DNN Monthly Chat - 2022 Reunion

Jan 29, 2022


0:00 hello hello alex oliver here this says the reunion of the dnn monthly chats or
0:07 as my buddy joe says whatever happened to those clowns
0:13 and for with me i have joe craig scott wilkinson mike meltzer and a special
0:20 guest dave poindexter um let's start i guess that before we
0:25 catch up before each one of us has a chance to to talk about our own stuff
0:31 i think that it's fair to start with the with with the common grounds of what
0:38 brought us all together initially and still is our i'd say our linchpin let's
0:44 put it this way about the union you know let's let's talk a little bit about dean let's start there before before we go around
0:52 and for that topic it's one of the the reasons why i have
0:58 this special guest here because i know that our special guest is still very connected to the community
1:04 and i would like to invite to ask david how is everything in
1:11 let dna see um let me kind of look at a few sites here real quick anderson i don't know
1:17 i can i can step back i can be more specific what has been happening with dnn
1:23 you can you can pick the time frame but my curiosity is about the last two and a half years because
1:29 we have stopped doing the recordings and been more active at least myself in the past two and a half years so
1:36 mid 2019 again i don't expect you to record oh mid 2019 it was just like this
1:42 but think about the recent i'd say the recent months and how are things
1:47 doing with dna well first of all i think things are going really great i was just joking by the way
1:54 i feel like really you know i guess there's different aspects of it there's the technical aspect of it
2:00 and i can touch on that for just a second but you know really at a 30 000 foot level i think
2:07 you know you remember i don't know maybe four years ago or so um we were all wondering
2:14 is dn going to live is it dying is you know what is going on you know what what
2:21 should we should we be looking elsewhere you know i mean it was a common conversation right
2:27 um it shifted big time you know it took a long time
2:33 to really shift but it has shifted and it's been in a what i would call the last two years has been a more stable
2:40 state um because from a technology standpoint there's been constant releases
2:46 a stability of the platform security has been top of mind so you
2:52 know getting us to a point to where we're really more stable as a platform
2:58 and um have more confidence in utilizing it on sites
3:03 and the community i think is actually growing
3:09 um that's maybe a bit of a stretch you know from
3:15 probably because i hear a lot more um you know behind the scenes people talking and things like that but it's
3:20 like there's there seems to be people coming out of the woodwork that
3:26 were either a part of the platform a long time ago you know or the community a long time ago and have now found
3:33 themselves attracted back in because of that stability and that focus on security
3:40 or they uh you know there's new people that have landed in a job that they've inherited aside or something like that i
3:47 mean i've just seen a lot of activity that just was not there you know four
3:53 years ago at least we didn't know about it right um so i'm encouraged at the state of dnn
3:59 you know and where things are got it's got again guys feel free to drill david there but i i have a
4:05 follow-up here david is that question of oh are we moving to core are we not
4:12 moving to court is that question still relevant or not no that's not really relevant anymore i
4:17 mean of course it may be in some people's minds but we i guess it was
4:23 maybe a little over a year ago maybe a year and a half ago now we have actually published a few blogs
4:29 out there um mitch sellers and myself published a blog that really
4:34 was kind of a recognition of who we are and who we're going to be who we're not
4:39 going to be and that conversation really it wasn't really a decision that we made
4:46 per se it was really a decision that was made for us by microsoft just because of
4:53 the path that they took with net core and some of the things that we would not
4:59 have the option of doing like we hoped or thought originally
5:04 for some of that so um it was really just let's put this conversation to rest because it's
5:11 distracting you know we can't it's it's a solid platform as it is
5:17 on asp.net and asp.net has a longer you know life cycle than net core just
5:22 because of the way things work you know it's it's a much faster paced
5:28 framework so you know it was really just a coming coming to ourselves recognizing who we
5:34 are and who we're gonna be who we're not gonna be and just moving forward with that embracing that
5:40 you know maybe there's a path in the future i mean there's other projects that are on net core that are succeeding
5:46 and doing really well i mean our friends sean walker you know in octane they're doing well you know it's still early in
5:54 that game but that's what that platform is we're not that
5:59 you know so just recognizing that and if somebody really wants that they could go there you know and
6:06 explore that in in again i'm even though i'm into the microsoft space
6:12 but i don't know the nitty-gritty details the ins and outs of for example if we look at
6:18 asp.net does microsoft promise or there is really a long-term
6:23 vision for asp.net i mean a long term at the very least maintenance of asp.net
6:30 do you know that i mean i would say so it's much longer than the vision that they state for net core i mean
6:37 we have to be careful when reading that stuff you know because it doesn't mean that things are going to
6:42 end at that point it just means we're going to have support at least to that point
6:48 and that goal post is much further down the pike you know for
6:54 asp.net than it is.net core okay so we're gonna we're gonna go back to you david in a second again i want to
7:01 go back to a few more points about dna but i want to give a chance first of all
7:06 to see if anyone has any pointers back to david for about the end but i'm going to reconnect with dna again there are a
7:12 few other topics that i want you to get david's opinion anyone for david this point
7:21 well that was easy okay that's what makes sense okay so uh scott let's start with you then
7:29 tell me what you have been up to in the last two years again just recapping oh boy we have stopped this
7:37 uh for two and a half years now you know mid-2019 so
7:42 tell me what's new what's wonderful what's happening with you professionally let's not go personal yet
7:49 you know i have a segment for personal but professional you know oh professionally okay well uh it's hard to
7:55 it's hard to uh uncouple the two for me but okay um because my personal stuff will
8:02 be professional i guess you know that and that and vice versa but i
8:08 i left uh around this time last year uh i left blue bowl but i didn't really leave so for the
8:14 developers out there i did a soft leave or whatever you want to call it so i
8:20 still i still have like a perpetual contract with them and do some consulting but um
8:26 yeah i don't know i just i just felt like i needed a little more um a little more room to do personal
8:33 projects and other things like that but um i i uh so i you know you guys know i started
8:38 that youtube channel which you know is a kind of a side a little hobby thing but that hobby is kind of you know
8:45 eventually going to be my uh probably my um retirement pre-retirement
8:50 job that's what i'm i'm i'm working up to my pre-retirement that's how that's how it's going to work now from
8:57 now on you don't just retire you you work up to a pre-retirement career and then you use that
