How To Remove Telerik COMPLETELY from DNN 9.8.0

Nov 12, 2020


In this session, Daniel Valadas and I will walk you through step-by-step on the complete removal of Telerik from DNN Platform 9.8.0. Many of you have been waiting for this ability and it is now possible in DNN Platform 9.8.0.

DNN Platform

DNN Platform 9.8.0 Release

DNN Telerik Identifier



Introducing DNN 9.8.0 What You Need To Know - Melting The Iceberg That Almost Sank The Ship
Oct 04, 2020

Today I'll be chatting with Mitchel Sellers (, the Technology Lead for DNN Platform, about the latest and GREATEST release - DNN Platform 9.8.0. This truly is an epic release and there is much to chat about.