
3:01 so i want to show you how it can
3:04 i'm going to get a little bit radical
3:06 here and say it could change your life i
3:08 mean in a good way because it's uh
3:10 it can
3:12 really save so much time
3:15 maybe you're a
3:17 module developer in the ecosystem
3:20 or
3:21 maybe you're a designer of themes
3:25 or
3:26 let's see
3:28 you
3:29 sell
3:30 extensions for dnn
3:32 um maybe you do custom modules and you
3:35 need to really quickly set up test
3:37 environments for those modules or
3:39 development environments so that you can
3:41 build those modules
3:42 um you need to quickly set up an
3:44 instance so that you can build a theme
3:46 there's so many use cases
3:48 for the need to
3:50 quickly install dnn on your local
3:55 machine
3:56 well you could of course go through the
3:59 process of installing dnn manually
4:03 there's quite a few videos out there i
4:05 think chris hammond has one
4:07 will stroll who i mentioned earlier has
4:09 one out there to help you walk through
4:13 manual setup of dna in a local
4:15 environment
4:16 and there are times where you may need
4:18 those
4:19 that's not what i'm going to talk about
4:20 here today i want to talk about how you
4:22 can install dnn
4:24 in less than one minute
4:27 yep you heard me right less than one
4:29 minute
4:30 we'll put that to the test in just a few
4:32 minutes
4:33 so let me go ahead and switch over to my
4:36 other screen hopefully my audio will not
4:38 go out
4:40 looks like everything's good on my
4:41 meters over here so good
4:43 this is envy quicksite.com
4:47 and you can come out here
4:50 learn a little bit more about the
4:51 product
4:52 and by the way it's free so don't worry
4:55 just because i use the word product
4:57 it's free
4:59 um you can download it via this link
5:01 which will send you right over to github
5:03 to the latest release what
5:06 as of the date of this recording is
5:10 version 2.1.2
5:13 and the other link here will take you to
5:16 the main
5:17 github project page out here on github
5:21 i bring this one up because it's really
5:22 important if you find yourself using
5:25 this app to help you download and
5:28 install dnn really quickly in your
5:30 environments
5:31 you may occasionally run into a bug
5:34 or an area where you believe
5:37 it could be improved
5:40 get familiar with the issues tab in that
5:43 case
5:44 submit a new issue
5:46 to
5:47 either discuss that enhancement
5:49 or that feature request or
5:53 bug
5:55 and if you're a developer and you happen
5:57 to know windows form development
6:00 then
6:02 maybe you can find an issue out here
6:03 that you would be able to contribute a
6:05 fix for
6:06 we do accept pull requests um as long as
6:10 it fixes the issue and solves a greater
6:12 need of the community we are all game
6:14 for it
6:15 so um back over to envyquiksite.com
6:22 one thing i want to point out before we
6:23 start going into a demo here
6:26 is the requirements
6:28 page
6:30 now
6:32 you may see a lot of different versions
6:35 listed here of operating systems and
6:37 server well this is all that's possible
6:39 with me quick site but if you scroll
6:41 down to the bottom the recommended
6:43 environment
6:45 as of right now
6:46 is either witness server 2019 or you
6:49 know i probably should put in here
6:52 that's production environment but
6:54 local development environment we should
6:55 probably make recommendations there too
6:58 windows 11
6:59 i did haven't even added that to the
7:01 list yet probably need to do that
7:03 or windows 10 would be most current you
7:06 know two operating systems
7:09 uh for just local
7:11 development and testing and all that
7:13 good stuff
7:14 um probably microsoft sql server
7:17 developer edition needs to be added to
7:19 the list
7:20 um
7:21 and yeah i'm noticing all kinds of
7:23 things that can be improved on this page
7:24 but you'll definitely want to have
7:26 a windows operating system
7:29 a sql server instance set up on your
7:31 machine
7:32 and you'll want to have your machine
7:34 uh probably at this point be on 4.8
7:38 the latest 4.8 version of net framework
7:42 and you'll want iis installed and
7:45 configured
7:47 now
7:48 once you have those
7:49 it's
7:51 pretty much cake you just install envy
7:53 quick site come out here the release
7:56 install you know download the
7:58 microsoft installer package here and it
8:01 will walk you through an install wizard