9:03 to retire off of the launch pads as a lunch pad you know launch pad of retirement and and if you guys know me i
9:10 i like like adderson i can't sit still so it's not like i'm gonna just sit around golfing
9:16 uh but i did some consulting i actually got a contract last year doing initially
9:23 doing dnn and azure stuff and then it morphed into salesforce so
9:30 the reason why you haven't heard from me in the dna community lately is because i'm kind of now a full-time sales force
9:37 developer uh so that's just kind of ended up
9:42 happening but um uh now i'm working full-time at a contract for a uh
9:48 an insurance company in in chicago uh that doing salesforce development but i'm i'm working from home but eventually
9:56 i want to get to the point where i'm not i love my my hermann miller chair don't get me wrong but uh my issue is i don't
10:02 like sitting for eight hours a day and i'm trying to get out of that so eventually
10:08 maybe i'll be doing more of my youtube type stuff you know
10:13 and and and develop doing that kind of stuff as well as software development but for now i'm
10:19 still a fourth time software developer i haven't gone completely insane yet despite the way i look so so
10:26 that's been it okay so when you talk about salesforce and then you find
10:33 i'm saying not a similar community but did you find a community there that you can hang on that you can
10:38 chat that you can talk i mean did you find that kind of a thing there and salesforce oh there definitely is
10:43 there's a huge community and sub communities and meetups and all that other stuff i haven't really worked into
10:50 it i don't know it's it's not really my dnn i i
10:56 felt like i needed to because it's an open source project and and and and it's
11:01 fun and and it's and that's what i wanted to do but for salesforce it's just so big and i don't know i my my
11:09 attitude now is i want to you know i want to do a good job because i always want to do a good i want to do good for
11:14 the company i work for but my vested interest in salesforce is not what my interest in dnm
11:21 it's not the same awesome awesome okay we're going to go come back to you but but we're going to
11:26 explore that youtube channel in a second i'm very curious about that let's let's go around
11:32 uh let's go mike let's go what's up two last two years actually you know
11:38 something that i forgot to me to to to add to the conversation as well is covet
11:44 has happened in the last two years now at this point in time so again a big part of our last two and a half
11:50 years was within the context of covet so mike again last two years what's up
11:56 where where dnn is in your life at this point where are you yeah um
12:01 i guess from that from a dnn standpoint like i'm uh i'm not involved nearly as much as i i have in the last few years
12:10 in using dna professionally or or from a community aspect you know to your point like when when government
12:16 happened a few years ago that was um i was at dna summit i believe like a week before two
12:21 before that and that was a you know great conference has made a lot of
12:26 networking and new people that i've never met before and then boom we had uh had a pandemic happen
12:33 and at the time you know i was um i do consulting uh i have been for last
12:39 uh you know eight or nine years and um all of a sudden you know all kinds of you know companies i've been
12:45 working with were going a different direction right like hey the world's flipping upside down you know we're not
12:50 to do that project now we're not going to go down this path right now a lot of things started to kind of come to a halt
12:56 and um i also had a little girl who's now three and uh my attention started getting
13:02 pulled in in different directions and trying to figure out what to do um so i had to pivot a couple years ago and
13:09 you know most my customers are local local customers um here in canada and i started doing uh
13:15 custom like custom.net apps not not on dnn but just kind of you know
13:20 native vanilla you know.net solutions for some of our local government uh entities
13:27 here and that ended up you know going down another path being for the last two years of building a solutions to help um
13:35 to help governments get out of um or you know digitally transform you know take manual
13:41 processes and put them online and uh and improve things and then you know maybe
13:46 four or five different projects i think kind of just end to end started you know going over that and
13:52 yeah when you have a little kid and you're working all the time it's hard to fit in much more
13:58 that's very true virtue you know guys i have to say the other day a few months ago i sent a you know a very interesting
14:04 job opportunity for our friend mike and he said man thank you but no thank you no i mean i'm
14:09 too busy i don't need anything else right now you know kind of like snobbish
14:14 but that's why that's why i'm joking about it yeah no no i don't hear you it's uh i i've uh i've been
14:21 fortunate the last last last little while that there's been a lot of a lot of work coming coming our
14:27 way uh locally and uh more and more like i work independently um and then also do
14:32 some subcontracting um but you know more than more than we have resources to take
14:38 on which is you know the lost opportunity um but you know i t is booming in a lot of
14:43 places i think and i wish i could clone myself yes i know i know the feeling like okay
14:50 mike again coming back to you in a second but let's go for
14:55 i don't know should i say the godfather i mean is that is that what scribe godfather you know kiss the ring you
15:01 know i kind of kind of think you know again joe how are you doing tell me about the last two years come on
15:07 well that that was a nice way of saying the old guy uh um yeah like mike uh you know my my last
15:15 story into the real world was dnn summit in orlando
15:22 and i came home uh
15:27 and i think i went to the uh i i think i came home on on thursday night
15:33 uh went to the office on friday and never went back
15:39 yeah that's kind of a dramatic reading of it i mean for you know i've been
15:47 working a lot from home doing my dnn consulting but uh
15:53 so last fall i actually made a
15:58 a change uh and uh have a full-time employer
16:05 uh in uh the dnn world um
16:10 um and i you know and in the modern world you don't actually work for the company
16:16 that you're working for you know there's a there's a third party involved that pays your salary and sells
16:23 your body uh but you but you tend to forget that you don't work for those well it's
16:29 called it's all it can also be called a pimp you know but that's fine that's okay yeah yeah so um so i'm actually
16:37 working for a uh large company uh
16:42 and you would recognize some of the names of the people uh involved in that
16:47 company and i was actually uh when i interviewed for the job uh i
16:53 was interviewed by the godfather of our world
16:59 and um uh the team that i joined was in the
17:06 midst of some uh changes he has uh
17:11 people rolling off and people coming in and yet several months later
17:18 uh we actually have a team that's that's
17:23 got some impressive dnn experience the job the job is working on uh
17:30 an enterprise level set of dnn things and like everybody in the world is
17:36 involved in it uh but uh yeah i probably since we're we are
17:42 recording this right or whatever and i won't mention uh names and companies
17:49 and things like that but um uh yeah it's it's really interesting uh
17:56 as as this team has developed somebody deserves some credit for going out and
18:03 hiring some really good
18:08 uh experienced talent in the dnn field you know so i'm i'm really excited about
