Meet Jeremy Farrance of Accuraty Solutions

May 01, 2021


Today we join Jeremy Farrance of Accuraty Solutions, based in downtown Champaign, Illinois. Jeremy is a fan, integrator, and user of DNN Platform. We discover his history with DNN and get to know him a bit better as a person. We also learn more about his company and its services.

Accuraty Solutions is an award-winning full-service website firm, consisting of creative and multi-talented web designers and developers. We provide a wide range of services including web design, web development, applications, hosting, e-commerce, search engine optimization (SEO), and consulting.

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0:02 [Music]
0:14 hello hello it's dan and dave i hope you guys are doing well and gals
0:19 and all you wonderful people out there in the dnn community land world
0:25 atmosphere existence it's been a minute since i've been on
0:30 air i've missed you guys i've been dreaming though i've been dreaming about
0:36 things to kind of content ideas you know to bring
0:43 to you guys um been thinking about things like cool
0:49 technical solutions and geeky stuff and i don't know
0:56 i've also been thinking about some of the really interesting and cool and
1:02 brilliant community members that are out there and introducing you to them because
1:08 i mean you may not know a lot of the people that are out there and involved in dnn
1:14 and i'd love an opportunity to present them to you and help you to get
1:21 to know them a little bit more understand a little bit more about their skills what their passions are you know one of the things about this
1:28 community that i love so much and i guess that's why i've stuck around really so long it's
1:34 beyond just a having a really cool technical solution or platform to build websites
1:41 off of and applications and cool stuff like that it's
1:46 really the way the community operates and behaves the community was kind of established on
1:54 this abundance principle idea where you know you just help people
1:59 you jump in help people you don't want anything in return for that i mean
2:05 now don't get me wrong there's commerce in this community i mean there are great vendors out there
2:11 that build incredible modules and extensions and solutions on top of dnn
2:17 there are really cool integrators that are out there that
2:24 help you as a client or help you with your clients to develop really cool solutions for
2:31 them i mean there are theme builders there are module builders there are just some cool
2:38 good stuff i mean there's all kinds of open source stuff too but you know uh back i digress
2:45 to get back to it the abundance principle i mean there's so many people that are willing to help
2:50 in this community and you know whether it's on a facebook page or a uh
2:57 community forum on or whether it's in the dnn open help
3:03 slack workspace you may not have known about that one but if you get a chance check that one
3:09 out do a google search on it one of the guys that is always there to try to help whether
3:15 he knows the answer or not i want to introduce him to you today i want you
3:22 if you don't know him then this will be your chance to get to know him it'll give you a chance to get to know
3:27 his company and what they do but if you do know him maybe you'll learn some things you didn't know about
3:33 it maybe he will share that he does something and his company does something
3:39 that you had no idea that they did anyway that guy always jumps in with
3:44 either an answer or tries to go and figure out an answer i mean i don't think the guy ever sleeps
3:51 honestly uh he's always there like responding to stuff so anyways without further ado i wanted to
3:58 introduce you all to jeremy ferentz jeremy welcome i'm so
4:03 glad you're hanging out with me on this fine saturday evening
4:09 thanks dave i am honored to be here and a little overwhelmed with that uh
4:14 expansive introduction i don't i don't think i can uh well we'll see how it goes
4:22 you're such a humble guy you're so you know i'm i'm just here to help i don't know
4:27 much you know but like i mean my gosh like 40 of the whole answers that get answered
4:33 out there is coming from you dude like you're bringing it you're bringing the heat
4:39 i mean what what drives you um to be involved in this community jeremy i
4:44 mean tell us a little bit about yourself and kind of a little bit about the history uh that you have with dnn and
4:50 why you're even around still like what i mean what is it that drives you
4:58 yeah that's uh wow
5:06 that's far back so um
5:13 playing with it was probably around 2004 or five dnn4 maybe and um was working at a company
5:20 kind of getting frustrated with the whole uh boss type thing and decided to do my own company
5:30 and at first we were doing other things dnn wasn't the focus of the company but
5:36 by around 2011 dnn was front and center we were building websites doing advanced designs
5:43 um doing a lot of really interesting stuff we went to dnn world in 2012.