8:03 to set it up it just takes a couple
8:04 seconds uh to do that and then you'll be
8:07 ready to rock and roll
8:10 so let me go back
8:12 to here i'm going to launch envy quick
8:15 site
8:16 i've already got it installed on my
8:18 machine
8:19 and
8:20 i am going to show you hopefully my
8:24 window is showing here at this point but
8:26 i just got prompted just in case you
8:27 can't see it
8:29 i got prompted for user account control
8:31 now the reason this is is because
8:33 we run envy quick site in elevated
8:35 privileges so i'm going to say yes to
8:37 that
8:38 and that will give us the
8:40 access to be able to
8:43 do some pretty advanced stuff like
8:46 set up a database in your database
8:48 server instance
8:50 create an iis website set permissions
8:54 set up an app pool for that
8:58 create files and folders on your hard
9:00 drive and
9:02 be able to set permissions on those and
9:04 then also
9:06 update your
9:08 system32
9:10 drivers etsy host file so
9:13 we'll
9:14 maybe run into a situation here in just
9:16 a minute on purpose so that i can show
9:18 you kind of how to
9:21 get around some gotches that you may run
9:23 into
9:24 so our first time through this
9:27 i'm going to go a little slow
9:29 through it
9:30 and then we'll put it to the test and
9:32 see if we can really install dnn in less
9:34 than a minute in just a few minutes
9:37 the first time i'll explain all the
9:39 screens and kind of what you what your
9:41 what you should expect when you install
9:43 it
9:44 when you launch mb quick site the first
9:46 screen is really getting you to choose
9:48 the version of dnn that you want to
9:51 install
9:52 and in this case as of the date of this
9:54 recording the latest and greatest is
9:56 9.10.2
9:59 now i'm going to click next
10:01 but i'm going to get prompted because
10:02 i've already previously installed or
10:05 downloaded
10:07 dnm platform 9.10.2
10:10 so it's going to prompt me if i want to
10:12 download it again
10:14 and replace my existing local downloaded
10:16 that or if i just want to use the local
10:18 download
10:20 now on purpose i'm going to go ahead and
10:21 download it again to show you how fast
10:23 it is
10:24 i've got a pretty
10:26 fast internet connection so it was
10:28 really fast to download but you may be
10:30 saying well where is it downloading it
10:32 from
10:34 well it's actually downloading it
10:36 directly from github release
10:39 or dnm platform
10:41 and
10:42 we are downloading the install package
10:46 so we're actually accessing that via the
10:49 github api
10:50 so no matter what version of dnn
10:54 you are choosing there it will go out
10:57 and get that package and download it for
10:59 you so you don't even have to worry
11:01 about
11:02 where was it again that i needed to go
11:04 download that or
11:06 in some situation where you need an
11:08 older version of dnn because you're
11:10 doing some upgrades and need to do some
11:11 local testing of those older versions
11:14 as you try to get on the latest and
11:16 greatest
11:18 then you won't have to go through
11:20 multiple pages on github to try to find
11:22 that release and so forth
11:24 okay so now we're on the second page of
11:27 our little wizard here in my quick site
11:30 i have previously um before this live
11:34 stream set up an envy quick
11:36 envy quick dnn site
11:39 now this is just the url and you may be
11:41 asking yourself well what in the world
11:42 is it is
11:43 is it in two different fields
11:46 well the reason is because
11:47 locally i always use dot loc but you may
11:51 use
11:52 dot dnn dev dot me
11:55 you may use dot local you may use
11:58 dot my machine whatever you want to call
12:01 it but you don't want to have to change
12:02 that every single time you come into
12:04 envy quick site
12:05 so
12:06 a lot of these fields will remember the
12:09 last thing that you did in that field in
12:11 your previous session of running mb
12:13 quick site
12:14 so that'll just save you just a little
12:16 bit of time
12:17 uh as you're coming in here all you have
12:18 to do is just type in the new
12:20 site name that you want and leave dot
12:24 whatever it is in place
12:27 so
12:28 as i type something new you'll notice
12:30 that this field down here also changed
12:34 so that's actually uh an important thing
12:36 we'll cover in just a minute
12:38 so i'm going to still call this envy
12:40 quick dnn dot loc