18:15 that um yeah i used to work at the low end
18:20 you know small small customers uh small things uh you
18:26 know a small to medium-sized company's website
18:31 and i'm now working on websites that have presences from
18:36 new england to texas to california yeah um uh
18:43 so it's it's i'm seeing it i'm seeing a different uh uh side of things and and and that's
18:50 interesting uh meanwhile i'm waiting for scott to get his uh van
18:55 electrified so yeah it's it's yeah and
19:02 uh all of this done from the chair that i'm sitting in right now
19:07 so um my wife and i have not heard one another
19:17 it will be nice at some point to actually be able to see children and grandchildren again uh
19:25 although we we back in june i'm getting into the personal yes yes
19:30 i'll stop that so professionally yeah i'm still very heavily involved in dnn
19:36 and involved in the side of the dnn uh universe that's
19:42 quite different than what i have done before okay okay so joe i have i have a
19:47 question i'm really curious i think that you can help me here you can really help me here uh
19:53 i er i'm gonna i'm gonna i'm gonna be as
19:59 subtle or tactical touching this subject as possible but it boils down to age it
20:05 boils down to reinventing yourself so i'll be honest with you i'm very
20:11 i'm very i'm in a way worried about how long how how much energy and for how long
20:19 do i have energy to keep in this space you know and sometimes i think that by 55 i'm going to be dragging myself in
20:26 like on the ground i'll be crawling i'm not even just sleep anymore my question
20:31 is how can you keep up the the interests the motivation
20:39 uh the energy level with technology that you have and again
20:46 feel free to reveal what where you are i don't want to be the one doing that but
20:52 how do you do that i mean how how do we recommend someone that wants to stay active for as long as we can
21:01 and i don't force i had i have a hard time from missing myself at uh
21:06 sexting being able to keep going what do i do what do you say
21:12 well i was i actually wanted to say something about scott's comment about
21:18 you know his his pre-retirement job and things like that um
21:25 i don't picture myself not working um
21:33 and yeah that's been very i think that's actually been very very helpful
21:39 um during the last two years that i actually uh did not have to make as big an
21:46 adjustment in my working style uh as i thought i was yeah as it could
21:52 have happened uh and and maybe maybe part of that answer
21:58 was in the uh 2004-2006 [Music]
22:04 time frame uh i kind of got forced into
22:09 uh into looking for a new job you know when
22:15 the one that i had uh disappeared uh and
22:20 uh what i did at that point was uh i wasn't sure what i wanted what i wanted to look for
22:29 uh yeah whereas you know the previous umpteen years if i change jobs it was you know pretty
22:36 much in the same general field you know it was a
22:42 scientific r and d but a lot of it based around um
22:47 modeling analysis uh data analysis and so forth but
22:54 in that same time period i was involved
23:00 with a volunteer organization and one of the things that that i had
23:07 done uh was launched that organization's first
23:12 website in 1995 actually on the day that windows 95 was launched
23:18 coincidentally that's why we couldn't hire the rolling stones because microsoft had already
23:24 booked them um but uh so out of that um there was an
23:30 opportunity while i tried to figure out what to do to uh do some consulting for a company that made
23:38 software that was sold to the members of that organization
23:43 and so in that process one friday afternoon
23:52 i followed a footnote in some stuff that i was looking at that said this product
23:58 you're using can also be there's a wrapper that you can stick it
24:04 into dnn or net nuke at the time and
24:10 by monday this was three o'clock on a friday afternoon by
24:15 monday i had solved most of the problems i've been struggling for the previous six
24:22 weeks yeah i needed things like some a custom authentication provider and i
24:30 needed a skin but i had the functionality
24:35 except for those two things of the actual website and when i found out that
24:41 it was very difficult to hire people to do what i needed to do at the end i said i bet i'm not the only
24:49 person with a small web problem using dnn and so i decided to
24:56 become the person that could help people like myself uh coincidentally at the same around the
25:03 same time well i had subscribed to a website uh called dnn creative
25:11 magazine and uh lee sykes who ran
25:17 that put up a note one day that said i can't produce content if i have to
25:24 answer all the questions on the forum i'm looking for somebody to to help answer questions
25:29 then i wrote him a note and i said hey i'll do that and
25:36 and i think the deal was something like uh he'd pay me five dollars an answer
25:42 not to exceed 20 answers in a week okay
25:48 and uh um so i only build them for 20 answers a
25:53 week but i answered a lot more questions um
25:59 a couple of years pass and
26:04 we sold the indian creative magazine and i
26:09 think it went was that when it went to managed um or or didn't go to manage it went to power
26:16 d and in and i think by the time that dnn created kind of um
26:23 toward the end of andy's tenure of being the content producer for that
26:29 i think on the forums i had answered something like 11 000 questions and it was probably more than that
26:37 so that was my um kindergarten undergraduate and
26:42 postgraduate education in.net nuke because you wouldn't believe the kind of things
26:49 that people had done to it and they needed help undoing what they had
26:55 done so yeah i uh i joked at one point that uh
27:02 um there was no dnn website that i couldn't upgrade
27:07 well that that's actually not true um i was
27:14 from about 2015 until late last year
27:20 i was working with a guy and you vomit i don't think anderson has but some of you
27:26 have met him he was at uh he was at dnn summit in orlando but
27:32 they had the most complicated convoluted screwed up
27:38 ill-conceived website with
27:43 in excess of 50 custom modules and we got it
27:50 we got it up to to dnn8 and it could have gone to dnn9 but uh
27:57 they decided last year to get out of the business which explained why they hadn't
28:02 wanted to put a lot of energy into the upgrade for a couple of years but uh so so jose uh so joe i'm gonna ask in
28:10 summary the secret is dot dot dot in five words uh do what you like doing
28:17 okay yeah i if i get out of the bed in the morning wanting to get out of the bed
28:26 do what you like doing that's great
28:35 that's awesome okay okay let's move forward here a little bit uh david i want to get back to you
28:42 tell me where is the corp if at all there i mean they did that it went in
28:49 thin air i mean did it disappear at union court where's the court the last guy at court showed up on my
28:56 team this week no actually they just uh so we had a period there you know of of
29:03 andy triba kind of at the helm whenever they were acquired by esw or ewbs capital
29:11 um and that lasted for a while and you know and people can say what they want about that
29:16 period of time but that was key to the transition isn't it wasn't it
29:22 being really handed over to the kingdom uh you know to the community um and
29:27 i mean we really have andy to thank for that because he really delivered on what he said from the very beginning
29:33 uh on that so it was actually even though it was a bit unstable of a time it was a transitional time you know so
29:40 it was it was good in the end and when he moved on from um from