5:49 how's it going so yeah i had a lot of fun there so uh the name of the company's security
5:55 we're based out of champaign illinois always have been here so far and um
6:01 floated between eight and 11 people over the years since around 2012.
6:06 the majority of our projects are on dnn but we do all kinds of we've done apps we've
6:16 database work hosting um wide variety
6:24 expression engine um there was a drupal one once victim of drupal getting by the way and
6:31 uh all kinds of stuff so tend to have fun a lot of good employees here and
6:36 um it helps not having a boss for me at least and i try to make sure my employees
6:42 don't feel like they need to go start their own company appreciate you
6:48 explaining that and i i'll go ahead and apologize we are having a few little audio glitches here and there
6:54 i apologize i think something is taxing my machine even though nothing else is running except for this but
6:59 uh i apologize for that but i'm going to let it roll because um there's still pieces of this that you'll
7:05 you'll you'll get a lot of value out of um jeremy i'm going to uh flip over and
7:10 show your company website here and um you were explaining a little bit about
7:17 kind of how you know your humble beginnings and stuff with that and your team and all that you know your website out
7:24 here uh says that you do kind of kind of a wide range of things um everything from website design you
7:32 know and e-commerce and content management solutions and mobile website design that's a lot
7:38 so like to tell me a little about do you have a sweet spot or is it kind of just really all across
7:45 the board and you guys do it all um less ecommerce lately but otherwise
7:50 all of those are still prominent hosting has become more lately
7:56 and apps has returned back to the front we used to do mobile apps back in the windows phone days
8:02 and um all the way back in 2011 we were doing very early phone apps uh that went by the wayside but it's
8:08 come back pretty strong lately and um so yeah not a lot has changed we
8:14 do a lot of different things uh
8:19 yeah all four of those are there except e-commerce that's not as much lately okay so so now you guys don't you're not
8:26 focused solely on dnn though right it looks like you also dabbled in some other content management
8:32 platforms there as well i mean would you say that dnn is your kind of main focus or your choice
8:40 uh tool choice where is it just kind of you know in the mix with a bunch of other great tools as well dnn's
8:48 clearly the first choice it's probably in the 50 to 60 percent range on projects still
8:54 wordpress is second and then then things just get weird goes all over
9:00 the map it depends on the type of client if it's the type of client we like and they want to work
9:06 in a technology that we feel we can do well in we'll jump right in so um gotcha
9:13 i noticed uh i noticed drupal here uh are you do you have clientele that's in the
9:18 educational sector or is that kind of the prominent use of that or is it
9:23 other other types as well no that was exactly where the one drupal site was
9:29 same thing and then joomla same thing university of illinois yeah
9:35 that was their big jim lock proctor somehow they've gotten a a fairly large part of that market share
9:42 uh there so usually see that pop up and everything so so you said dnn's kind of your
9:48 your tool of choice when it comes to uh sites and everything are you using dnn
9:53 in any like obscure ways these day or is it uh pretty pretty standard kind of web
10:00 website focus and application focus on on there we've got some interesting ones um like
10:07 odd stuff too we use dnn as a tool to uh pull information
10:14 off the factory floor there's this software called wonderware and dnn
10:21 reaches into wonderware pulls out all these obscure tag values and then we use
10:28 sql to sexy and a few other things to build them into nice reports that people can log into and look up
10:34 online this is for a big company owenscorning and it also sends really nicely
10:41 formatted emails at 6am and 6pm we also have dnn feeding information
10:48 into apps so that people can get into dnn on the back end and edit and add new information change faqs
10:56 change locations change providers and the app updates instantly because it's all feeding from
11:01 nice web api stuff like that nice
11:06 so so not not your standard cookie cutter kind of uh usage of it there yeah no i like the
11:13 unusual projects anything that uh has a lot of data tends to be my favorite so nice nice
11:19 nice now i mean i i hate to like single out a few here but i do remember
11:25 back i don't know how many years ago it was you know you guys were involved in the bell website the
11:31 racing helmets company is there anything you can kind of talk about that uh publicly and some
11:36 of the things that you guys did there or yeah that was one of our favorite e-commerce projects
11:42 we built that on hot cakes one of the interesting things that happened there though is they
11:47 changed their commerce the stuff that was running in-house on
11:53 their their systems to some company in europe who i am