12:43 by default it's going to set us set up
12:45 its own site specific app pool in iis
12:49 so that everything can be isolated
12:52 and
12:54 by default it's going to
12:56 delete the site in iis if it already
12:59 exists
13:00 so if previously like in my case i did
13:03 set it up already before so this is
13:05 going to
13:06 allow it to delete that site in ias
13:09 before it installs it again
13:12 so
13:13 here just like we split this up here the
13:15 reason is to make the base folder
13:18 always the same usually uh for you when
13:21 you're setting up
13:22 uh local instances of dnn for testing or
13:25 or whatever you're using them for for
13:27 development in my case i like to set my
13:30 dev folder to
13:32 see colon backslash dev
13:35 and then i just
13:36 type in my in my subfolder
13:39 which by default is exactly what i type
13:42 in for the site name and this is where
13:45 it's kind of
13:46 for me it's pretty important to keep
13:48 these consistently named so that i know
13:50 that i know where things are located
13:52 related to this site
13:53 so whatever it is in ias i want my
13:55 folder to be named that and later you'll
13:58 see that i also want my database name to
14:01 match that as well
14:03 that being said you can override it
14:06 and
14:06 if i'm typing it here it's automatically
14:08 going to type it down here but
14:11 if i type it in the
14:13 down here
14:14 that's how i deviate from that and it
14:18 doesn't match there so
14:20 that's how you can kind of
14:21 customize it to your liking
14:24 i'm going to leave them the same i'm
14:26 going to click next
14:28 and since i previously installed this
14:30 same site it's telling me that
14:33 everything at this location is going to
14:36 be deleted
14:37 prior to the installation of the new
14:39 instance of dnn here if this folder
14:42 didn't exist
14:43 and the site didn't exist it would not
14:45 prompt you
14:46 to
14:47 for this it would just go on to the next
14:49 step so i can either choose not to
14:51 perceive or proceed in this case i want
14:53 to proceed so choose yes
14:56 and
14:58 the database server name
15:01 sticks so
15:03 whatever i previously signed
15:06 included in this field in my last
15:07 session of me quick site
15:10 that same database server name is going
15:12 to be in here when i run it again
15:15 so rarely are you going to change
15:17 database server instances on your
15:19 machine now some of you advanced users
15:21 are using multiple versions of sql
15:23 server on your machine that's okay you
15:26 can always change this but it's going to
15:28 remember the last one
15:29 so most of us are going to be using the
15:31 same instance each time
15:33 when we come in here and it'll remember
15:35 that now i'm using a special database
15:37 server name because that's the way i've
15:39 got my sql server configured to be able
15:41 to allow parentheses local parentheses
15:45 to name it now if it was a named
15:48 instance you would give it the full
15:49 named instance
15:52 okay
15:53 that may be something that you run into
15:55 um when you're first starting to use me
15:57 quick sight
15:58 so just remember that you may have to
16:00 use your full named instance if you have
16:02 multiple instances on your machine and
16:04 the one that you're using is not
16:05 configured to do this
16:07 that's what you're gonna have to do
16:09 and that's usually in the form of i
16:12 think it's
16:14 server
16:14 name like your machine name
16:16 backslash instance
16:18 name or something like that
16:20 so that's what you'll have to use there
16:23 okay
16:24 database name matches exactly what i put
16:27 in for my site name but you can override
16:29 it you can call it whatever you want to
16:32 and by default windows authentication is
16:34 used but you can use sql server
16:36 authentication if you so wish to do so
16:40 not recommended but you can okay
16:43 so let's click next
16:45 at this point it's going to actually
16:47 set up everything for dnn so that it can
16:49 kick off the dnn installation wizard
16:53 so we'll do this next
16:55 and i've got a pretty fast machine so
16:58 this is going to go super fast
17:00 but it's doing a lot
17:02 during that progress bar right there
17:05 it is
17:07 unzipping or extracting the files from
17:10 the
17:11 downloaded dnn install package
17:14 to the location that you told it to
17:17 create the site at the file folder