29:46 esw i think i said ews sorry i'm getting confused with rap
29:54 and uh so there was a quiet period of time um you know where they they
30:00 have now transitioned to a new um new head of that
30:05 of the dnn court area and he has recently reached out to a few of us and
30:10 met with us so that you know that we're heading into a new era we'll see what that means i think it's way too early to
30:18 tell at this point but there was a quite a long period of time where
30:23 the involvement in the community really just wasn't there we had a link uh really to one or two people
30:31 in corp and we kept in touch you know with with regular meetings and so forth but there
30:37 really wasn't a whole lot of you know community involvement if there was an issue in evoke or something like that because
30:44 it depends on the platform right and there's some things in the platform that are there specifically just for evoke
30:51 um hopefully that'll change over the future you know but that it's still like that so we would see a pull request
30:58 every once in a while come in you know to resolve an issue or something that was reported by a client
31:03 but for a long period of time that was really what it was limited to and in the commercial and evocus is
31:10 still being actively uh pushed forward or that that project is quite is quiet there depends on what
31:18 you mean by actively pushed forward it's still there they are still
31:24 collecting license fees for those that are willing to pay
31:29 for that but beyond that the actual evolution of the software itself
31:36 is not really been happening as a matter of fact they're kind of quite a bit behind now
31:41 with platform got it um there's a desire or was a desire i don't know if it's still there or not um was a
31:48 desire to get kind of called up you know so that they would be based off of a current version of dnn uh platform but
31:56 um they've been behind for quite some time is there at this point david is there
32:01 any major milestone coming up i mean is there any something something major
32:07 coming out i'm not talking about anymore about you know the corp or evoke i'm talking about the platform is there
32:12 anything anything major coming up or is that uh i would say maintenance run-of-the-mill type of process that's
32:19 you know you keep fixing things and i mean what is a state right now of what's coming up next you know
32:25 yeah i mentioned security earlier kind of being the for for a you know we we all
32:30 have experienced the tell what telric woes words today um
32:37 um but you know the the the as of 9.8.0 right there's a
32:44 ability to optionally remove telerik from platform um following a i think
32:50 it's an 18-step process now which is not too bad to do but a lot of people are not not doing it for
32:57 whatever reason either they can't because of you know old modules that depend on on
33:02 that or so forth but the really the next milestone for us is
33:08 9.11 which is a minor release it will kind of
33:13 we've broken the rules just a little bit as far as semantic versioning goes on purpose just because
33:20 sometimes you have to let practicality win over you know the rules so what we're doing is 9.11 will come
33:27 out and it will be for any clean installs of it tailwork will be removed you know
33:34 it will not be there as a part of it right out of the box that you don't have to go through any manual steps to remove
33:40 it um but if you're upgrading that will be an optional automated removal
33:47 um so that that's kind of the next goal post there's a few tasks that still are remaining in order
33:53 to be able to do that release and then as soon as that's done beyond any kind of maintenance type you know
33:59 releases that'll be after that the next major thing is is vtn so there's a lot
34:04 of great ideas on the table for v10 but yeah we're really focused on getting 911
34:11 there because a lot of entities especially in the enterprise level or government entities
34:17 need that to be the case for scans and so forth they've now a little bit
34:23 on you know your professional personal side there not so much personal but professional from individual native
34:31 standpoints new clients new projects they are all built within the platform
34:40 no we we really never have been a dnn shop in in in the traditional
34:46 sense i mean we do choose to use dnn whenever whenever it's possible so the majority
34:53 of our clients do run on dna and whether they know it or not is another conversation but um you know not because
35:00 we try to hide it or anything it's just that a lot of our clientele they don't they just want a solution they don't
35:06 really care too much about the technology under it they just trust in us to make
35:12 sure they're on a system that they can trust um that's not always the case i mean
35:17 some of the larger clients obviously care about that kind of thing um but um for the most part we're on dna
35:23 and of course we're a full service marketing agency too so a lot of our work is not even dealing with websites you know it's
35:29 advertising or branding or you know just stuff like that yeah billboard creation
35:35 and things like that uh audio production video production uh fun fun kind of stuff like that of
35:40 course we've been doing a lot of mobile app development over the last couple of years and
35:46 a lot of times we'll use dnn as the back end for that and i'll be doing a presentation at dna
35:51 summit about kind of doing something like that so yeah got it awesome awesome i had a question
35:58 but it just left through my mind so i i'll get back to that as
36:03 it becomes relevant here that's actually yeah no there's one but i will leave for the next round uh mike let's go back to
36:11 you actually you know what before you make i guess that's i'm gonna just do a a two minutes update here of what i've
36:17 been doing for the last two years i've been teaching and teaching more and more and more
36:22 and i still got a lot of dna actually dnn is still about 25 percent of
36:29 my income let's put it is my revenue but uh teach a lot and i've been
36:35 a full-time senior for stack developer can you believe that you guys believe that
36:41 i hope that my boss doesn't hear that you know but uh for the past few months yeah so
36:47 it's been a an interesting journey still struggling with front end but backhand backhand is not that core so it's so
36:53 it's all good um so yeah so that's that's my that's my feel for myself here so mike let me get
36:59 back to you so what are you looking forward i mean again
37:05 professionally speaking what's next what what is your radar there that you are exploring again let let's talk about the
37:12 future a little bit here yeah sure um [Music] so yeah so i mentioned earlier i haven't
37:19 done consulting um for a while and i've been trying for the last few years to try and figure it away
37:24 you know how can i scale that you know to to expand my reach or or what am i
37:30 trying to build that into um and last last couple years especially you know last two years and really kind
37:36 of playing through those motions like you know what do i want to do when i grow up and uh i'm still trying to figure that out um don't grow up
37:43 yeah yeah unfortunately we all do um
37:49 but uh so i've been trying to look at some some other product ideas uh that i want to build and and one of the uh the
37:55 big things that uh in the applications i've been building the last few years has been a big focus on
38:01 um building inclusive applications so you know adaptive user experiences that that will
38:07 have you know strong accessibility uh support uh work on mobile work on desktop
38:13 and especially on working with some public sector clients like you know you want to reach as many of your of your