11:58 the name is escaping me right now eventually hotcakes couldn't adapt and
12:04 there was already a magento i think it was magento
12:09 adapter so they about 18 months ago completely switched web platforms so
12:16 oh really okay yeah it's very sad to see them go favorite client uh still talk to the
12:22 owner on occasion so uh sad pandas but that's okay that happens uh companies uh
12:28 evolve and their needs uh changed so they they have to adapt to them but i remember that being a pretty big
12:34 uh big site for you guys it was there was so many cool things on there we
12:39 actually had a company in canada photograph the helmet so they could rotate in 3d it was cool stuff that is really neat
12:47 i jeremy i'm going to kind of hit the rewind button here just a little bit and like what what was your first
12:53 introduction to to dnn and why did it stand out to you
12:59 wow that's hard i was really interested in microsoft stuff because i had uh i'd come from the
13:07 amiga community if anybody knows what that is all the way back in the 80s i was using a product called superbase
13:14 as the amiga went away and i was forced to get into windows for a job i was at the next thing was microsoft access that
13:21 led to microsoft sql that led to e-commerce projects on
13:27 does anyone remember site commerce 3.0 from microsoft site commerce wow that's that's a blast
13:33 from the past so those things uh through about 2002
13:39 2003 were in my past and sql was my favorite tool at the time and
13:46 website started coming up at a new job i had in 2004 and i tried dnn because it was on
13:53 and it seemed to have all the toys that i liked and was interested in and i was
13:58 doing stuff in visual studio so i thought i could edit it and change it and never did that but anyhow that's where
14:06 dnn started and then it drifted away for a little bit as i started the company but then we came back around to it and it has been
14:13 the center of things for quite a while did you start um your company to be
14:18 a dnn shop or do you even consider yourself really a dnn shop or are you more of a you know
14:24 just an agency that happens to use dnn uh how do you kind of view view your
14:30 company hard to answer uh somewhere in between those two views um it was not started to be a dnn shop
14:39 that's for sure we but you know we always went with the tools that helped us build the products that
14:45 we wanted to do the things we wanted to accomplish for our clients and sure enough dnn kept being there
14:52 when we needed it so and we got good at it that's cool um i'm gonna ask you to tell me a little
14:58 bit about your your team here because you i mean i don't know if this is uh up to date or anything but uh you have
15:06 how many people in the company now and kind of what roles are they seven or
15:12 eight uh it's oh wow look you my picture didn't load look at that i shall reload
15:17 it again because i think that's actually a blimp on my side that i did sorry about that
15:24 all right this this is out of date um i'm there the big picture in the upper
15:30 left oh you're the coffee drinker dude okay oh coffee brewer there you are
15:36 nice um most of these people are still here in some way or other uh the person in
15:42 the upper right josh is one of our lead front-end developers really great at all kinds of
15:48 javascript and css and does all kinds of interesting things and adds a lot of those elegant interactive
15:55 animations to our projects that really makes them feel modern kiddo there uh he he decided to invite
16:03 his uh kid to the shoot huh you have no idea that kid is amazing that's awesome
16:12 love it i love seeing that uh two of the key people are not even in there we've got
16:17 uh one of the lead developers now is jared okay he's been here i think over a year
16:24 and there's also uh designer brittany she's not up there but um
16:32 john's still around part-time lucia there in the middle right kind of an intern who turned into an
16:38 ongoing part-time employee bottom rows kind of the
16:46 businessy side of things accounting finance uh the two lower left ones aren't here
16:52 anymore okay so tell me this because um
16:58 like i like to ask this when when you've got a company that's got so many you know
17:03 people and and you know diverse team members and different skill sets for bringing like what what stands out in your mind
17:11 and like if you if you were to put yourself in the shoes of somebody you know a client that's looking for
17:17 a team to work with why why would they choose you guys and you
17:23 know what what is it that you would bring to the table that you think offers a bit of a unique experience for
17:29 the client that would really set you apart from some of the others
17:35 enthusiasm and experience come to mind first a lot of the times when we meet with clients
17:41 we have stuff to show off that is very similar to their needs so um pretty easy to
17:49 get ingratiated with those types of things and show them the pieces and parts of the project they want to build
17:54 we've already done something like it before so the experience comes into play and i think when we show off those
