DNN Connect 2018: DNN Q&A

Jun 13, 2018


Event: DNN Connect 2018
Title: DNN Q and A
Speakers: Panel Discussion



DNN Connect 2018: A New Paradigm in DNN Theme Development
Jun 08, 2018

In this session, we'll be introducing a powerful theme building framework and developer workflow. This "starter solution" was made with developer efficiency and the ultimate DNN theme performance in mind. Most DNN themes in the marketplace today are loaded with bloat, which can make theming a pain, and for someone new to DNN, almost impossible. We will outline basic usage, modification, and advanced usage of this framework and developer workflow. And don't worry if you are new to DNN theme development. We will introduce fundamental theme development in DNN.

DNN Connect 2017: Extending Prompt for DNN
Jun 06, 2017

I will be following up on my introduction of Prompt and will show how to write your own extensions for it. Be sure to join us for the latest news on Prompt’s development and roadmap.