38:19 clients of your citizens as possible right regardless of what you know kind of medium they're they're trying to use
38:25 like i've got a this this is my new dream i've got a dual screen surface duo so like you know i
38:32 want to build a mobile app or uh or an app that's you know that that's optimized my two screens um
38:40 you know we've got a lot of rural customers rural citizens in in my part of canada nova scotia that don't have
38:46 access to super fast high speed internet so making sure you build resilient applications that you know if they go
38:52 offline you know aren't going to have someone lose their you know screen that has a hundred
38:58 fields on it of data kind of thing and uh so i've been looking at some different oh there you go right yeah anderson anderson's into the technology
39:04 too you could have done your whole meeting in that headset adderson yeah actually
39:10 the magic display going on no let me tell you let me tell you this week it was very clunky but this week i
39:17 didn't buy this by the way it was a very good friend of mine that i worked with him as well he sent me a few a few weeks
39:23 ago a new one actually i was meeting them in a virtual reality meeting very
39:28 clunky i have to say but it's getting there i mean things are getting there
39:34 things will be wrapping up in this kind of platform here i mean i'll tell you guys things will be ranking up here
39:41 anyway sorry mike it's okay um i i uh i love i don't have a vr
39:46 headset i i would love to have a microsoft hololens that's like an augmented reality headset but they are
39:53 way out of my reach um for you know maybe in the future yeah so i'm trying to figure out a way
39:59 like how can i take some of these these really you know um say popular but but well real requested
40:07 kind of applications and designs and how can i take you know what i'm building right now that's in custom form and try
40:14 and abstract that out a little bit so that i can you know build more
40:19 uh inclusive applications but more rapidly so we'll
40:26 how do you keep the pulse in what's happening to help you make those decisions
40:32 um yeah i i love tech like like i'm not like even you know when i'm not working you know i i i like i follow the
40:39 microsoft uh you know.net community and a lot of their youtube videos which which are now like they've got some
40:45 channels out there with their pumping of content on a weekly basis lots of lots of really cool developments
40:50 um with net six and and blazer and uh they've got some new technologies
40:56 um done at maui which you know you can build build you know user experiences and uis
41:01 that scale natively across you know iphones and macs and linux and desktops and web and
41:08 um you know just explore that world a little bit because because that's where a lot of the you know
41:14 the big players are pushing their technology for the next 10 15 20 years
41:19 and uh so that's what i'm trying to think of like where do i want to be what do i want to be doing in five years and uh you know what things are out there
41:26 that can help me do that in kind of the way that that i want to and uh so yeah so right right now i'm
41:32 basically trying to build a a component library um of you know you could call them like dnn
41:39 modules but you know much smaller little chunks of web pages and try and build
41:44 like a building block solution um that's for for for development teams
41:50 um you know my own uh specifically but you know that can branch out and help people build accessible
41:57 applications because there's a lot of skills that that are missing in in those areas um at least in my location and
42:04 you know if you can build something and get it validated that it works uh with a screen
42:09 reader you know it works with keyboard navigation it works on my dual screen phone um but you know have some
42:15 flexibility for customization to some extent you know you could at least i think um
42:21 could help myself rapidly build some of these digital solutions that are getting people off of manual paper processes
42:28 um you know small line line of business type solutions um so yeah that's kind of where i'm
42:33 going professionally uh in my mind and you know hopefully the next few months i'll uh i'll have some developments
42:39 there yeah awesome awesome mike i'll come back to you in a second for
42:44 some additional stuff scotty scotty let's talk about scotty scotty the hand
42:49 man scotty what's come what's that scotty beam me up beam in the house no
42:57 what's coming for me yes oh my gosh yeah i don't know um
43:02 so you don't have to talk about your youtube stuff well yes i'm on my second electric vehicle conversion so i sold my
43:09 my triumph it was i i just got sick of it being so small and not very economic
43:17 you know it's just it's just such a small it's not like two-seater convertible and um you know so i'm like
43:23 i i need something i want something big you know so i sold the car in
43:29 like two different pieces right i sold the car to somebody who's gonna put a gas engine back into it weirdly enough
43:35 and then i sold the electric parts to somebody some other guy who wanted to convert a spitfire and now i'm doing my
43:41 volkswagen bus so i'm um restoring it first which is taking all
43:47 my time learning to weld and and and do all that stuff like all the stuff i'm
43:53 not hiring anybody any of it out so i'm replacing the bearings and doing the brakes and the hydraulics and the welding and i'm actually painting it
44:00 this spring so you'll see videos coming out of me trying to you know hvlp spray paint this thing in
44:06 a makeshift paint booth that's just going to be uh plastic sheeting all over my garage
44:11 so it's going to be that'll be fun uh i want to upgrade my shop i don't
44:17 know follow up rail do that i might have to move so that might be coming we'll see okay i have to ask scott i have to
44:22 ask i mean what does the better half tell us about this
44:28 she thinks i'm nuts i i'm not about to go uh do a a um
44:33 one of my fix it scotty i call it on-the-job calls where i do um uh
44:39 free maintenance work for people that can't afford it so i'm about to go to gurney which is like 30 miles away and
44:44 fix a boiler that went out on some people that you know can't afford to get it fixed right after this call so i'm
44:52 i'm doing like my just handyman stuff and you know when when mike gets everyone onto these new vr headsets and
44:59 this virtual reality on everyone's on the metaverse i will be the one driving around fixing all of your toilet chairs
45:06 you know because these people are going to be sitting on chairs that are also going to be their toilets and i will be the one fixing the plumbing for that so
45:13 that's my goal is to support all of your weird you know virtual reality
45:19 technology in the future by allowing the biological physical stuff to still work
45:25 okay scott scott can you can you stretch your reach a little bit no from chicago to toronto is
45:32 not that final maybe you can drop by and fix a few things i have here yeah yeah i
45:38 i feel like if i move i'm i keep looking south for some reason i don't know why
45:44 but uh it's yeah i'm i i'm not interested in going further north
45:51 okay now in a more serious tone what's the goal of the channel i mean do you have any any monetary intentions
45:58 there or is that just hobby i mean tell me a little bit about that yeah so i have i don't want to be a professional
46:05 content creator i'm not going to be a professional youtuber it is already monetized though i don't know how but
46:11 enough people are watching it that i'm actually making money off that channel already um