18:00 things and talk about them with clients the enthusiasm comes across hard not to be enthusiastic we do we do
18:07 a lot of fun stuff i noticed at the top it was talking a bit about your your process
18:13 uh well i'm sorry it was another page that i was looking at where was that at um talking a little bit about you
18:20 yeah your process here we see this on a lot of agency sites
18:26 right you know it's it's the discover you know plan build you know that kind of thing is you know it's it's
18:32 all cute and everything but like is this something you live eat breathe in the company
18:38 um and if so like how does that translate you know for a client and their
18:43 experience with you on a project uh it's interesting all those things are still there and i have to tell you one
18:49 little note about those four boxes i tried so hard to get them all to start with the letter d
18:55 it was discover deploy develop and for some reason i never got
19:01 four of them and so it went back to this but yeah all those pieces are part of it
19:08 and they come across each project's different though some of them require a lot of learning a lot of new stuff some projects require
19:15 quite a bit of creativity and design um it's different every time
19:23 not not many are easy that's one common thing no no they're not i mean and and each
19:29 project has a unique aspect to it as well right you know it's it it's never just i just need a website
19:36 you know just something simple you know yeah it's interesting too because some of the ones i'm personally most proud of
19:42 or have the coolest database work uh aren't good ones to show off they don't look good you know no one
19:49 paid for any design work and nobody ever was interested in the public side of things
19:54 so yeah that's that's interesting how sometimes you can get some of these incredibly
19:59 complex or interesting ways to solve these these technical challenges
20:05 but it's hard to show it off but it disgusts it doesn't it doesn't look great or whatever um now
20:12 do you do you consider your agency a design agency i mean like
20:19 are you kind of a traditional agency or would you consider yourself a little more of a development firm i mean i know you're
20:26 tech heavy and all that as well but i mean like what what do you see yours i think that's
20:33 changed dramatically in the last five years i'd say in 2015 we were really pushing towards being a
20:40 design and creative agency and i think now where we stand especially the last 18 months
20:48 that is a huge part of it but i think we're much more in the squarely in the middle
20:55 with development playing a major role in it a lot of data work a lot of complex websites that need more
21:02 than just a modern or fancy design really good content organization is very
21:09 important lately and some of our projects are building under the hood stuff for search engines
21:15 and structured data that stuff gets really interesting now you mentioned structured data so
21:21 like i know you guys do a lot of work with uh one of our open source projects in the community called uh 2sxc
21:29 or too sexy as a lot of people affectionately call it tell me a little bit about how that is a
21:35 part of your um your thought process when you approach a website i mean is that always
21:41 a component or is it just depends or uh you know what how does that play a
21:49 role and you might want to explain structured content to those that may not know about what structured content is wow me
21:56 trying to explain structured content it's one of those under the hood things
22:02 that people mostly don't see but the most obvious one people hear about or run into is open graph so facebook
22:10 when you post a url to a website facebook wants that tile that card to
22:16 look nice they have a certain size for the photo and the headline and then the little bit of text
22:23 that they put in play those used to just kind of be plucked
22:28 off the website willy-nilly and they used to try really hard to figure it out but nowadays
22:34 that information is under the hood it's called open graph if you go look at the view source of a page you can go find it nowadays
22:41 but anyhow that's a good example of structured data but there's a lot more to it google is using it now in micro
22:47 data formats and all these references that change every three weeks by the way
22:54 and putting that information underneath can really enhance search engine results
23:00 which is important to not all but quite a few of our clients lately we have some businesses where
23:07 um you know they got really exhausted with the world of adwords and spending money for clicks
23:13 and stuff and um we tended to lean much more towards the organic search and
23:20 we got really good at um taking the key phrases for how they wanted to be found out there or what
23:26 they thought their customers were searching for and finding the different ways to make those
23:32 pages on the site and customize landing pages uh get them into the search results get
23:39 them in the top ten i mean one of the most one of the ones i'm most proud of is the fact that we locally