17:20 locations
17:22 it is setting up a site in iis
17:25 it is setting up a database server
17:28 for this instance and putting
17:30 permissions in place
17:32 to tie the
17:34 user for the database
17:36 to the app pool
17:38 user account so it's really kind of
17:40 doing things in a proper way the way
17:42 that you would want to do it
17:43 in a production environment but locally
17:47 so you don't have to think about it you
17:49 don't have to manually go through and do
17:50 stuff
17:51 it's also updating your local
17:54 hosts
17:55 file in system
17:57 32
17:58 drivers etsy your hosts file
18:01 to point the domain that you put in
18:04 to your
18:06 internal ip address for your computer
18:13 and it's setting permissions on the
18:15 folders can't remember if i said that
18:16 but there's quite a bit that it's doing
18:18 for you behind the season you saw how
18:19 fast that that went so it's fantastic so
18:23 now all i have to do is click the big
18:24 button here for visit site that will
18:27 close nv quick site and open that local
18:30 dnn instance in your tab
18:33 with the exact url that i said that i
18:36 wanted to use for my site name
18:38 and
18:39 my
18:40 um dot loc the end
18:42 so now we're off into dnn world we're
18:45 outside of md quick site we're into dnn
18:48 so this is the normal install process
18:50 for dnn
18:52 so i'll put in a temporary password here
18:55 i'll just leave the email address the
18:56 same
18:58 i'll put this in as mv quick
19:00 dnn
19:01 since our buddy daniel vilatis is
19:04 viewing live here
19:06 i'll spell dnn
19:07 with the lower case ends
19:10 [Laughter]
19:12 you're welcome daniel
19:14 okay and we can leave this as a default
19:16 website and actually i could just go
19:18 ahead and click continue but i wanted to
19:20 point something out that you may not
19:21 know
19:23 the database setup is already
19:25 pre-configured for you
19:27 by
19:28 envy quick site
19:29 so if you were to switch over to the
19:31 custom you would see that the server
19:33 name got put in here the database name
19:36 got put in here integrated security
19:38 because we are using windows
19:39 authentication and run database says
19:42 database owner all that stuff was done
19:44 for you
19:45 by me quick site so again saving time
19:47 you didn't have to go
19:49 and manipulate the web config file to
19:53 set up your connection string
19:55 so we'll click continue
19:58 and in just a second
20:00 dnn will be
20:02 installed
20:10 so all in all it's a pretty fast process
20:14 the
20:15 piece of it that takes the most time
20:16 honestly is going to be the dnn install
20:19 itself
20:20 and it's pretty fast these days so it's
20:23 fantastic
20:24 [Music]
20:27 daniel says uh it's like a like
20:29 beginning co-pilot
20:31 he's a little bit jelly because i've got
20:34 github co-pilot and
20:37 he's been seeing all the awesome code
20:38 completion going on in there and
20:41 yeah this is it definitely liked being
20:44 in co-pilot so now we have a new
20:45 instance on a local machine of dna
20:48 9.10.2
20:50 so fantastic yeah
20:52 so what we're going to do at this point
20:55 is we are going to
20:58 use mb quick site to overwrite this
21:00 again and
21:03 create a new instance we're going to see
21:05 how fast
21:06 it can go
21:09 so i'm going to go back over to my other
21:12 screen
21:13 launch can be quick site
21:15 i'll pull over the prompt just so
21:16 hopefully you can see that
21:18 and i'll mention this time that don't
21:20 worry about
21:22 publisher unknown i promise you there's
21:25 no malicious code in mvc any quick site
21:28 here that you can't trust it's just that
21:31 to go through the signing process would
21:32 cost bukus of money and as an open
21:35 source project it's just not gonna
21:37 happen unless somebody wants to
21:39 support for that or sponsor for that
21:42 piece of it so uh let's see
21:46 where did my mv quick site window go oh
21:48 there it is okay so let's let's put the
21:51 timer on um
21:53 i don't know i'll look over at my clock
21:55 here and see
21:57 what we've got
22:00 okay
22:00 i could just start a timer on my phone i
22:02 suppose let me get out my handy-dandy
22:04 phone here
22:06 and we will
22:08 do a timer
22:12 let me see if i can find a place to put
22:13 this
22:15 put it right over here so i can
22:17 see it we'll do a stopwatch on it
22:19 okay so there's our stopwatch so i'm