46:16 and uh so no it's more to document my stuff because i i'll go back to
46:22 videos i've done in the past and just to look at like oh i i forgot what the the dashboard looked like when i pulled it
46:28 out you know so it's really just to document my work and i'm i'm not on facebook anymore i i got rid of that and
46:34 that's why the vr headset's been a problem because somebody my friend was like hey i want to play this game with you with the you got to get this headset
46:40 but you got to get a meta account and i'm like oh that sounds like facebook um so i don't know maybe i'll i i i'm
46:46 not going to get too i'm not going to go too crazy prepper on you guys uh so i'll probably still i
46:53 will still i'm on instagram fix it scotty i'm on youtube fix it scotty and
46:58 i'm trying to get physics scotty on twitter but some jerk won't let it go and he hasn't used it um so i'm still on
47:05 the social medias that way so you can still get a hold of me scott my my 10 year old granddaughter
47:14 who uh post things on youtube that yeah only a 10 year old would appreciate
47:20 you know nothing more than 30 seconds shot out with a with an iphone
47:26 put something up back in november and she got over 50 000 views of the thing
47:33 and i i think the previous one getting 50 views was a big deal
47:38 but uh you know i have no you nobody knows how or why it happened
47:45 and i still know that he's an seo expert no but it was like it was like oh my god
47:53 it can happen in your own voice you'll never know you know it can happen awesome okay
47:59 uh dave let me stop there on you again tell me a little bit about the i mean
48:04 there's a there's a dns summit just around the corner tell me a little bit about that
48:09 yeah so um there's a dnn summit 2022 uh in february uh ninth and tenth i believe
48:16 it is uh it's coming up it'll be a virtual event they they just recently canceled the
48:22 in-person social uh kind of stuff just just because of all that's that's going
48:27 on and not a lot of people were committing to that you know for for good reasons uh for that so uh it'll be
48:33 virtual again just like it was last year a lot of good speakers and you know what
48:39 you would expect as well as a a few new faces in there um and sessions so yeah
48:45 it should be should be really good awesome looking forward to it and dandy connect is not too much farther around
48:54 the corner um into the summertime june is towards the end of jul june and
49:00 beginning of july later later than it has been right yeah yeah and and they're going back to
49:06 mio uh france and um that that should be a that'll be a
49:11 true dna connect event you know in person personal type thing you know barring no unforeseen you know
49:18 challenges uh with code and so forth but uh but yeah they're they're they're ramping up to uh to get started with
49:24 that so it should be a good event yeah i i did get an email this week that
49:30 had a bunch of really large question marks in it was that more about are we going to fill up the venue or
49:37 having the event or both yeah it was more about well they'll have the event regardless i think unless
49:43 unless something you know uh public that you know tries to you know shut things down or whatever for whatever reason
49:51 but now this was more about could it be a private venue or just an open venue type thing because
49:58 i think they have to get to a certain number of attendees in order for it to lock in as an exclusive um you know have
50:06 the place to themselves which is normally what they have done in the past but they're reaching that you know
50:13 there's so much uncertainty these are different times yeah so i i
50:18 think the venue really wants to you know lock that in they're fearing you know so i think you know they want to get you
50:25 know some at least commitment from people that uh you know barring no unforeseen issues hey you're planning on
50:30 coming so yeah definitely you can uh lock it in as a private event that would be great
50:36 just just changing you know a second here just it just came to mind did anyone had uh the covet experience
50:45 no oh safe okay good [Music] i'm not talking about i'm not talking
50:50 about the the actually getting sick
50:56 yeah no um although i did talk to
51:03 or exchanged messages the other day with uh one of our one of the dnn community
51:10 who's had a couple of cases in their family awesome awesome okay good okay so david
51:17 anything about vendors i mean vendors are the same reliable vendors
51:23 are still active i'm and i'm talking about things like uh organizations like mendips
51:30 or you know dna and sharp or i don't know didn't go or but any
51:36 anyone i mean are those vendors and do you have anything to report i would
51:42 say in terms of vendors i would say everything's pretty status quo normal except for dna sharp
51:50 i mean uh mandeep is still what you would expect and then there i
51:55 also have the whole vangero experience that they've been focusing a lot on
52:00 which is great for you know people that are looking for that type of solution and
52:06 dngo i believe is still active but that still run across a lot of sites with their themes and so forth in it and i
52:13 see new stuff out there easy dnn solutions still strong doing
52:19 exactly what you would expect of course i think they venture out into other markets as well they've been doing that
52:25 for years anyway so um and dn charts probably the biggest change over the last two years they have
52:32 limited their dnn only solutions to i think what is it action forms and
52:39 one other i'm not a big user of their their stuff so i can't remember the details of it
52:45 but they've been focusing on plant and app yeah which is a more of a sas solution you know for
52:51 building out sites and you know kind of having widgets like mike was speaking of
52:57 you know earlier to be able to kind of quickly and rapidly build solutions out and they have their own pricing
53:03 model and so forth on that so you know that was a that was kind of a big shift for a lot of people that were using
53:08 their their standalone modules uh just because they have kind of dropped the support for a lot of those
53:15 things so a little bit of a little bit of a shift i get it yeah i spoke with
53:20 bogdan a few few months if not uh a year a year and a half ago when
53:26 they were going for this low codes no codes type of uh
53:33 offering and he was in uh in san francisco looking for
53:38 venture capital and i don't know where things are sitting right now but yeah he was very
53:44 into uh you know trying to push this to become bigger and broader you know also
53:52 okay didn't they they do kind of a crowd-sourced uh
53:57 fundraising effort as well yeah yeah i think i think a lot of people in the dna community actually helps yeah i did too
54:04 i threw some money at it i'm like why not i try you know yeah yeah it's cool it's it's an
54:10 interesting solution and you know salesforce is just dominating that space and if and it makes sense that smaller
54:17 players that can go after me the smaller companies that can't afford salesforce would go after that so yeah it's not not
54:23 a bad idea yeah i think one of the other things in the the vendor market
54:30 is we really don't have the case anymore of everybody and his brother selling dnn
54:36 modules i mean it it really has coalesced down to the
54:43 what less than half a dozen major vendors that uh
54:49 yeah i would i would say don't go out of that space if you want to buy a module
54:55 well a lot of that's driven by the marketplace that really sure sure doesn't exist yet well it exists but has
55:02 not been maintained so you know there's still quite a bit of opportunity i'd say for someone that wants to kind of be in