23:45 i personally fought to get us with the phrase website design champagne
23:51 with a curity coming up first i did it in 2012
23:57 and other than a few weeks we have not lost our number one position ever since
24:02 then yeah and that's against some really local talented companies with some very
24:08 different people working there and um it's uh anyhow kind of proud of
24:14 that yeah how does how does specifically too sexy fit into that uh equation a bit
24:23 um actually i got to give credit to uh aaron lopez who was one of your previous
24:28 interview people um he put together a little open graph sample
24:34 into sexy and uh we liked it so much we kind of took it apart put it back together
24:41 added json ld expanded the open graph stuff and we've just very recently built it
24:47 into a tool that's already in three websites putting structured data under the hood
24:52 and giving the users because of how easy too sexy can make things the ability to edit the information
25:01 and add it if it's needed to just about any page on the site it's still probably should be considered
25:08 alpha but it's coming along quickly and it's a lot of fun to work on too
25:13 see people that's what i'm talking about this community i mean here it is jeremy
25:20 heard aaron lopez say something about open graph and lopez did a little blog just because he
25:26 wanted to share the goodness with everybody that he had been figured out or a video i can't remember what he did maybe he did both
25:32 and then he came on and we did a little interview he talked us through all that and gave us a walkthrough of how to do it and then here it is
25:39 somebody picked up on that and made it better for their purposes you know so it's like it's just just
25:45 keep feeding each other so like come on jump in the pool the water's fine let's let's have some let's have a good
25:51 time here so jeremy let's uh i'm gonna uh
25:56 get off the website there for just a little bit and just chat a little bit i kind of did it in backwards i was gonna talk a little bit about uh dna and say
26:02 oh yeah you're a donkey you didn't did you talk about your ducky when you were talking about the company
26:08 no no you gotta talk about the ducky you gotta tell me about the ducky well that's it's got a just short
26:15 interesting story there was an article years ago i forget someone famous wrote but it was talking about
26:21 um code review and uh one of the things i picked up from the article actually wasn't me i it
26:27 was a ex-employee here was that you didn't actually need to talk to another human sometimes you just needed to talk to
26:34 someone so we ended up with all of us have these rubber duckies at our desk and if we wanted to you can
26:42 sit there and talk the problem through with your rubber ducky
26:47 and uh it's fascinating and amazing because most of the time you will arrive at the solution
26:53 about two-thirds of the way through explaining it to the rubber ducky because the things you
26:58 say sometimes have the solution right there in front of you and you just needed to say it the right way you know
27:04 it happens all the time when you're working on something you show someone where you're stuck and how you got there and before they can
27:10 they're doing things like oh i got it now this the reason i'm giggling a little
27:16 bit well i had no idea for one that asking you know pressing you about the ducky was going to lead to such a profound
27:21 uh technique you know a method that people could use but that's really cool but i'm giggling
27:28 because i was just having this conversation with another member of the community uh gosh i think it was yesterday uh
27:35 actually we have this conversation often that we'll just explain something to
27:41 each other and in the process you know we figure out our own you know thing sometimes it's the other person that
27:47 sees you know the the problem but so many times just verbalizing it and walking through
27:53 like you were explaining to someone whether there's there's a human there or a ducky um or the new ideas come about light
28:00 bulbs go off all the time yeah that's that's actually fantastic
28:06 now i'll never not think about your ducky uh when it comes to doing that
28:13 now do you take it in the bathtub as well okay that's too much information i'm sorry um yes okay
28:21 oh man so like what what is it that's exciting you about
28:26 you know the community these days or dnn platform is there anything that's like standing
28:32 out to you right now yeah dnn itself the progress that
28:38 they've been making towards what's eventually going to be version 10 [Music] there's so many things happening that
28:44 are useful i mean there's been there's been some odd discussions about whether or not dnn
28:50 will ever be a net core project and that's probably never going to happen but
28:56 the way it exists right now and the way the community has come back and taken
29:01 over the project since dnn pulled back from it all is literally fantastic
29:06 it has made it fun and interesting it's made an excellent solution performance has gone
29:12 through the roof bugs have gotten fixed it's really amazing what's going on out here and then you add to that the community
