Greetings to DNN Connect 2022 Participants in Millau, France

Jul 01, 2022


Greetings to all attendees of DNN Connect 2022 in Millau, France!

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0:03 [Music]
0:10 hello hello it's dana and dave i hope
0:12 everybody is doing great today i wanted
0:15 to take just a few minutes
0:18 to say hello
0:19 and to greet
0:22 all of the attendees at dnn connect
0:26 2022 over in mio france
0:30 you may or may not know this event is
0:31 going on but hey it has been a hot
0:34 minute since everybody has been able to
0:38 get together in person
0:40 and i am sure you guys are just having a
0:44 blast over there already the conference
0:47 started last night
0:49 with a welcome
0:51 and reception and
0:53 man i didn't see enough pictures posted
0:56 but i am sure you guys were just having
0:58 a great time getting together
1:00 and connecting reconnecting with each
1:02 other and seeing what's been going on
1:04 these last few years
1:06 um i just wanted to say hello
1:08 it just was not in the cards for me this
1:11 year to attend
1:14 oh man am i regretting the decision
1:16 though um but you know
1:19 so it goes uh in this crazy uh
1:22 pandemic times that we are in but
1:25 for those that you do those of you that
1:27 do not know
1:28 dna connect 2022 is june the 30th
1:32 through july to the 3rd
1:34 in the of france and
1:37 let's see today is july the 1st so let's
1:40 see i'm looking at the time now it is
1:44 to
1:45 almost 2 40 in the afternoon here uh p.m
1:50 14 40 for all you
1:52 24-hour time people
1:54 um but i am assuming
1:57 it's about
2:00 half past 8 p.m there or so you guys are
2:03 probably wrapping up dinner
2:05 having a
2:06 drink or two
2:10 or three
2:12 well you know how these things go
2:16 you're probably sitting out
2:18 by the pool as my guess
2:20 at this point maybe enjoying
2:22 uh the sunset um that's what i'm
2:25 guessing i mean
2:27 hey if you can see on my screen here
2:29 this is the pool
2:31 at the venue
2:33 which they are staying and it is
2:35 overlooking this
2:37 gorgeous uh bridge here and uh scenery
2:40 of the hills and so forth so i i know
2:43 you guys are just having a great great
2:45 time
2:46 i was looking through the events earlier
2:49 the sessions earlier uh here and it
2:53 looks like today was a pretty
2:56 pretty jam-packed day that got kicked
2:58 off by an opening
3:01 and keynote from peter donker and will
3:04 stroll and kathy lee so hope you guys uh
3:08 enjoyed that looks like will skrull
3:10 presented on
3:12 building uh dnn extensions and doing
3:14 that quickly and veronica was able to do
3:18 a
3:19 a track on
3:21 dnn and pin tests
3:24 and security in general i think on on
3:26 the website looks like some other great
3:29 sessions here today i'm just kind of
3:31 glancing over these now let's see data
3:34 first being in development with code gin
3:36 from peter donker so yeah he's always
3:38 looking at the latest and greatest
3:40 little tools out there and what you can
3:41 do and i like this one build all your
3:45 let's see if i can do this build all
3:46 your
3:47 with cake using dnn kq teals
3:52 and kathy lee was presenting on uh
3:54 eco-friendly websites yeah it looks like
3:56 a lot of great sessions and uh you guys
3:59 are uh let's see
4:01 is i write on my timing here let's see
4:03 20 it would be now
4:05 [Music]
4:09 okay you guys are just starting dinner
4:11 uh at this point so
4:13 bon appetit hope you enjoy your your
4:16 dinner um gosh that was italian
4:19 you guys are in france how would i say
4:22 no it's going up today that's french
4:24 right hey i did pretty good
4:26 well i hope you have a great dinner and
4:28 time hanging out afterwards and it looks
4:31 like tomorrow there's some great
4:32 sessions as well um so yeah i look
4:35 forward to seeing all the uh the photos
4:38 posted and you guys
4:40 talking about all the great adventures
4:43 that you'll get into and hopefully
4:44 there'll be a few little epic stories to
4:47 share too but
4:49 greetings from dnn dave i hope you have
4:52 a great one and i look forward to seeing
4:54 you all next year
4:58 take care and have a great day


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