55:09 that in that space you know because i don't see that changing too much from from a court
55:14 perspective i mean i could be wrong but but but it it has been a few years
55:22 uh since a new face has come along and i think the the new face that has come along in the
55:29 last few years uh is our friends from switzerland uh
55:35 too sick too sexy um yeah this had a
55:40 major impact on modules are they still still coming strong i
55:47 mean going strong with their of their super duper module
55:52 oh yeah yeah as far as i know yeah very strong they are doing things at a rate that most human beings cannot keep up
55:59 with and i think they're also developing modules for octane yeah
56:05 it's going to be advertised as hybrid now so it runs out yeah yeah i think version 13
56:11 uh will support both and they've got you know can you and can you can you move uh apps
56:18 and content back and forth yes somebody
56:23 yeah i yeah yep awesome it's completely portable as soon as i get export export fixed
56:31 [Laughter] sorry daniel love you
56:37 very good i i ran into an odd one with with import uh recently where
56:46 one of the fields in my content item is that gps picker
56:51 and that doesn't import well and i'm not sure why but it it only took an hour
56:59 or two to fix it manually okay guys okay so i think that where i
57:05 come to um torrent you know it's about it's just a little bit over one hour uh i'd like to
57:13 go around again and see if there are any departing words from anyone if you want
57:18 uh to share anything else from what's going on with you or you know i'll leave it up to anyone to review each and every
57:25 one of you to say your final words and we wrap things up here so i guess that's scott let's start with you well hold on
57:32 a second did did you guys do it do you remember addison talking about hit you know
57:38 i didn't
57:44 all right okay so it's teaching and you're a full you just became a fullstack.net developer yes yes okay
57:52 yeah if we stack developer with react in the front end which again i hope that my boss forgive me i
57:59 mean please don't don't fight me i hate to react i i just need to react so i'm a backhand i'm a backhand type of
58:06 person well i i'm okay with react so that's what it is i'm okay with wreck i'll i like better i like angular better that's
58:13 really it's yeah i'm stretched myself thinking on teaching
58:18 uh 200 students at this this semester i'm up to my neck at teaching
58:24 again working how are you a full stack developer and teaching that because i teach i teach in the
58:30 evenings and weekends and i work through the days so here's my current
58:36 frustration my current forces is that i'm only working right now i'm not doing
58:41 anything more creative like i i stopped my podcasts because i didn't have time
58:48 i stopped any creative endeavor at this point because of work and i i had to
58:54 shift my priorities a little bit because and i told you that we would have a an over or is that an oversharing
59:01 and over sharing segment so i'm gonna over share a little bit here just a little bit um so recently a few months ago i got
59:08 divorced i got separated but not to force it but separated so things are still
59:14 getting settled in my life so i said that i needed to step back a little bit and then get myself to work and so i'm
59:20 working a lot and yeah that's been my i think no but it's all good i mean again i'm
59:28 happy as a camper i'm it cannot be better than this no i can have nothing to complete really no
59:35 nothing so is that enough scott is that enough for you that is right i think so it sounds
59:42 like we could all use mike's smelters uh cloning future cloning
59:47 abilities in the future yeah well i'll i'll ask a question since
59:53 scott you introduced the r word into the conversation uh
59:58 retirement do any of i don't see anybody here
1:00:04 who strikes my mind of someone who's just going to go off into retirement and
1:00:09 play golf or or anything like that if i got you guys all pegged correctly
1:00:16 yeah we won't be the ruth bader ginsburg of dnn like you but yeah certainly i'm not i can't sit still like that oh duh
1:00:24 scott we have to get together personally so i can either do or punch you i don't i'm not
1:00:32 i that joke might not have landed because you know half of our audience is in canada but uh
1:00:38 yeah i'm just well
1:00:47 david's comment that uh microsoft is promising to support.net
1:00:52 over a much longer time frame than uh.net core uh i wish i had a guarantee of that kind
1:01:00 of support over the time periods but hey they've got it in writing so
1:01:07 i don't know how much more of a guarantee you want there joe yeah you cannot get you cannot get uh
1:01:13 better guaranteed than that you know uh retirement uh i don't know i'm
1:01:18 45 so still looking forward to do a bunch of stuff again i don't know i don't know how long
1:01:25 for how long i'll have the energy that i have right now but uh you know what just
1:01:32 trying to check along they're trying to you know one day at a time you know hey i just turned the big 5-0 oh you did
1:01:39 so yeah yeah but i i'm i'm aiming for a retirement at 55 but what that means for
1:01:45 me is on to the next phase of life that's right yes which will be what david
1:01:52 dave my oldest daughter is older than you i know
1:02:02 okay joe did you start at what five ten i mean what is that
1:02:08 did i what you did you had your first at five years old um
1:02:14 23. okay yeah see back in biblical times they we used to have kids very much younger at a
1:02:21 younger age see um yeah um
1:02:26 i was 23 she is now in fifth she's now 52 do the math
1:02:34 [Music]
1:02:44 yeah three quarters wow anyway and
1:02:50 i can tell you um that's probably nothing to fear
1:02:57 i mean you know i grew up in the period of time where people had
1:03:03 their midlife crises at age 40. um
1:03:09 i have a granddaughter who will be 30 this summer um
1:03:14 you know we don't have and that then we won't have to trust her anymore
1:03:20 i got it my gosh what would be what would be that retirement's vision in five years what is that what
1:03:27 what does that look like it doesn't um and
1:03:32 it it it may be hereditary um
1:03:38 my dad had certainly slowed down the consulting
1:03:43 that he was doing but he was still working
1:03:48 up until almost the time that he died
1:03:54 and i think my next milestone is do i out
1:04:00 with my father but uh that's another deal but be for sure now david
1:04:05 how does that look like in five years yours because you said that in five years you plan to you know calm down
1:04:11 what is that how does that look like well i think uh yeah go ahead i'm like you guys
1:04:17 i can't sit still so i have to be doing something um i've been slowly but surely
1:04:23 ramping up over the last couple of years you know ever since i mean i think covet had this impact on a lot of people you
1:04:29 know just being kind of been up and in in a single place for so long you think okay well what can i do from here
1:04:35 um i i like the idea of being a content creator not to to make a lot of money or
1:04:40 anything like that but really just i enjoy that kind of process you know of just sharing things so i've been
1:04:47 learning a lot about that and that's ultimately what i kind of want to do i've started the dnn dave channel as
1:04:53 a testing ground uh you know for that just have not been consistent with it yet
1:04:59 but slowly but surely getting all my gear together and things like that so i
1:05:04 i kind of want to do things like that and really focus on open source and things that i'm passionate about you
1:05:10 know just doing that kind of thing um we'll see if the business uh can