29:21 itself and products like too sexy which have added kind of a swiss army
29:26 knife of tools to what we can do and um it just got really fun again
29:34 it is you know i i've actually been in the community since it started and i remember back you
29:42 know back in the back in the early days when things were just amazing as the biggest you know and
29:48 awesomeness you know community and platform and also i mean this is back before really
29:54 you know we had the days of github and these slack tools and stuff like that
29:59 you know we were all kind of talking through forms and stuff like that but it was man exciting
30:04 everybody was dreaming up new ideas and new ways to to do things and you know that fizzled
30:13 for a while and i mean gosh jeremy even to the point to where
30:18 a lot of people were asking well is dnn dying you know or is the community dying i
30:25 mean there was there was some evidence that kind of led us to to that thought process you
30:32 know or made us question but you know for those that have stuck around you can't
30:39 not see the resurgence now you know the upswing and i don't know the excitement
30:45 and even people that were involved way back in the day i've seen a few of them come back
30:51 come back around you know that they've been kind of watching and that's exciting it's exciting seeing
30:56 my gosh we had a lot of new blood at the latest uh dnn summit which was a virtual conference
31:03 you attended that right yeah i was just gonna bring that up the feeling from that conference and the
31:09 number of people that showed up even the people that have been around for a while were surprised
31:14 at how much was going on there the types of presentations and how new
31:20 everything felt right was there anything at that uh conference that
31:25 um that was a big takeaway for you beyond just the general excitement stuff
31:30 like that or any new interesting content or conversations or anything like that
31:36 that kind of stuck out i i've slept a few times but since then i don't remember now it's been a minute
31:43 it was quite a bit i mean it was exciting seeing uh daniel mettler's presentation you know he really did all that uh
31:51 angular stuff in a way that just didn't even seem possible before and he solved
31:56 every darn thing and demoed it and it's a great little app to look at
32:02 and learn about architecture and how things work i was really impressed by that
32:07 that's cool so there was everything really there from geeky stuff like that all the way up to
32:13 like marketing stuff and you know design kind of uh content was kind of cool well
32:20 um jeremy i you know i don't want to keep it too late tonight or anything and i want to kind of
32:25 wrap things up a bit but like if you were to
32:31 run into someone new that was looking to build websites or you know have a backend for a mobile app
32:37 or something like that and you knew that they did not they had not heard of dnn like what
32:43 would you say to them uh to to encourage them uh to check it out and and all that i
32:50 mean what would be with your words of wisdom to them or how would you approach
32:56 them it's all just by showing off the big
33:01 thing we run into is people don't know about the technology one of our biggest secrets is
33:07 i would tell you that 80 to 90 percent of our customers are completely unaware that their website is dnn
33:16 but when you get to demo it and show off what can happen what it can do what we can do with it and bring to the
33:23 game it gets really impressive really fast we win people over very easily usually takes a monitor and
33:30 some talking and some demoing and but that tends to be pretty easy and
33:37 really shines especially when you have such weird stuff going on in the world i mean
33:43 wordpress is really interesting and i don't you know i don't think we should spend much time talking about it but it's an
33:49 interesting place there's people who demand wordpress and then you go show them the new gutenberg interface
33:57 one person say well that's not work that's what i know this actually is
34:05 exactly building and find out they only ever saw wordpress
34:11 with divi so they don't understand what this elementor thing is and you know it's almost like there's this
34:16 set of four or five products there and it's confusing for people and they don't know what wordpress means anymore and then you get into the
34:23 hacking and okay so i'm going to get off that subject now but
34:28 it's really it's the swiss army knife thing i mentioned before that's that's the big deal for us and we have
34:34 lots of good things to show off and it's i'm hard-pressed lately to find something that dnn doesn't do well
34:41 with a little bit of effort sometimes but usually right out of the box that's great so like um how would people
34:49 get in touch with you or your company if they were looking to
34:54 to engage potentially uh with you in a project or anything well what is the best way for them to reach
35:01 uh slack would be great but no um reach out to the website we answer the phone
35:06 um probably at least nine hours a day some a real human is going to pick up the phone um