22:22 gonna click
22:23 start on the stopwatch and i'm going to
22:26 roll right through this now before i go
22:28 through it because you may not see what
22:30 i do and i don't do
22:31 but i've already got all those fields
22:33 pre-populated so
22:35 i suppose this is a little bit unfair
22:36 because you're not typing new stuff in
22:38 so maybe i should call it
22:40 envy quick sight
22:42 i mean envy quick dnn2 let's do that
22:45 yeah that'll be a brand new instance
22:47 let's just do that
22:48 so we'll still use dnn 9.10.2
22:52 but i will
22:53 go ahead and type in the new site name
22:55 fully i won't just type the character
22:57 two i mean we're gonna make this as best
22:59 as we can here make it as fair as
23:01 possible so i'll go ahead i'm in
23:04 going to start in three
23:06 two
23:07 one
23:08 go okay so next
23:11 and
23:14 i don't want to download it this time
23:16 so i'm gonna type the whole thing envy
23:18 quick
23:19 dnn2
23:21 i'm gonna click next
23:23 yep i want to create that location yep
23:25 it's already got that populated oh i got
23:27 a folder permission issue
23:31 oh my gosh i tell you what we're gonna
23:34 have to stop and talk about this one
23:35 real quick
23:36 so
23:37 [Laughter]
23:39 this is a situation you may run into
23:42 from time to time so i went ahead and
23:43 stopped my
23:44 uh stopwatch here and i'm kind of glad
23:47 we ran into this because it's worthy of
23:50 mention
23:53 if you have antivirus
23:55 running on your machine
23:57 occasionally it will get in the way
24:02 now
24:02 i'm running kaspersky
24:04 and i um
24:06 i'm going to just go ahead and reset ias
24:09 here
24:10 so that it'll kind of release that
24:12 that area up there
24:14 but
24:14 um i occasionally run this from time to
24:17 time for kaspersky and i have yet
24:20 to find a rhyme or reason why it
24:22 sometimes works and sometimes it doesn't
24:25 i've found that if i restart ias
24:28 a lot of times it will not
24:30 happen
24:31 so
24:32 let's keep our fingers crossed and see
24:34 if it'll happen this time
24:37 okay
24:38 i am resetting my stopwatch
24:42 and i'll still use
24:45 i'll tell you what i'll just write over
24:47 the same envy quick dnm but i'll type it
24:49 again
24:50 just so that we hopefully don't run into
24:52 that issue again so i'm gonna start it
24:54 in three two
24:56 one
24:57 start okay
24:59 next
25:00 and
25:01 i don't want to download it i'm going to
25:03 type in envy quick dnn it should prompt
25:07 me to replace that one yep go ahead and
25:10 replace it next
25:13 and it is now extracting it
25:18 fantastic everything's looking smooth
25:20 i'm going to visit the site
25:23 which by the way i overwrite everything
25:25 so it's just like starting over from
25:26 scratch but it's just a little bit more
25:28 work so we're doing something even more
25:31 than normal
25:32 here
25:34 all right put this in and i'll call this
25:37 nvquick
25:39 dnn
25:40 i'll click continue so we're even timing
25:43 the dnn portion of this as well
25:50 and
25:58 and we are done i'll hit stop that is
26:00 exactly 58 seconds as you see most of it
26:04 was waiting for dnn to get done now and
26:07 i'll do fairness i didn't wait for the
26:09 site to reload
26:11 but i said it would help you install dnn
26:14 in less than one minute so it is
26:17 installed we were just waiting for the
26:19 first site reload
26:22 so there it is people
26:24 envy quick site
26:26 install dnn
26:28 less than
26:30 one minute
26:32 if you like this content
26:34 or if you want to see other content from
26:36 me be sure to hit the subscribe below
26:38 and hit the like button and tell your
26:41 friends
26:42 anybody you know in the dnn community
26:45 can benefit from this content
26:48 so i hope you all enjoyed it
26:50 have a fantastic
26:53 day


nvQuickSite 1.4.1 Issue Installing DNN Release Candidates
May 10, 2020

Today I am troubleshooting an nvQuickSite 1.4.1 issue reported by a DNN Community member.

Southern Fried DNN: URL Redirects + What's Next with nvQuickSite + DNN Corp Webinar Post-Game
Sep 22, 2017

Have you ever had to install DNN? Did you do it with nvQuickSite? If you didn’t then you may have taken longer than needed. nvQuickSite is a great tool for installing DNN created by our very own David Poindexter of nvisionative. The DNN Community loves nvQuickSite and uses it all the time to help make installing DNN more efficient.