DNN Community, User Groups, and More

Mar 09, 2016


Maybe you are a budding developer and are looking for a strong technology base from which to learn a diverse set of cool stuff from, contribute to and/or utilize for the greater good. Are you an entrepreneur looking to build a thriving business within a rich and mature ecosystem? Perhaps you are an "outside of the box" technologist looking for a strong technology platform on which to build rich applications on the web and beyond. Chances are, no matter your lot, there is something here for you.

In this session David Poindexter will share a Southern Fried Buffet of DNN Goodness. He will share his passion for the DNN community. He will strive to "make things click" for you and to help you find your place. Life in general is what you make of it. This again is true for the DNN Community. It is what we make of it and there is honestly no better time than now to engage or re-engage! Let's rock this thing out!