35:14 emails you can reach us at uh info like most companies uh there's a form on
35:21 the website you can get to us from there okay excellent well that's good and you
35:26 mentioned slack um i probably should or we should mention uh what we're talking about i mean we mentioned it a
35:32 little bit earlier but a lot of people may not even know about it i know there's a lot of people in it but there is there's multiple slack
35:39 workspaces out there um related to the dna community but there's one in particular that's a great
35:45 resource to go to and get involved for just general helping others with things and that's open help it's dna open help
35:52 but the website would be open help dot slack dot com and uh it's free
35:59 just uh join and it's uh you know if you're familiar with slack it's easy to get set up and get involved
36:06 there and participate and then of course don't forget about dnn community uh
36:13 there's the discussion forums and all that out here and it's a great resource for the community
36:18 as well and you can find jeremy on
36:24 uh he's usually lingering there at the wee hours of the morning and
36:30 uh late at night as well so jeremy i really appreciate
36:37 you uh what was that just pull up what is one of our latest projects to show off yeah absolutely yeah let's do it
36:44 what is it cool home cool home page go to cu
36:52 did i type that right oh yeah yeah okay
36:58 oh this is dnn oh yeah you gotta love the big video backgrounds
37:04 huh yeah we're shying away from them but it was such an obvious choice here
37:10 so but they're a small local company that actually works in the
37:15 aerospace industry and a lot of people there overlapping to the university of illinois and
37:21 just a lot of really completely
37:28 lots of stuff i get to see read about and see cool photographs
37:35 that is cool sexy project on there is the publications uh i get to
37:42 really publication oh okay there it is here i got to really dive into the way
37:49 sciency publications are published and shared around so the formatting here is very specific
37:56 and all the different data and dois and anyhow really interesting and all built
38:03 with too sexy and lots of cool toys under the hood making it really easy to edit and update
38:11 awesome so that that was all built in uh and too sexy there then yep okay excellent
38:19 that's great so that's a that's really good case you know today really for structured content right you had a very specific format that
38:26 that things needed to be in with specific data for certain fields and requirements for those and you were able
38:33 to leverage that data structure to visualize it as as you needed to do that
38:39 yep and 260 made it really easy because as the data got older back into the 90s
38:47 pieces were missing or formatted differently so there's lots of exceptions in the code that elegantly
38:53 handle all that stuff and just keep it all looking good no matter what yes that's a little bit different than
38:59 some of the others i've seen uh more recent stuff yeah
39:05 yeah well fantastic i'm glad yeah i should have asked you that earlier if you had a site you kind of wanted to show off and stuff
39:10 that's appreciated a different video every time you go to the home page i
39:16 like this one i could sit there and watch that for a while
39:22 well jeremy i really appreciate you taking the time to chat and introduce people you know to
39:28 yourself and your company and explain a little bit about the services and how how people may want to
39:34 engage with you guys uh to do some stuff i know there's much more you could share about all that but i really appreciate
39:40 you giving us the overview and taking the time to uh to chat and you
39:45 know share your skills we're going to get you on here and to do some cool techy stuff at some point right
39:50 yep that'd be great awesome well everybody i hope you have a great
39:55 one uh come and join in with the fun in the dnn community uh stay up
40:01 to date through the dnn open help slack channel dnm platform
40:09 on github if you're a coder and looking to contribute there's also a dna community
40:14 organization on github and jeremy i forgot to pull it up you guys actually have a github presence out
40:20 here as well so you guys go check it out it's just slash accurity
40:25 and um you can see a few little projects that they've got out there that may be able to help you in your
40:31 your endeavors in the communi in the dnn space so thanks and i hope you have a great
40:37 evening or morning whatever it is it is when you're watching this how was
40:42 that for professionalism jeremy [Laughter]
40:47 any parting words um just you know uh don't get hung up on
40:55 ocd it's called ocg and it's obsessive compulsive guidance
41:00 and it's one of our business principles here any obsessive compulsive things can help
41:05 you with data and guide you in your business that was fantastic we should end on that
41:12 okay i'm gonna regret throwing that in there but i know i love it that's awesome
41:17 have a great evening everyone bye


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