1:05:16 can operate without so creatives here lots of creative scott creative dave creative i have my creative plans as
1:05:22 well you know so again creation i i love that love that um
1:05:29 let's see let's see so so again scott you you interrogated me a little bit there that we did i missed the final
1:05:35 rounds i did i did no i did miss the final round so again let's let's wrap things up unless scott you have
1:05:41 follow-ups but again let's start with you scott do you want to wrap up uh no i mean i i think um
1:05:49 looking forward for me it's kind of same same like dave keep doing content creation do my fix it scotty stuff all i
1:05:57 want is to do the work i want to do but not have to work that's the oh that's that's what
1:06:02 retirement looks like for me it's still working full-time but not half having to work full-time that's it and and so i
1:06:09 still will but uh yeah eventually i'll probably get back to a dnn conference or something i mean the last one was
1:06:15 giffords uh because he he twisted my arm to do it so i did that during the
1:06:20 pandemic but um i think i'll i'll eventually get back just just to hang out and stuff so
1:06:26 yeah but that's i i like what i'm doing and and i'm just gonna keep doing it so yeah
1:06:32 scott maybe we'll we'll get to go back to switzerland at some point oh my gosh yes
1:06:39 yeah especially dnn connect i want to get back there they're all good
1:06:44 melo that's great too mike what's up final words
1:06:49 yeah um kind of what the whatever else has mentioned i'm trying to figure out what
1:06:54 what does retirement look like eventually and i think it's i think you guys just just nailed it it's it's you know
1:07:00 not having to to work all the time to do what you want to do and you know next next little while
1:07:06 is just trying to continue down that path and um you know we love sailing my wife and i
1:07:12 and over the last couple of years uh being locked up at home working on the computer all the time i i've you know
1:07:18 figured out that i've had some other hobbies um my friends have given me the nickname the tailored tradesman because i
1:07:25 wear my work shirts like every day of the week and i will you know just walk away from the computer
1:07:31 and go start you know ripping down a wall uh building some stuff at home we've been uh well i what our family has but
1:07:38 i've been doing a lot of labor uh we've been renovating our house top to bottom uh so we live in a bit of a bit of a
1:07:44 construction zone in the last little while but we're on the the tail end of that which is awesome and oh yeah just
1:07:50 uh exploring more more stuff i i love my technology but also away from my technology a bit as well and uh
1:07:57 you know see what that takes me that's how it started for me mike i'll see you in 10 years well you got me uh you got
1:08:02 me thinking of electric cars uh because because we've been thinking about a second car um
1:08:08 because my wife is a school teacher works at the house and i'm kind of trapped now in my house um without good
1:08:15 transportation so you know i like electric car and i never thought about making one so maybe there's my next uh my next hobby i got a
1:08:21 big garage for it it only takes like four years it's easy four years okay but no problem okay maybe like a motorbike
1:08:28 or something that'll strengthen down a little bit i can see some collabs happening here
1:08:34 you know everybody with youtube channels and collab going across each other's channels
1:08:40 mike and scotty's nft fix-its yeah yeah we'll do an nft that's right
1:08:47 all right you can show me how to get started that sounds good yeah we'll do joe
1:08:52 and again i'm pointing to joe because in my screen he's here joe your time your turn there final words
1:08:58 and i mean it fine awards find them i need it i i have a goal
1:09:03 and it's to be in the same room with the four of you at some point awesome goal i'm all for that all about
1:09:10 that all for that love that david's final words here oh i thought i already gave mine
1:09:18 uh what could i say live long and prosper
1:09:24 okay nick that's original i'm pretty sure yeah she just came up with that that's
1:09:29 amazing just like that okay okay everyone uh guys again so good
1:09:36 to have you guys here uh thank you joe for sending me the mail about a week two
1:09:41 weeks ago you know just to chit chat and it inspired me to say hey you know what
1:09:46 maybe it's time for us to get together again i used to love having uh us together on
1:09:52 monthly basis i used to look forward to that again things changed life and we have to
1:09:58 keep going you have to carry on but i see that we can we can do this kind of stuff you know let's say every two years
1:10:05 every two years why not until until someone at least until someone doesn't show up oh okay
1:10:11 what happened let me tell you where that email came from um
1:10:18 uh in 2018 uh
1:10:23 i would talk about the clown thing yes no i went to a college reunion
1:10:29 and uh in the fall and at christmas time i got
1:10:35 a phone call from one of the guys that i saw at the reunion we had not been really close but that he said hey
1:10:43 just calling to say merry christmas happy new year whatever i hate writing christmas cards
1:10:51 and if i'm going to write somebody a christmas card and not say anything i'd rather spend that five or ten minutes
1:10:59 talking on the phone so that kind of percolated and two years
1:11:05 ago i started making calls at christmas and
1:11:11 i just throw that out as something you know that um it's real easy to lose touch with people even in these days
1:11:18 where we can see them but i've gotten i've had in particular in
1:11:23 covid times uh really enjoyed talking to people that i haven't talked to in
1:11:30 years that's that's how it started it's it's it's nice
1:11:37 to see people or talk to people uh that you
1:11:43 haven't talked to in a while and this counts as a a a nice experience of course of course
1:11:51 joe yeah yes again i think so much joe for bringing that idea up and we are
1:11:56 here today and hopefully if you are one of the ten people that will be watching this and i cannot count on you because
1:12:02 i'll be watching this you're gonna watch it those guys would talk too much but the idea of getting together you know
1:12:10 even on the phone or what with people you haven't done that with for a while
1:12:15 you know it's a i think it's a great idea pass it on it is no it is definitely guys again
1:12:21 thanks so much for making the time taking the time i know scott that you have to do a house call wish me luck i
1:12:27 gotta get a boiler working again we'll see are you gonna film it
1:12:33 ah it's probably gonna be boring so i filmed it before okay so you need that crew to go if you film it and you add it
1:12:39 afterwards and you make it interesting i already have a film of this boiler working on it from a few months ago so
1:12:46 if you go back like four or five videos it is the the seller in this house is
1:12:52 the most disgusting thing so you will not be envious of what i'm about to do here it is nasty
1:13:01 so it can be one of those things so you should not watch this yeah don't watch
1:13:06 this i actually use the opening you remember indiana jones and the temple of doom when they're going through the cave
1:13:12 and they're opening the cobwebs they're set thick i actually put that scene in my video because that's how i felt
1:13:18 walking into his face it's so nasty scotty gets beamed up to where yeah
1:13:25 guys again we'll catch up thanks so much have a good one every one of you and again we
1:13:30 will do catch up okay we're definitely cheers guys take care take care guys
1:13:36 bye


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